tears of a tiger by sharon m draper n.
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Tears of a Tiger By: Sharon M. Draper PowerPoint Presentation
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Tears of a Tiger By: Sharon M. Draper

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Tears of a Tiger By: Sharon M. Draper - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tears of a Tiger By: Sharon M. Draper. By: Allie Rae Hodson 2 nd Block Mrs. Hardee. Summary.

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Tears of a Tiger By: Sharon M. Draper

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    1. Tears of a Tiger By: Sharon M. Draper By: Allie Rae Hodson 2nd Block Mrs. Hardee

    2. Summary This is a story about a boy named Andy Jackson. He is a teenage boy who attends Hazelwood High School. Andy and his friends play on the school basketball team, and after a big win one night they all left the school ready to celebrate. One of the boys had beer in their car and they all started drinking. One of the other big mistakes they made that night was driving while they were drinking. Andy was the driver of the car, and they suddenly crashed. They all scramble out of the now destroyed car and were all safely out except for Robert Washington. He had his long legs on the dash so when they crashed they went through the windshield. He was stuck in the plate of glass. His friends heard him crying about in fear and in pain. They all tried everything they could to get their friend out of the car, but when they heard a cracking noise they new the car was about to burst into flames. Helplessly they had to get away from the burning car and while lying on the glass covered road they heard the cries for help from Rob who was trapped in the burning vehicle. Rob Washington died that night and there was absolutely nothing the boys could do about it. After that horrible night none of the boys were ever the same especially Andy. He went into depression from the guilt he felt that it was his fault that his best friend had died. After all, he was the one driving the car that night. After months of therapy he never could forgive himself. Andy ended up shooting himself in his room. His little brother Monty was the first to find him.

    3. Characters • Andy Jackson (Main character) • Robert Washington (Andy’s best friend) • Tyrone, Gerald, B.J. (Andy’s teammates and good friends) • Keisha (Andy’s girlfriend) • Dr. Carrothers (Andy’s therapist) • Monty Jackson( Andy’s little brother)

    4. Pictures

    5. Author, Genre, How many pgs. • Sharon M. Draper • Fiction • 192 pgs.

    6. My thoughts on this novel… • I thought that this book was very good. I think that everyone should take time to read this novel. It helps you to realize that drinking and driving can effect your life way more than you think. Look what happened to Andy just because they were “having a little fun” after and big game they won. I give Tears of a Tiger a 4!