Why i deserve an a on this speech
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Why I Deserve an “A” on this Speech. By Ariana Miner. I’ll be presenting you with:. Cliff’s grading philosophy What makes a good speech How these things apply to my speech today How my “A” is your “A”. “Cliffosophy”. going above and beyond the basic requirements. Aristotle.

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Why i deserve an a on this speech l.jpg
Why I Deservean “A”on this Speech

By Ariana Miner

I ll be presenting you with l.jpg
I’ll be presenting you with:

  • Cliff’s grading philosophy

  • What makes a good speech

  • How these things apply to my speech today

  • How my “A” is your “A”

Cliffosophy l.jpg

going above and beyond the basic requirements



Basic requirements l.jpg
Basic Requirements

  • Completed Outline

  • Proper Outline Format

  • Bibliography

  • Audience and Occasion Analysis

  • Present Your Speech

  • Having these components should guarantee at least a “C”.

How does my speech measure up l.jpg
How Does My Speech Measure Up?

  • Requirements

  • Unique Graphics

  • Time and Effort

Why do we care l.jpg
Why do we care?

Receiving my “A” will:

  • Validate that my theories are correct

  • Imply that if my theories are correct, you can achieve an “A” too by applying the same methods!

  • My “A” is YOUR “A”!

How do we earn our a l.jpg
How Do We Earn Our “A”?

  • Satisfy All Requirements

  • Get Creative

  • Show you’ve invested time and effort


  • Most Important: BELIEVE you deserve your “A”.

Uncommon knowledge 2005 l.jpg
Uncommon Knowledge (2005)

“When confidence is needed is usually when the outcome is uncertain, so that true confidence is actually about feeling comfortable with uncertainty and not knowing what the outcome will be.”

Journal of experimental social psychology l.jpg
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

  • People with more self-confidence are more likely to succeed.

  • Less likely to complain if they fail.

Don t let me down l.jpg
Don’t Let Me Down!

  • Applaud Wildly When My Speech is Finished!

  • Show Cliff You Believe I Deserve an “A”!

Applause l.jpg

(Thanks, Cliff!)