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Standard Contract Forum 28 April 2005 13.30 Customer Suite, BT Centre, London

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Standard Contract Forum 28 April 2005 13.30 Customer Suite, BT Centre, London - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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. Standard Contract Forum 28 April 2005 13.30 Customer Suite, BT Centre, London. Standard Contract Forum Thursday 28 April 2005. Keith Mitchinson 28 April 05. Standard Contract Forum Thursday 28 April 2005. AGENDA Introduction and Notes of Previous Meeting

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Standard Contract Forum 28 April 200513.30Customer Suite, BT Centre, London

standard contract forum thursday 28 april 20051

Standard Contract Forum Thursday 28 April 2005

  • Introduction and Notes of Previous Meeting
  • Review of New and Amended Schedules
  • Consult 21
  • PPC Update
  • Paperless Contract
  • WES/BES/RBS Update
  • Review Updates
  • Any Other Business
standard contract forum thursday 28 april 20052

Standard Contract Forum Thursday 28 April 2005


Schedule 111 – BT Local Call Fee Access Calls

Schedule 112 – BT Premium Rate Service Calls

Schedule 116 – BT National Call Fee Access Service Calls

consult21 structure
Consult21 Structure

External Steering Board

BTW / Industry Co-chairs




Co-chairs + BT Key Players





BT Key Players




Co-chairs + BT Key Players




Co-chairs + BT Key Players




Co-chairs + BT Key Players

Communities of Interest : ISPs / SPs / MOLOs / AltNets

draft reports from working groups
DRAFT Reports From Working Groups
  • Legacy Interconnection Green
  • NGN Interconnect Green
  • NGN MSAN Amber
  • Pathfinder Green
  • Systems Green
  • Network Hooks and Common Capabilities Green
  • Product Migration – BB and LLU Red
  • Product Migration – Wholesale Access Green
  • Product Migration – Private Circuits and PPCs Green
legacy interconnect working group

Key Issues

Agreement of BT commercial proposals

SAN process and other cost recovery

More information on Obligatory Products list and definitions

Detail on Virtual IEC product

Detail on BT Billing solution

Absence of ‘joined up processes’ and programme management

Improved ACO process

Info on DLE closure programme and Metro-node locations

Parenting information for DLE number ranges


Industry may decline to agree to legacy proposals in the absence of NGN commercial proposal

Key Milestones


Obligatory Products List meeting in April

Final SAN contract text agreed


Carry consequences of commercial proposals into SIA review

Issue informal Complex SANs to Pathfinder opt in parties

6th May: Respond to concerns on duration of legacy proposals

Legacy Interconnect Working Group
ngn interconnect working group

Key Issues

NGN Interconnect Standard Timescales

Timelines for BT commercial proposals

Lack of clarity on the regulatory framework which will be raised at Steering Board by co-chair

Key Milestones


NGN Commercial scenarios meeting held on the 22 April

NGN I/X Contract Workshop with industry


Review IP I/X initial product definition with industry


Review draft NGN contract text with industry


TSG to:-

Specify the signalling for IP interconnect

Identify the protocols needed to support signalling (SCTP/UDP)

Identify issues for input to the appropriate international standards body.

If required, produce NICC documents on the transport and physical aspects of IP interconnect

NGN Interconnect Working Group
msan working group

Key Issues

Technical complexity / multiple vendors

Availability of expert resources

Obtaining industry wide agreement to outputs of experts group

Key Milestones


18 April Full MSAN WG to endorse experts group work on MSAN PoH

Further progress to be made on requirements for MSAN Voice Access

Industry to provide comments by 6 May


17 May: Full MSAN WG to endorse experts group work on Voice access

Present complete requirements document to BT / NGN WG for commercial evaluation


Report back from BT to NGN WG on commercial evaluation

MSAN Working Group
pathfinder working group

Key Issues

1st August planned date means detailed programme plan for migration from DLE to NGS needs to be built

Comms/PR Plan – Joe Kelly to work with Industry nominees

RBWF – will CCBS be supported as a TDM capability in ISUP and can protocol conversion take place. Expert meeting to take place

Commercial, product, technical, service etc. issues from Industry being collated to enable first draft of launch plan

Will 21CN OSS be ready for Pathfinder

Will NGN Interconnect be available for 1st August 2006

Key Milestones


Terms of Reference redrafted

1st August 2006 confirmed within WG meeting


Initial programme plan to be agreed with Industry

16th May Working Group meeting to progress Pathfinder programme planning

Agree new Terms of Reference with Industry Steering Board

Pathfinder Working Group
systems working group
RAG Status Green

Key Issues

Need more detail on the architectural approach, especially in relation to the interactions and language that will be used.

If new standards need to be developed, who will do this? Who will own them?

What is the timescale to implement?

What are the migration principles?

Plan for post 30th April once agreement reached on Principles

Industry anxious to get involved in detailed OSS planning for Products once Principles agreed

Need to agree timetable for OSS development

Key Milestones


Industry to respond on Framework document prior to workshop on 20th April

Agree Systems Architecture & Interface Principles by 30th April


Commence development of OSS roadmap for 21CN and legacy product portfolio

17th May WG meeting to develop roadmap and programme plan

Systems Working Group
network hooks common capabilities working group
RAG Status Green

Key Issues

Suggested use of TISPAN & IMS for Standards

Addressing/numbering, Authentication/security

Commercials for BT providing Capabilities to Industry customers

Need to plan for Product development once overall principles agreed

Key Milestones


WG 11th April to progress Industry requirements for Capabilities

BT presented on IMS model as a possible model for developing Capabilities in 21CN


Draft Principles document to aid closure of initial period of consultation

Build upon possible products and end user services scoping document

10th May WG meeting to develop and agree Principles and Portfolio plan

Network Hooks & Common Capabilities Working Group
broadband llu working group
RAG Status = RED

Key Issues:

Too may unknowns and too little hard information.

Clarity required on BES backhaul

Commercial Timeline. More information needed on BTW 21CN costs and the translation to commercial pricing

LLU Commercials. Clarify where these are being agreed

More focus is needed on Datastream

More detail on the migration between IPS, DS and LLU Platforms within 21CN

What does closure look like and is Dec 2005 the right date?

What will this or a future forum look like when we move to the implementation stage?

Key progress:

Achieved a level of granularity on IPS, DS and LLU within 21CN

We have a better handle on the timeline of the phases leading to Pathfinder and then to Mass Migration

3 Meetings held and minuted with APs discharged on schedule

Scope and ToRs agreed

Co-Chair agreed

Future schedule of meetings agreed for the next 3 months.

Broadband & LLU Working Group
wholesale access working group
RAG Status Green

Key Issues

No material issues arising from migration of existing WLR portfolio to 21CN.

Working Group would like to explore how the WLR portfolio can potentially be developed further in a 21CN environment.

Revised ToR’s required for new scope of Working Group.

Key Milestones


Co-chairs to consider requirement for further meetings and present revised ToR’s to Consult21 Steering Group / Industry Steering Board for approval.


New Working Group established

Wholesale Access Working Group
private circuits and ppc working group
RAG Status Green

Key Issues

BT to confirm how 34 Mbit/s will be delivered.

BT to confirm position on stranded investment – Industry asked that where buildings close Interconnects will remain honoured with BT bearing cost of backhaul in perpetuity

Industry also asked that where existing Voice ISIs disappear whether these could be used for PPC interconnect points

Key Milestones


Agree high level milestones with Industry

Confirm WG scope & method of closure at SB


Industry WG 26th May

Clarify Stranded Assets issue

Private Circuits and PPC Working Group
some key issues
Some Key Issues
  • Timescales of 21CN programme
  • Programme Management of migration activity – Pathfinder and beyond
  • Lack of information and understanding about costs and pricing structure / prices in the new world.
  • IP-IP interconnect is important and challenging
  • Effective customer engagement
  • The impact of Ofcom’s strategic review, and the NGN Consultation document, may affect direction
Thank You
  • Any Questions?
STANDARD CONTRACTS FORUM1. Radio Base Station Backhaul Service (RBS) 2. Wholesale Extension Service (WES) 3. Backhaul Extension Service (BES)4. Partial Private Circuits (PPC)28th April 2005John Ewbank
radio base station backhaul service rbs
  • Stems from LLMR.
  • Available to MNO’s only.
  • Notification of Service was provided on 13th December. Added to Reference Offer website on that date.
  • Service launch (available for Orders) from 10th January 2005.
  • Consultation begun in December 04. Completed on 11th February 05.
  • All contracts signed – all progressing migration of circuits.
radio base station backhaul service rbs1
  • Backhaul call site traffic to their (MNO) switching centre.
  • No third party involvement - all activity confined to the MNO network.
  • Available in the UK at 128Kbit/s – 920Kbit/s & 2Mbit/s
  • 1024Kbit/s is available for Migration only.
  • Product has many synergies with PPC’s.
wholesale extension service wes
  • 1. Stems from LLMR.
  • 2. Available to PECNs only.
  • 3. BT published its Reference Offer on 15th October 04.
  • 4. BT launch WES on 26th November 04.
  • 5. Between 7th Dec 04 and 17th March 05 the contract was in Review with a contracts sub-group set up under the chairmanship of C&W to review the WES contract.
  • 6. After lengthy discussions the contract was agreed on 17th March 05. Issue 2.0 of the contract was added to the Reference Offer website on that date. As part of that agreement BT recognises that certain issues will be addressed as part of the next Contract Review to occur 5 months into the contract.
backhaul extension service bes
  • Available to LLUOs and PECNs (selling to LLUOs) only.
  • BT has proposed a change to the contract to bring it into line with the ‘WES and RBS models’. An opportune time as contract was shortly to be amended to cater for product developments.
  • 3. Contract to be dealt with away from the LLU Contracts Group as per terms of reference of the LLU Contracts Group. In addition time constraints and present workload of the LLU Contract Group mean it would not be practical to hold contract discussions surrounding BES in that forum.
  • 4. Following notification the first contracts meeting held on Friday 22nd April.
  • BT’s first task is to produce an analysis comparing the LLU Backhaul contract and the new proposed document, highlighting differences.
  • Next Contract Meeting scheduled for 12th May.
partial private circuits ppcs
  • Latest PPC Supplemental Agreement (March 2005)
  • Raised because of :
  • LLMR and regulatory status changes
  • Affected documents – main body, Annex B, Annex C Schedule 03, Annex D, Annex E, Annex F.
  • 2. Product Developments
  • PPC CSH ATM Mixing,
  • Central London Zone product,
  • Cessation period adjustments,
  • 622 withdrawl,
  • C&W tweaks to existing developments.
partial private circuits ppcs1
  • Affected documents – Annex A, Annex C Schedules 01-04 and new Schedule 05, AnnexD, Annex E.
  • Content of changes agreed at the contracts meeting of 14th December 2004.
paperless contract richard jones commercial group manager bt wholesale markets

“Paperless” Contract Richard JonesCommercial Group manager BT Wholesale Markets

Trial Commencing with a sample group of BTW Customers.

Possible ‘Launch’ Autumn 2005

paperless contract

“Paperless” Contract

- Distributing all contract documentation electronically.

- Introducing signature on one page

- referring out to adobe documents.

what it is
What it is.
  • Replacement of hard copy being sent out, returned and sent back by post.
  • E mail communication of the existing contract documentation (not a new contract nor “e-signatures”)
  • Other existing processes untouched.

What it’s not.

  • A change to BT’s contract.
what is the proposed change
What is the proposed change?
  • Each contract document is converted to PDF.(Adobe)
  • Adobe offers a higher a level of document integrity.
  • The contractual signatory page is sent as a ‘Word’ doc.
  • PDFs and Word doc sent to Customer Via E mail.
  • Customer returns ‘signed’ word doc back with all PDFs to BT. (or faxes back)
  • BT also signs the word doc signature page.
  • BT return final set of documents zipped together to create a “set”.
signature page new
Signature Page (new)

Signature Page

CM receives by E mail the signed Contract documentation from the CP.


Complete set of signed contractual documentation Zipped and e mailed to CP for their records.

CM Produces Contract as Per existing Process

CM Produces set of Adobe Files for

a. The Pricing Letter.

b. The Contract

c. The Schedules.

DMA / Contractual conditions in place for the work to progress as normal.

  • CM Produces a ‘ Word’ doc for

The Contractual Documentation Signature Page


The CM E mails the complete contract including the word doc to the CP.

  • Time spent waiting for the mail.
  • Simplified distribution.
  • A move towards the future.
  • Potential quicker implementation of DMAs.
  • Environmentally friendly.
standard contract forum thursday 28 april 20054

Standard Contract Forum Thursday 28 April 2005

  • AIT
  • Review -> “external” advice -> Storyboard (June 2004)
  • Proposals
    • • Improved Definitions
    • •Two levels of “evidence”
    • •More structured approach
    • •Clear and timelined process
    • •Direct dealing between ONO and TNO (Transit)
    • •Dispute resolution process
  • Where now? Where next?