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  1. A quick guide to explore the NATURE Electronic Journal Contact us Dr. T A V Murthy Director INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad Dr. V S Cholin Scientist-B INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad Content Slide No. Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 NATURE’s homepage 3 Important links at homepage (basic search) 4 Result of basic option 5 Out put in pdf format 6 Advance search options (example) 7 Result of the query in advance search 8 Out put in html format 9 Advance Online Publications (AOP) 10 Table of contents (TOC) of issues 11 Archive option 12 Archive view 13 NATURE

  2. NATUREURL: Nature is the publication of Nature Publishing Group (NPG) and NPG is the scientific publishing arm of the Macmillan Publishers Ltd. It is internationally known journal for the biological and physical sciences with weekly periodicity. It provides rapid searches and access to over 65 thousand full text articles. On-line archival access for the nature is made available from January 1997.


  4. Home page for Nature Advance search for complex queries Type here for basic or simple search, e.g. earthworm

  5. Out put of our simple query From here one can modify his/her query Click to get the full text in html format One can get full text in pdf format Click here to get abstract only

  6. Out put of our previous query you can save or print it

  7. Advance search options Type the key word (s), e.g. here we are searching for the soil bacteria which works without methane and nitrogen What kind of information you are looking for, i.e. news, reviews, editorials, articles etc. Select the options Direct approach to get the articles Search with in specific subject area

  8. Result on our previous query From here you are able to modify your query Get the abstract Click here to get the full text in PDF format Full text in html format

  9. Out put of previous query in html format here one can find the links to references E-mail alert option

  10. Through AOP one can get the article before the print version Here you are able to get the abstract and full text articles of latest issue

  11. Click here to get the archival access to TOC of each and every issue You can explore the options according to your needs to know about the latest issues Click here to explore the latest and previous issues

  12. Archival access to the issues

  13. Archival page for the 2004 issues click any one according to your need