the power of organized dentistry n.
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The Power of Organized Dentistry PowerPoint Presentation
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The Power of Organized Dentistry

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The Power of Organized Dentistry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Power of Organized Dentistry
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  1. The Power of Organized Dentistry Dr. Steven Gounardes ADA Trustee Second District

  2. We are organized dentistry • I am a dentist • I am a Dad • I am from Brooklyn • I am a member of the ADA

  3. We are organized dentistry ADA Vision • To be the recognized leader on oral health. ADA Mission • The ADA is the professional association of dentists that fosters the success of a diverse membership and advances the oral health of the public.

  4. We are organized dentistry • Q: What is organized dentistry? • A: Groups that positively contribute to the profession. • Yes, that’s you!

  5. We are organized dentistry Members: - make up the ADA and the tripartite - elect, nominate other members to leadership - formulate association policy

  6. We are organized dentistry Tripartite – the power of three: • ADA • state dental society (constituent) • local dental society (component) Although independent organizations, we all work together for members.

  7. ADA Governance and Districts

  8. ADA Board of Trustees

  9. ADA Board of Trustees We are here to serve you – our members. We work as a team to make decisions that support the strategic plan and are in the best interest of the ADA and the profession.

  10. The ADA: Advocating for the Profession We are your voice. We are your advocate.

  11. Licensure: Advocating for Change State legislatures and state boards of dentistry are responsible for licensure standards in the state.

  12. Licensure: Advocating for Change • Clinical Exam Content • Standardization • Remediation • Timely Results • Patients

  13. More ADA Benefits ADA student member benefits: • Licensure resources • Loan repayment information • Success programs & more Learn more at ADA Office of Student Affairs

  14. More ADA Benefits Professional Product Review & Evidence Based Dentistry

  15. ADA and ASDA Resources Stay Informed Know your field Know your leaders

  16. ADA and ASDA Resources Think about it: How will you make a living without your ability to practice dentistry?

  17. ADA and ASDA Resources Free life and disability insurance for ASDA and ADA student members

  18. Membership After Dental School How much are dues after graduation? First year – 0% Second year – 25% Third year – 50% Fourth year – 75% Apply with your state society or at

  19. The New Dentist Committee is here foryou.

  20. ASDA and ADA collaboration • Students are members of ASDA and the ADA • 5 seats on the ADA House of Delegates • Representation on ADA Councils and Commissions • Funding to state dental societies to support student outreach • Many state and local societies invite and encourage student participation and leadership

  21. ASDA and ADA collaboration ASDA and the ADA work together on issues important to dental students, including: • Licensure • Ethics • Financial planning We advocate for these issues in Washington.

  22. ASDA and ADA collaboration You are the NOW of dentistry. How can we work together?

  23. Contact us Dr. Gounardes: Office of Student Affairs 312.440.7470