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Asian Youth Forum
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Asian Youth Forum

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  1. Asian Youth Forum For Those who will reach Narita Airport on 28th. How to Get to National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC) From NRT Airport For Your Wonderful Adventure

  2. Welcome to Tokyo! Tokyo Team sincerely welcomes all the AYF participants to our exciting city, Tokyo! The city of Tokyo has the complex train and subway transportation systems. Although whole the system looks little bit hard, with this super guidance book for your adventure, you would enjoy the small journey from NRT Airport to National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC) with train/bus. If you would feel worried about getting on the right trains to the heart of the city yourself, don’t worry!, our members will pick up and take you to NYC from NRT Airport or at Shinjuku Station (by bus). For those coming on the morning flights, our final waiting time is 12:00p.m, and for those of the afternoon flights, the final meeting time is 15:00p.m. *For example: if you arrive at NRT at 10:00a.m., you will have to wait for other members and leave NRT for NYC at 12:00p.m. with our members. If you arrive at NRT quite earlier than 12:00p.m./15:00p.m. and do not want to wait, or if your flight is after 15:00p.m., please take either Airport Limousine yourself.

  3. IMPORTANT! Please send to for the answers of the following questions; For Those who will arrive at NRT before 15:00p.m. 1) Are you going to wait for everybody getting together until 12:00a.m./15:00p.m., or going to NYC yourself by bus? 2) When is your arrival time at Narita Airport? For those who will arrive at NRT after 15:00p.m. We are sorry but you need to come to NYC yourself. Please take the airport limousine bus. We will go to pick you up at Shinjuku bus stop. 1) When is your arrival time at NRT? ここは事前に28日に成田着方にメールで聞いたほうが良いと思います。

  4. Transportation Fees 1. Keisei Line (Train: Two Transfers)→ Hardest but Cheapest \ 1000 (NRT to Nippori Sta.) + \ 190 (Nippori Sta. to Shinjuku Sta. + \ 120 (Odakyu Line Shinjuku to Sangubashi) Total: \1310 This is the wayTokyo members will take you to NYC 2. Airport Limousine (Bus: One Transfer)→Easiest! \3000 (NRT to Shinjuku) +\ 120 (Odakyu Line Shinjuku to Sangubashi) Total \ 3120 This is the way you will take to NYC yourself

  5. Map

  6. Overview (Approximately 2hours travel) 1. Keisei Line: Tokyo members will take this line to get down to NYC. Keisei Line Narita Airport Sta. →Nippori Sta. → transfer to JR Yamanote Line Nippori Sta.→ Shinjuku Sta. → transfer to Odakyu Line Shinjuku Sta. → Sangubashi Sta. 2.Airport Limousine (Bus): For those who want to go to NYC yourself Narita Airport → Shinjuku Bus terminal →Odakyu Line Shinjuku Sta. →Sangubashi Sta.

  7. Airport Limousine • In the arrival Gate of NRT Airport, please go to Limousine Bus main counter and buy a ticket to Shinjuku Station. • 2. Follow the instruction of the Airport Limousine and go to the bus stop (either 11 or 2). • 3. Check in your bags and get on the bus. • 4. Get off the bus at Shinjuku Station Bus Stop. • 5. Walk to Shinjuku Station West Gate or South Gate and find Odakyu Line. • 6. Take Odakyu Line LocalTrain to Sangubashi Sta.

  8. NRT Airport Terminal 1: Where to buy the Limousine Ticket

  9. NRT Airport Terminal2: Where to Buy the Limousine Ticket

  10. Useful Item: To Buy the Ticket すみません、新宿駅行きのリムジンバスチケットをください。 Sumimasen, Shinjuku eki yuki no limujinbasu tiketto wo kudasai. Excuse me, can I buy the Limousine bus ticket to Shinjuku Station?

  11. Shinjuku Station Bus Stop: Where you get off

  12. Useful Item: Asking where the Key Station is. すみません。小田急線はどこですか。 (Excuse me, where is Odakyu Line?) “Sumimasen, Odakyuu sen wa doko desuka?” When you are lost, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx. (仮)

  13. How to Buy a Ticket 1. Select Fare For service in EnglishPress the "English" button 2. Press the button for \120 3. Insert cash into the machine. 4. The machine will issue a ticket (and change, if applicable). Take the ticket (and change) when it emerges from the machine. This completes the transaction.

  14. Useful Item: Asking for Help to get the ticket 小田急線参宮橋駅までいきたいのですが、120円分の切符の買い方を教えてください。 Odakyu sen Sangubashi eki made ikitainodesuga, 120yen bun no kippu no kaikata wo oshiete kudasai. Excuse me, I want to go to Odakyu Line Sangubashi Station, please show me how to get 120yen train ticket.

  15. 5. Getting into the Station Insert the ticket to the gate machine and get into the train station.Do not forget to take the ticket back from the machine. IMPORTANT!!! 6. Going to the Platform Please find the sign of LOCAL TRAIN (below) and the go to the platform for the local train.

  16. 7. Boarding the Train Wait for the train behind the yellow line. If platform boarding indicators are provided, line up at the appropriate indicator. When the train arrives, let alighting passengers off first and take your turn to board. 8. Rules aboard the Train No smoking is permitted. Set your mobile phone to silent mode, and refrain from talking on your mobile while on the train. Priority seats are for elderly, disabled or pregnant passengers. Please give up your seat when there is a passenger in need.

  17. 9. Getting off the train at Sangubashi Sta. Get off the train at Sangubashi sta.(参宮橋駅) Insert the ticket to the gate machine and get out from the station. 10. The final Walk to NYC Since there are a lot of map and signs for the National Olympics Youth Center around the station, you will easily figure out the way to NYC. If you are lost, please call xxx-xxxx-xxxx. (仮) More Info: