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Pentium Pro Processor Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Pentium Pro Processor Overview

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Pentium Pro Processor Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pentium Pro Processor Overview. Elijah W. Bass December 6, 2000. Pentium Pro Roadmap. Pentium Pro Overview Instruction Set Format Process Stages Processing Units Branch Prediction Pentium Pro/II Performance Pentium Pro/II Cache Performance. Pentium Pro Overview.

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Pentium Pro Processor Overview

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pentium pro processor overview
Pentium Pro Processor Overview

Elijah W. Bass December 6, 2000

pentium pro roadmap
Pentium Pro Roadmap
  • Pentium Pro Overview
  • Instruction Set Format
  • Process Stages
  • Processing Units
  • Branch Prediction
  • Pentium Pro/II Performance
  • Pentium Pro/II Cache Performance
pentium pro overview
Pentium Pro Overview
  • The main goal in the design of the P6 family micro-architecture was to exceed the Pentium processor performance while utilizing the existing 0.6-micrometer, four-layer, metal BICMOL manufacturing process.
  • The Pentium Pro processor has a three-way superscalar architecture, permitting the execution of up to three instructions per clock cycle.
  • The P6 superscalar implementation has dynamic execution i.e. micro-data flow analysis, out-of-order execution, superior branch prediction, and speculative execution. Object code is decoded by three instruction decode units working in parallel.
pentium pro instruction set format
Pentium Pro Instruction Set Format
  • Pentium Pro executes the x86 CISC set
  • Pentium Pro decodes and translates each Intel x86 instruction into micro-operations
  • The Pentium Pro processes instructions in three stages
pentium pro process stages
Pentium Pro Process Stages
  • The first stage consists of the instruction begin fetched, decoded, and converted into micro-ops
  • Reservation station (RS) is the buffer between the first and second stages
  • The second stage consists of the micro-operations being executed in the out-of-order core
  • The third stage retires the micro-operations in original program order
  • Completed micro-operations wait in the reorder buffer until all of the preceding instructions have been retired
pentium pro processing units
Pentium Pro Processing Units
  • P Pro micro-architecture pipeline is divided into four sections
    • 8K L1 caches
    • 256KB, 512KB, 1MB, or 2MB L2 caches
    • the front end,
    • the out-of-order execution core
    • the retire section
p pro branch prediction
P Pro Branch Prediction
  • Predicted to jump the next time if the counter is in state 2 or 3
  • Predicted to not jump if in state 0 or 1
  • P Pro branch prediction mechanism can learn to recognize repetitive patterns
pentium pro ii performance
Pentium Pro/II Performance
  • The Pentium II L2 cache utilizes standard commodity SRAM
  • The faster core frequencies and larger Pentium II L1 cache size often compensate for the slower L2 cache speed
pentium pro ii cache performance
Pentium Pro/II Cache Performance
  • P II L2 Cache is located off the processor die
  • P II L2 Cache operates at ½ core frequency
  • P II cacheability limit is 512 MB
  • P Pro cacheability limit is 4 GB
pentium pro ii memory access
Pentium Pro/II Memory Access
  • Pentium Pro 200/256 out perform P II 233/512
  • Pentium Pro 200/1024 performs similar to P II 266/512
pentium pro ii applicability
Pentium Pro/II Applicability
  • P II outperform P Pro in CPU intensive apps
  • P Pro outperform PII in memory intensive apps