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Planning a Successful Banquet PowerPoint Presentation
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Planning a Successful Banquet

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Planning a Successful Banquet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NABC Summit, Chatfield, MN April 19 & 20, 2008 Lou Compton Maryland Bowhunters Society. Planning a Successful Banquet. What Kind of Banquet Do You Want?. Camaraderie building social event Fundraising focused only Combination of both.

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nabc summit chatfield mn april 19 20 2008 lou compton maryland bowhunters society
NABC Summit, Chatfield, MN

April 19 & 20, 2008

Lou Compton

Maryland Bowhunters Society

Planning a Successful Banquet
what kind of banquet do you want
What Kind of Banquet Do You Want?
  • Camaraderie building social event
  • Fundraising focused only
  • Combination of both
pro s and con s

Consider using this one slide to replace the six that follow. The information appears as you click the mouse or advance the slide during the slideshow. I moved the next six slides to the end of the presentation.


Fun focus


Family feeling

Labor intensive

Still need fundraiser

Financial liability if low attendance

Pro’s and Con’s
  • Fundraiser
    • Can be profitable
    • Develop benefactors
    • Build membership rolls if ticket includes membership
    • Labor intensive
    • Cost of items for raffle & auction
    • $$$ vs. members
    • Need the right venue
  • Combination
    • Can be profitable
    • People will want to attend
    • Member rolls increase with non-members/guests joining
    • Labor intensive
    • Cost of items for raffle & auction
    • Need the right venue
banquet vs convention

Consider using this one slide to replace the six that follow. The information appears as you click the mouse or advance the slide during the slideshow. I moved the next six slides to the end of the presentation.


more economical

smaller organizations better served by a 4-6 hour banquet

still requires fair amount of planning and volunteers

adaptable to a wide array of halls (fire hall, community center)

Compressed schedule; Good MC becomes critical

avoid a broken floor plan where communication is difficult

Banquet vs. Convention
  • Convention
  • more expensive to stage
  • may be best venue for a large club with 500+ attendees
  • labor intensive and requires many volunteers
  • usually requires hotel/conference center/civic center
  • multiple rooms can offer a wide variety of entertainment, auctions, dinners, etc.
  • usually offers lodging package for attendees who have to travel
a successful banquet
A Successful Banquet

+ A Good Location

+ Some Good Planning

+ A Mix of Donations

+ A Variety of Fundraisers

+ Effective Coordination


= A Successful Banquet

location your first key decision
Location: Your First Key Decision
  • Your venue should
    • Be centrally located
    • Near the majority of your members
    • Provide a quality caterer with an attractive menu and affordable prices
    • Have the capability to grow as your attendance grows
  • Don’t just look at hotels or conference facilities; check out caterers & halls
planning getting started
Planning: Getting Started
  • Start small if this is your first event
  • Learn what works from successful organizations
    • NABC
    • RMEF
    • NWTF
    • DU
  • Name a Banquet Chairperson and a Committee
planning budgeting
Planning: Budgeting
  • Establish a Working Budget
    • Cost of hall/caterer
    • Advertising
    • Prizes/games
    • Cost of speaker/entertainment if used
    • Event insurance
    • Supplies (duct tape, raffle tickets, poster board, etc.)
planning setting ticket prices
Planning: Setting Ticket Prices
  • Keep Prices Affordable
  • Offer Early Bird Specials that offer raffle tickets and/or membership renewal
  • Avoid making membership fee a mandatory part of ticket price
  • Ticket price should cover cost of hall/caterer
  • Make purchasing tickets easy (PayPal on your club’s website)
planning get sponsors
Planning: Get Sponsors
  • Table Sponsorships
    • Local businesses get a sponsor’s poster/centerpiece at table
  • Raffle Sponsorship
    • Pro-shop could donate a raffle prize, etc.
  • Adult Beverage Sponsor
    • Local beverage distributors
planning advertising
Planning: Advertising
    • Your organizations newsletter at least 2 issues prior
    • Posters/flyers in pro-shops and stores
    • Web sites (Your own as well as other local hunting sites with potential attendees)
    • Calendar of Events boards, newspapers, etc.
    • Hunter friendly radio shows
    • Public access cable ads (usually free)
    • Mass mailing to membership
planning speaker or no speaker
Planning: Speaker or No Speaker
  • Must be entertaining and interesting!
  • Is cost justified by increased attendance/profits?
  • Will your speaker detract from fundraising efforts?
  • Would the time devoted to the speaker be better spent with fundraising events?
  • It may be better to not have a speaker.
donations soliciting donations
Donations: Soliciting Donations
  • Face to face from local sources
  • National sources such as Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Gander Mt., etc. via solicitation letter on organization letterhead
  • Phone solicitation to above sources
  • Solicit membership via your newsletter and website
donations making money sometimes takes money
Donations: Making Money Sometimes Takes Money
  • Don’t be Afraid to Spend Money to Make Money!!!!
  • Purchase Prizes at greatly reduced prices
    • End of season sales
    • Closeouts
    • Offers from previously solicited vendors
  • Be prepared to spend some money to get decent hunt packages
donations build a database
Donations: Build a Database
  • Start early building an extensive database of outfitters and guides
    • Web sites
    • Magazine ads
    • State/Provincial outfitter organizations
  • Send out solicitation letters well in advance of event
  • Don’t forget local guides AND members who may have access to great hunting areas. Not all hunts have to be guided
donations don t refuse anything
Donations: Don’t Refuse Anything
  • Remember no donated prize is too small or insignificant. Small items can be combined to make a good “package”
  • Don’t forget DVD’s, Books, releases, scents, packs, camo clothing, raingear, etc. Be creative!!!!
  • Ladies and youth prizes should be obtained for women and children attending
donations think outside of the box
Donations: Think Outside of the Box
  • Jewelry, artwork, vacation packages, weekend get-a-ways, Diner gift certificates, spa/resort certificates all have a broad appeal EVEN to bowhunters
  • Consider leasing a tract of prime private property, local or out of state, and then auction off a series of week long packages.
    • This was recently done in MD and netted a $6000.00+ profit.
hunting lease prize
Hunting Lease Prize
  • Secure annual lease to a QUALITY hunting property
    • Break the year (season) down into week to 10-day blocks and allow a rest period between weeks
    • Auction off the hunting blocks to a group of 3-4 hunters
    • Prime periods (rut) should have the highest minimum bid
    • Name a lease coordinator / hunt master
fundraisers bucket raffles
Fundraisers: Bucket Raffles
  • Consider Having Two Levels
    • Lower Tier ($1 tickets)
      • Mostly small items such as knives, broadheads, sights, etc. Do put a few better prizes in Lower tier to keep interest and ticket sales high.
    • Upper Tier (5 tickets)
      • Better items such as GPS’s, Optics, Scent Loc clothing, youth bow, a 3-D target, smaller artwork, etc.
fundraisers silent auctions
Fundraisers: Silent Auctions
  • Better quality items such as framed prints, local and/or out of state hunts, traditional or custom bows, custom arrows, etc.
  • Set minimum initial bids and minimum increments; e.g. - start at $120 with $5 increments
  • Avoid duplicate items; if you have two bear hunts, make one a silent auction and one a live auction
fundraisers live auctions
Fundraisers: Live Auctions
  • Higher value items
  • Get a professional auctioneer. Some donate their services; pay for a good one if not
  • Find someone who knows bowhunting and the members!!!
  • Have him help decide which items gets auctioned first, second, etc.
  • Collect payment immediately after close of auction item
fundraisers card raffle
Fundraisers: Card Raffle
  • A standard 52 card deck of playing cards used at $10 a card
  • Raffle off a single prize such as a bow, hunt, or package
  • Limited number of “tickets” improves the odds for those buying cards/tickets
  • Call these throughout the event
fundraisers dart throw
Fundraisers: Dart Throw
  • Set up safe backstop in secure area
  • Participants pay $5 for 5 darts to throw at a 3-D target.
  • Score is based on standard 3-D scoring and tickets awarded for prizes such as a custom bow, game camera, scent loc, optics etc.
fundraisers glass or t shirt raffle
Fundraisers: Glass or T-Shirt Raffle
  • Raffle off a medium value item selling a club T-shirt or Banquet Glass for $5 or $10 with a raffle ticket attached.
  • Banquet Glasses can be obtained for as little as $2 ea. Attendees like to buy these as they get an instant memento and a shot at winning a prize.
  • Remember if you’re serving adult beverages many folks want a souvenir glass anyway
coordination make a schedule
Coordination: Make a Schedule
  • Six hours goes by in a flash
  • Use the schedule to
    • List all activities
    • Estimate how much time each activity will take
    • Determine how many things you can do
    • Determine what you can do concurrently
  • Use an MC to keep things running smoothly
coordination the value of a good mc
Coordination: The Value of a Good MC
  • Can serve as your stage manager and keeps banquet on schedule
  • Should be personable and a decent public speaker
  • A MC with a good sense of humor could eliminate need and expense of guest speaker
coordination keep records and gather information
Coordination: Keep Records and Gather Information
  • Keep Detailed Records and Receipts
  • Collect and Maintain Names/Addresses From Each Attendee
  • Survey Attendees for Suggestions to Improve the Event
  • Build on Each Year’s Success
general words of wisdom
General Words of Wisdom
  • Remember the “Average Joe” member. Be careful to appeal to those on a family budget as well as those with deeper pockets.
  • Avoid a broken floor plan that detracts from ability to communicate to all attendees at the same time.
  • A good MC is a MUST!
general words of wisdom cont
General Words of Wisdom; cont’
  • Be very detailed in explaining all the small details about hunts being offered. Let potential bidders/winners know about license fees, travel expenses, trophy fees, etc. right up front. Auction items should be detailed in your banquet program with ALL details.
  • You want hunt winners returning next year and telling their friends what a great hunt they had.
  • Keep very detailed records.
general words of wisdom cont d
General Words of Wisdom; cont’d
  • Set ticket price = cost per person for lowest expected attendance, then consider adding a few dollars profit. If you get more people then your price point goes down and you make more money on each ticket.
  • Consider having packages with raffle tickets for early purchasers or a discounted membership
general words of wisdom cont d31
General Words of Wisdom; cont’d
  • Outfitters fill their books in the first quarter so they know what they can donate in the second quarter
  • Many attendees will already have their Fall hunts already booked, so for out of state hunts try to get the option to use it the next year (banquet in Spring of 2008, ask to use hunt in Fall of 2008 or 2009).
general words of wisdom cont d32
General Words of Wisdom; cont’d
  • Pick a venue that looks nice, has good food at a good price, and can handle your event as it gets bigger each year.
  • Start working on the next banquet right after this years is over. Don’t’ try to cram it all into a few months before the next banquet.
    • A full year to get good hunts and merchandise donations,
    • Enough time to plan well, and
    • Enough time to get the volunteers you will need.
general words of wisdom cont d33
General Words of Wisdom; cont’d
  • Track what works well and what things cost
    • Where did people hear about the event (what advertising works and what doesn’t)
    • When did they place their order for tickets (when to expect orders and when to panic)
    • How many orders did you get each week (tells you what to expect next year in terms of ticket sales)
    • How much each kind of raffle or auction item brought in (what things are worth having and what are not)
    • Build a database/list of attendees with name, address, email, and phone number