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Faculty of Arts and Design I --- U --- A --- V The Faculty borned in 2000 and currently about 1400 students are enrolled.

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The Faculty borned in 2000 and currently about 1400 students are enrolled.
  • Courses are held starting from september until July and they are divided in 3 didactic period of 3 months each. At the end of each didactic period students can support the exam.
  • Lessons and laboratories are held every day except on Wednsday.
  • Students are allowed to attend only one laboratory for each didactic period.
  • Each laboratory gives 8 credits instead theorical course 4 credits (6 credits starting from next academic year).

1 credit = 25 hours workload


undergraduate programmes 3 years
Undergraduate Programmes – 3 years
  • claDEM undergraduate degree in fashion design in Treviso

This undergraduate programme in fashion design gives students the basic preparation for working in the various sectors of the clothing and fashion design industry. Students acquire design skills and techniques, as well as essential know-how for beginning careers in the fields of clothing/accessory design and fashion communication, and for developing complex design projects both in teams and individually.

  • claDIS undergraduate degree in industrial design in Treviso

The undergraduate degree in industrial design offers students basic preparation in the field of industrial design. Graduates may pursue careers in various fields related to industrial product design and will be trained to use sophisticated hardware and software. Students will also learn how to solve common challenges related to projects in the communications field.

  • claVES undergraduate degree in visual arts and theatre in Venice

The three-year degree in visual arts and theatre gives students the basic and essential preparation for studies in the fields of art and theatre. Over the span of three years students learn important techniques in 2-D and 3-D art, model-making and theatre production, in addition to image processing and manipulation techniques.


graduate programmes 2 years
Graduate programmes – 2 years
  • clasAV graduate programme in visual arts in Venice

The graduate programme in visual arts is the only university programme in Italy that combines the theoretical and practical aspects of art (like the exhibitions Made in IUAV ). Workshops with internationally-known artists are combined with theory courses taught by important lecturers.

  • clasDIP graduate programme in product design in Treviso

The graduate programme in product design provides advanced professional training, from project-based, analytical, theoretical and critical points of view. The programme deals with complex problems related to design projects and combines academic and research activities.

  • clasT graduate programme in theatre in Venice

The graduate programme in theatre prepares students as theatre directors, set-designers, playwrights, stage managers and theatre producers.

  • clasVEM graduate programme in visual and multimedia design in Venice

The graduate programme in visual and multimedia design prepares students for careers in graphic and visual design. Students attend theory courses and receive practical training in tune with current multimedia practices.


graduate courses
Graduate Courses

Our theoretical and practical courses and workshops of art and design, are held by internationally-known artists and professionists and important lecturers, such as Joseph Kossuth, Lewis Baltz, Daniele Del Giudice, Wolfgang Scheppe, Giorgio Agamben, Paolo Lomazzi, Luca Ronconi ad many others, in order to give students a varied approach to the study.

Furthermore the Design and Art Facult has a great number of professors coming from foreign countries as Australia, Portugal, Norway, Hungary, England, Germany, Swiss, France, Spain, Belgium, Albany, USA … that is to say that some courses are taught in English.


2009 2010 graduate courses 2 years
2009/2010 Graduate Courses – 2 years

Italian Universities are involved in some changing, so starting from next academic year the fdA graduate courses will change as follow:

  • graduate programme in visual arts in Venice
  • graduate programme in theatre in Venice
  • graduate programme design which include 5 specializations:
  • Visual and multimedia communication Design – Venice
  • Information Design – Venice
  • Product Design – Treviso
  • Fashion Design and theory - Treviso
  • Interior Design - Treviso



Internships – practical work experience – are a means for testing and completing theoretical and methodological educational instruction.

Each internship is supported by an individual project included in the agreements signed by all involved parties.

Internship for:

  • Undergraduate programme in Industrial Design (400 hours)and Undergraduate programme in Fashion Design (400 hours)

is compulsory during the third year.

  • Graduate programme in Theatre (275 hours)

is compulsory at some point during the 2-year programme.

  • Graduate programme in Visual Arts (275 hours) - Product Design (200 hours) - Visual and Multimedia Design (200 hours)

is optional. In these 3 last cases the beginning of an internship must be in preparation for students’ final thesis paper/project. 



Some of our students have the opportunity to spend their internship in some of the most famous organisation like:

  • Burberry Ltd – London (Job Placement)
  • Teatro La Fenice – Venice
  • Teatro La Scala - Milano
  • Ducati Motor S.p.A. – Bologna
  • Nokia Telecommunications – UK
  • Centre George Pompidou – Paris
  • La Biennale di Venezia – Venice
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art – USA
  • Museum of American Art - Berlin




For further information please contact:

Arts and Design Faculty



 0039 (0)41 2571403