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Presentation Transcript

    Slide 1:Intellectual Property and the Online Music Revolution by John Flynn

    Slide 2:How technology has made copying media easier Hard drive capacity has increased over 300 times since 1991. Network bandwidth has also increased considerably. The worldwide nature of the Internet makes distributing information a snap.

    Slide 3:Audio Compression Technology MPEG Audio Layer-3 (MP3) compression allows you to compress CD quality music down to about a megabyte per minute. MP3 files are small enough (3 to 5 megs) to be distributed easily over Internet. The quality loss inherent to MP3 compression is inaudible to most listeners.

    Slide 4:The Problem MP3 technology is used by consumers to download illegally copied music from Internet without paying for it, and record companies do not like this. Consumer recording technology has been available for years, but never has a medium of such high quality, that can be distributed so easily, been widely available. Consumers can easily download any song they want from Internet. All they have to do is an Internet search for the title and artist, and they will likely find it within minutes.

    Slide 5:The Solution Most individuals, given an option to buy a song over the Internet at a reasonable price, would. The current distribution method for music (Compact Disc) is too expensive and inflexible. Record companies need to provide a venue by which popular music can be purchased online, on a per-song basis. Purchased music should be in an open, non-proprietary format.

    Slide 6:Reduction of Piracy If consumers can obtain music in a flexible, open format at a reasonable price, music piracy will be greatly reduced. Consumers need to be taught that it is important to support the artists by purchasing their work. Rather than fight MP3, record companies should embrace it and use it to sell their product.

    Slide 7:The End