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View the Next Technology Core features 3.0” Resistive Touch Screen HSDPA 3.6 & Full Internet Browser 120fps Video Recording 5.1MPixel with Image Stabilizer Google Package including ‘YouTube’ & maps Divx mobile profile certification USP’s Visual Fun Quality Capture EZ Control

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Presentation Transcript

Core features

3.0” Resistive Touch Screen

HSDPA 3.6 & Full Internet Browser

120fps Video Recording

5.1MPixel with Image Stabilizer

Google Package including ‘YouTube’ & maps

Divx mobile profile certification



Visual Fun

Quality Capture

EZ Control

Quality Shooting

3.0 ” Wide Display

Enhanced Usability

  • 5M AF/MF Camera with Xenon
  • Enhanced shooting in Low light

- ISO800, Smart Light™

  • 120fps High Speed Shooting
  • HSDPA 3.6 (Perfect Streaming)
  • Mobile XD™
  • Outstanding Color & Contrast
  • Internet Full Browsing
  • Jog wheel on the back
  • Touch Screen &

Hand writing recognition

  • Touch sensor’s Feedback
  • 3-step Mode changer




Mobile XD ™



3” Wide LCD

Direct Upload

to Youtube



DivX Playback

What features we should appeal

We should primarily appeal high-end camera function to capture core

target and then promote multimedia functions to gradually extend

target from camera functions to multimedia device .

5.0 Mega Pixels

120 fps video recording

Auto/Manual focus

ISO 800 & SmartPic

Image Stabilizer

key features explained
The Complete Camera Phone

Where does the name Viewty come form -

View the Next Technology- Viewty

5 Mega-pixel Camera, 3 Inch Touch Sensitive Screen, High Speed Video Recording

(120 FPS), Auto and Manual Focus, ISO 800 and Smart Light feature

5 Mega pixel camera certified by Schneider-Kreuznach

LG Viewty’s 5 mega pixel camera is capable of taking clearer and more vivid images with its high

resolution capturing technology. The rich and vibrant colours of the photos will look superb any where

whether on a wide LCD screen or when developed through a professional studio.

Key Features explained

LG Viewty key feature

5Mega Pixel Camera

Schneider Certified Lens

5 Mega Pixel with 12X D. Zoom


Key Features explained

5Mega Pixel Camera

Schneider Certified Lens

5 Mega Pixel with 12X D. Zoom


Key Features explained

The Complete Camera Phone

Enjoy various focusing techniques

LG Viewty not only includes the conventional auto focus function, but for the first time in camera phone

history, it offers a manual function that enables users to focus independently with the help of jog dial .

Capturing the best moments even in low light

Increasing the ISO standard to 800 and including Smart Light™ technology users can capture

Better Pictures in low light without the artificial glare of the flash.

LG Viewty : Smartpic


Advanced Capture in Low Light Condition (upto ISO 800 + SmartPic™

5M Digital still cameras supports only ISO 400 ~800

key features explained9
Taking steady pictures with Image Stabilizer & Direct Key

This useful feature enables novice photographers to take steady pictures without handshaking and

prevents delicate movements when capturing subjects.

Key Features explained

LG Viewty : Image stabilizer

Image Stabilizer

Image Stabilizer : on

Image Stabilizer : off

key features explained10
Key Features explained

Catch every detail with high-speed recording (120 FPS)

This is an ultra high-speed function that can capture the finest detail of any passing moment to be

played back in the most vivid and dramatic way

120 fps (frames per second ) camera , is another key feature of the phone

where the user can capture video at the rate of 120 frames per sec

The current maximum specification for other competitors in the market for

video capture is 30 fps

key features explained11
Discover true viewing pleasure with 3 inch full touch screen

The extra large display panel provides superior visibility when operating its camera or

handset functions

and it reacts to user’s touch by signaling direct contact with vibration.

Key Features explained
  • 3.0 ” Wide Display
  • Mobile XD™
  • Outstanding Color & Contrast
  • Touch sensitive screen for Intuitive Navigation


key features explained12
Key Features explained

Freedom of expression with Handwriting Recognition & Editing

Handwriting Recognition technology identifies user handwriting on the display surface for easy and

convenient composition of text, phone numbers and Internet searching. With the added Editing function,

users can freely edit and enhance captured images and re-live the moment by directly drawing or writing

on them with their fingertips or with a stylus.

Stylus as inbox accessory

key features explained13
Mobile technology making full Internet

For fast and easy information search, LG Viewty comes with HSDPA 3.6 Mbps(3G/ EDGE) which allows

full Internet browsing capability, the Google package (includes Google Search, e-Blogger, Gmail™ and

Google Maps™ for mobile handsets.

Key Features explained
  • HSDPA 3.6
  • Full HTML browser
  • Landscape view for enhanced browsing
  • Touch sensitive screen for better Navigation
  • Hand writing recognition & Quick search
  • Jog Wheel for Zooming pages in web browsing
  • Direct You tube upload
key features explained14
Key Features explained

ISO 800 –

ISO sensitivity is the speed of photographic negative materials

Since digital cameras do not use film but use image sensors instead, the ISO equivalent is usually given.

What ISO denotes is how sensitive the image sensor is to the amount of light present. The higher the

ISO, the more sensitive the image sensor and therefore thepossibility to take pictures in low-light


For most consumer camera phones the ISO rating is between 100 to 200 for Viewty it can go up to

ISO 800

Image at ISO 100 Image at ISO 800


Competitive advantage

5 Mega pixel camera –

A mega pixel is 1 million pixels, and is a term used not only for the number of pixels in an image, but also

to express the number of sensor elements of digital cameras or the number of display elements (pixels ) of

digital displays.

For example, a camera with an array of 2048×1536 pixels is commonly said to have

"3.1 mega pixels" (2048 × 1536 = 3,145,728).

And 5 mega pixels (2592X 1944= 5,038,848 )

Handwriting recognition –

Viewty enables users to input text in messages through handwriting recognition software in the phone

DivX Playback –

DivX® Certified mobile phones let you play your favorite DivX videos right out of the box, giving you

the ability to control and experience your digital media anywhere you want. With small, high-quality

files in the DivX media format, you can download and store more videos on your phone for

entertainment on-the-go. Simply transfer your videos from your PC to your phone using a cable or

memory card. Or download DivX videos from the Internet directly to your phone when you’re on the

road. Go beyond your PC and TV. Mobilize your media experience with a DivX Certified mobile phone.

Viewty is only phone in market which supports DivX format