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Renaissance Art. As with Renaissance Literature, three themes of Renaissance Art: Humanism, Secularism, and Classicism.

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Renaissance art

Renaissance Art

As with Renaissance Literature, three themes of Renaissance Art: Humanism, Secularism, and Classicism.

The Renaissance will see a shift in art - from art purely for the sake of glorifying God and teaching Biblical and Catholic lessons to art for the sake of also glorifying human beings and their Earthly emotions, experiences, surroundings.

Realism will be the key to Renaissance art, as compared to Medieval Art…

  • Carolingian Evangelist

  • Late 8th Century

  • From the CodexAureus of Lorsch (an illuminated Gospel Book from the Charlemagne period of the Frankish kingdom)

  • The Morgan Leaf – detached from the 12th Century Winchester Bible (English)

  • Depicts scenes from the life of David

Fra angelico adoration of the magi
Fra Angelico, Adoration of the Magi

Fra Angelico, AKA Fra Giovanni da Fiesole (Brother John from Fiesole 1395 - 1455)

Botticelli adoration of the magi
Botticelli, Adoration of the Magi

Realism the key difference
Realism – the key difference.

  • Contributes to the humanism of Italian Art

  • Achieved through use of new techniques:

    • Perspective

    • Chiaroscuro and realistic coloring

    • Overlapping figures

    • Movement

    • Use of realistic fore- and backgrounds

Botticelli primavera
Botticelli, Primavera

The big four of italian renaissance art
The “Big Four” of Italian Renaissance Art

  • Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 - 1519)

  • Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475 - 1464)

  • Raphael - Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (1483 – 1520)

  • Titian - Tiziano Vecellio (c. 1488 - 1576)

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The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne

Leonardo da Vinci

Depicts St. Anne, her daughter the Virgin Mary, and the infant Jesus.

Leonardo da vinci the last supper
Leonardo Da Vinci, The Last Supper

Michelangelo,Sistine ChapelThe Entire Vault here- Ceiling depicts the stories of the Book of Genesis, back wall is The Last Judgement

Sistine chapel creation of adam
Sistine Chapel, Creation of Adam

Details from The Sistine Chapel Ceiling

The Prophet Ezechiel

The Creation of the Sun,

the Moon and the Planets

Raphael school of athens
Raphael, School of Athens

The school of athens detail plato aristotle
The School of Athens detail-Plato &Aristotle

Raphael madonna

More Raphael…..

Group of Swiss Soldiers, the Mass of Bolsena

Portrait of a Cardinal

Titian the venus of urbino
Titian, The Venus of Urbino

Titian bacchanalia
Titian, Bacchanalia


Pope Paul III and His Grandsons


Portrait of Charles V at the Battle of Muhlberg

The northern renaissance
The Northern Renaissance

Italian Renaissance Vs. Northern Renaissance

Subject matter:

Italian: Classical mythology, religious scenes.

Northern: Domestic interiors, portraits, religious scenes.


Italian: Symmetrical, balanced, good sense of mass, linear perspective.

Northern: Attention to surface detail, naturalism.

Known for:

Italian: Figures with mass and volume, knowledge of underlying anatomy.

Northern: Minute surface detail.


Italian: Fresco, tempera, oil.

Northern: Oil on panel.

Durer engraving hands with bible
Durer engraving,Hands with Bible


The Virgin and Child with a Monkey

Holbein sir thomas more
Holbein, Sir Thomas More


The Blind Leading the Blind

Brueghel The