big blue cousins roger bailey june 2004 n.
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Windows Basic Course PowerPoint Presentation
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Windows Basic Course

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Windows Basic Course - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Big Blue & Cousins Roger Bailey June 2004. Windows Basic Course. Walking Shadow Designs. Windows Operating System. Operating system manages programs Consistent methods for start, quit, files etc Graphic User Interface Mouse as pointer Desktop with Icons, Start Button, Task Bar

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big blue cousins roger bailey june 2004
Big Blue & Cousins

Roger Bailey

June 2004

Windows Basic Course

Walking Shadow Designs

windows operating system
Windows Operating System
  • Operating system manages programs
    • Consistent methods for start, quit, files etc
  • Graphic User Interface
    • Mouse as pointer
    • Desktop with Icons, Start Button, Task Bar
    • Program Windows with Buttons,
    • Menus, Task Bars, Tabs
  • Windows OS is all about Windows
  • Directs the cursor (pointer) on the screen
  • Left (normal) button
    • click to highlight or select
    • Double click to open
    • Drag & Drop to move selected object
    • Click and Drag to select (highlight) more text or files to clip (copy, cut, or transfer) or delete
  • Right (awkward) button: Click for menu
  • Right Drag & Drop to Copy, Move or Shortcut
  • Icons
    • Systems Programs
    • Shortcuts
  • Start Button and Start Menu
  • Taskbar with Programs, Windows, Devices
to start programs double click
To Start Programs Double Click
  • File associated with program in
    • Start Menu Favourites, or Documents
    • My Documents folder
  • Desktop Shortcut
  • Taskbar Icon
  • Start Menu Run with name of program
  • Start Menu Programs
  • Programs folder .exe file
windows os is all about windows
Windows OS is all about Windows
  • Open, Cascading, Collapsed Windows
  • Max and Min Windows
  • Multiple, Moving, Resized Windows
  • Menu and Message Windows
managing windows
Managing Windows
  • Linear verses Multiphasic
  • Personal Preference: One Open Window
  • Two open Windows for “Drag and Drop” moves
  • Two Windows, one opened, one collapsed, for email links or attachments
organizing your computer
My Computer

A: Drive 3.5

C: Drive HD

My Documents

My Pictures




D: Drive CD

Organizing Your Computer
  • My Home
      • Living Room
      • Den/Office
      • Bedroom
        • Closet
        • Dresser
      • Workshop
      • Kitchen
        • Refrigerator
      • Basement
explore your computer
Explore Your Computer
  • Open My Computer: DC on Desktop Icon
  • Explore C: Drive,
    • RC on C: Icon for Menu
    • DC Explore
  • Poke through the folders and files
  • Create a new folder for your stuff
  • Copy a file into your stuff folder
  • Find it from a program “File Open” menu
organize your stuff
Organize your Stuff
  • Use Specific Folders like My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, Programs, etc
  • Make new sub-folders as required
      • + Find your file among hundreds
      • - Cascading sub-folders
      • ? Where did I put it?
    • Use names to identify
    • Use Search (Find) on Taskbar to find files
cascading sub folders
Cascading Sub-folders
  • Explore file and folder hierarchy
  • Open Word, create a file, save it in your stuff
  • Open OO Writer, Open your file
      • Go up in the file cascade
      • Go down in the file cascade to find your file
moving or copying files
Moving or Copying Files
  • Open Source and Target Folders
    • Source: My Computer, A: drive
    • Target: Windows Basic, My Stuff
  • Drag and Drop selected file
    • Left Button to move with Drop & Drag
    • Right D&D for choices: move copy or shortcut
  • Or Select file (LC) , Edit Menu, Copy to Target
multiple file selection
Multiple File Selection
  • Use CTRL and Click to select more than one file
  • Lasso multiple files by placing the cursor near an icon and dragging a box around it
  • Use Shift and Click to select files between clicked icons
managing files
Managing Files
  • File names and extensions: name.ext
  • Names used to be 8 characters in DOS
  • Names should help you find the file
  • Extensions tell the computer the file type and associated program
  • .doc for MS Word, .xls for MS Excel, .pdf for Adobe, .jpg for compressed pictures .bmt for picture bit maps etc
accessory applications
Accessory Applications
  • Many great accessories are included
  • Go to Start button: Programs: Accessories
  • Word Pad, Note Pad,
  • Imaging, Calculators
  • System Tools: Scan Disc, Defrag, Backup
  • Communications:
  • Entertainment:
install a program
Install a Program
  • Example: Install PowerPoint Viewer
  • Find program on internet or on Windows 98 Visually CD
  • Follow the Instructions in the Read Me file or on the website
  • Specify the install location
  • Drag and Drop an icon on the desktop
uninstall a program
Uninstall a program
  • Check Read Me file for Uninstall instructions
  • Typically: Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove Program
  • Often on Start Menu, Program options
  • Sometimes Uninstall exe in program folder
essential utility programs
Essential Utility Programs
  • Adobe Reader for pdf files free Reader
  • Anti Virus Grisoft (AVG) free edition
  • Microsoft Office Viewers (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Search for Office Viewers
recommended utilitiy programs
Recommended Utilitiy Programs
  • Spell Checker for MS Outlook Express
  • Time Synchronization: I use for the atomic clock time
  • Open Office: Open source clone of MS Office Suite Use CD, download is ~80 MB