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MATLS 4Z06 Industrial Projects

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MATLS 4Z06 Industrial Projects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MATLS 4Z06 Industrial Projects. MSE Capstone Course Joey Kish (Coordinator) Monday, April 29, 2013. Course Description. Industry projects involving materials selection & design in manufacturing or engineering service Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:30-5:30 PM; both terms

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matls 4z06 industrial projects

MATLS 4Z06Industrial Projects

MSE Capstone Course

Joey Kish (Coordinator)

Monday, April 29, 2013

course description
Course Description
  • Industry projects involving materials selection & design in manufacturing or engineering service
    • Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:30-5:30 PM; both terms
  • Support lectures in group problem solving, design methodology, information gathering & technical communication
graduate attributes
Graduate Attributes

Problem Analysis/Design

Use of Engineering Tools

Individual & Team Work

Communication Skills

Impact of Engineering on Society

Economics and Project Management

major learning outcomes
Major Learning Outcomes
  • Apply appropriate knowledge & skills to identify, formulate, analyze complex open-ended engineering problem related to materials selection and design in manufacturing or service
  • Select/use appropriate techniques, resources & engineering tools, with an understanding of associated limitations
  • Work effectively as member & leader in teams
  • Communicate complex engineering concepts
  • Apply triple bottom line sustainability principles in process

Problem Solving & Planning

Information Research Fundamentals

Technical Presentation Preparation

Proposal Preparation

Statistical Analysis of Data

Final Report Preparation

course format
Course Format
  • Group Project Work:
    • Each group assigned an industry project, one faculty advisor & one industry advisor
    • Conduct analysis or lab work at industry facility or at McMater University
major deliverables
Major Deliverables

Problem Statement (Oct.)

Proposal (Nov.)

Progress Review Meetings (Jan. & Feb.)

Final Report (Apr.)

Peer Reviews (After Each Deliverable)

  • Envelope capped at $2,500 per group
  • Eligible Expenses:
    • Materials & Supplies
    • Equipment
    • Analysis (BIMR & MSE)
    • Travel
matls 4z06 industrial projects1

MATLS 4Z06Industrial Projects

Working with Industry

Joey Kish (Coordinator)

Monday, April 29, 2013

  • To acquire industry projects for a one-to-one mapping with the number of student groups
    • With a couple extra for good measure
  • Groups comprised of 3 or 4 students
    • 13 Groups in 2012-2013
    • 14 Groups in 2011-2012
  • June/July:
    • Brainstorm on possible industry partners
    • Email invitation to participate & checklist
    • “Screen” positive responses for appropriate projects
  • August:
    • Work to finalize projects & acquire Letter of Support for OCE application
  • September
    • Apply to OCE for funding
project suitability
Project Suitability
  • Complex open-ended engineering problem related to materials selection and design in manufacturing or engineering service
  • Engaged industry partner that is within reasonable travel distance from McMaster University
  • Ideally no intellectual property and/or confidentiality issues

Project Description

Willingness to fund project

Need to scale performance metrics

Need to scale economic metrics

Need for intellectual property protection

Need for confidentiality

intellectual property confidentiality
Intellectual Property& Confidentiality
  • Sponsor companies require students to sign a confidentiality and intellectual property agreement to protect existing company intellectual property and to clarify ownership of any new intellectual property that may arise from the project
  • Students have been asked to waive their rights to intellectual property arising from the project work
oce connections
OCE Connections
  • Funding available from Connections Program that Ontario Centres of Excellence runs
    • Students must develop their own scope of work, meet regularly with their industry partner, and deliver results
    • Provides opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and skills to an industry-relevant problem
    • Connections Competition for the Best Project in Ontario Universities
industry contribution
Industry Contribution
  • Industry must put cash up to a maximum of $1,000 on the table
  • OCE will match the cash, as will as the in-kind up to the level of industry cash
  • Apply on-line in September
    • Letter of Support & budget for each project
    • Award notification in November
industry participation
Industry Participation
  • Project presentations in September
  • Class presentations as grader
    • Proposals & Final Reports
  • Group presentations as grader
    • Problem Statements & Progress Reviews
  • Group reports as grader
    • Problem Statement, Proposal & Final Report
the good
The Good

“Real World” materials engineering problems for the students to work on

Ontario Government funding available to provide budget envelope not to limit success

Expose students to a wide range of materials engineering issues

Student employment

the bad
The Bad
  • Industry only cares about technical solution
    • No interest in economic analyses
    • No interest in sustainability analyses
  • Not all groups created equal
    • Strong groups vs. weak groups
  • Dependence on sizeable budget envelop that needs to be externally funded