welcome to spring 2011 registration advising l.
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Welcome to Spring 2011 Registration Advising!

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Welcome to Spring 2011 Registration Advising! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Spring 2011 Registration Advising!. Before we get started…. 1) Please take a degree plan 2) Log in to SAIL at sail.tamucc.edu 3) Make note of courses on your degree plan you are currently taking and have already completed (i.e., dual credit courses)

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welcome to spring 2011 registration advising
Welcome to Spring 2011 Registration Advising!

Before we get started….

  • 1) Please take a degree plan
  • 2) Log in to SAIL at sail.tamucc.edu
  • 3) Make note of courses on your degree plan you are currently taking and have already completed (i.e., dual credit courses)
  • 4) Make note of classes you want to take next semester and preferred schedule times



College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Fall 2010 Pre-Nursing & Health Science Meet & Greet

~ Meet the CONHS faculty

~ Visit the OB simulation lab

~ Academic Advisors available for spring 2011 registration info

~ Refreshments, door prizes, and more!

Monday November 8

Island Hall, 2nd Floor

10:00 a.m.- 12:00 Noon

For more information call 361-825-2648

the tamucc nursing program
The TAMUCC Nursing Program
  • Fall, spring, summer entry
  • Five semesters in length
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA required for consideration
  • Reminder-no D grades accepted!
  • HESI A2 entrance exam with critical thinking required
  • Criteria subject to change, so

check with your academic advisor


TAMUCC uses a 4 point scale





TAMUCC GPA below 2.00 = Scholastic Probation

Students who are on probation and do not maintain a 2.00 GPA for that semester, are placed on Academic Suspension.

Remember- Nursing applicants keep GPA at 3.0 or higher to be eligible applicants to the Nursing program.


All core curriculum and nursing prerequisites must be completed before students enter the nursing program, so plan accordingly!

how to build your schedule

Choose Triad

PSYC 2301

HIST 1301 or HIST 1302

POLS 2305 or POLS 2306

Choose other core course

from degree plan

ie COMM 1315, Fine Arts, MATH, POLS, or HIST

How to build your schedule

ENGL 1302

*If ENGL requirement met, select triad without ENGL course

Choose Science Course

CHEM 1311 & CHEM 1111

BIOL 2401 A&P I & lab

BIOL 2420 Micro & lab

Add Safety Seminar SMTE 0091

*pay attention to prerequisites!



UCCP 1102

Step 1

Step 2

Full-time student = minimum of 12 credit hours

Islander Guarantee = minimum of 15 credit hours

Step 3

choose science lab don t forget to add smte 0091 pay attention to prerequisites in the notes column
Choose Science + Lab *don’t forget to add SMTE 0091Pay attention to Prerequisites in the Notes column

Write CRN on registration form- remember to include CRNS for all triad courses (triads cannot be split)


schedule reminders
Schedule Reminders
  • Strive for balance- If triad is MWF, try to schedule core and science classes on TR (R = Thursday)
  • Pay attention to prerequisites- ie, MATH 1314 is a prereq for MATH 1442 statistics, BIOL 1406 ( C or better*) is prereq for BIOL 2420 and BIOL 2401(CHEM 1311 is also recommended prereq for A&P)
  • Make sure to select science lecture and lab, as well as SMTE 0091 safety seminar
  • Include CRNs for all courses in triads. Triads cannot be split

*If you are struggling in BIOL 1406 and end up with D or F grade, you must plan to retake BIOL 1406 in spring 2011, even if you have to change your schedule

registration reminders
Registration Reminders
  • Check holds on SAIL (ie, TSI, CASA-contact retention specialist, Final High School Transcript, etc)
  • In SAIL, click on Registration, then Add/Drop Courses

-You will see a page with boxes for you to type CRN (5 digit numbers) of courses you chose

  • If you prefer to register in person at Round Bldg, fill out class scheduling form
  • Have a back up plan- in case the triad or lecture course you select are full
what if i have trouble registering
What if I have trouble registering???
  • First thing-Don’t Panic! We are here to help 
  • If you receive a prerequisite/test score error-

verify that you have prerequisite courses (see notes on class schedule), and make sure you registered for SMTE 0091 for science course

  • If you receive a registration add error-

copy and paste the entire error message, including CRNs, or take a screen shot (press ctrl + print screen, paste into email) and email to your academic advisor, along with contact phone number and student ID number

  • If you cannot register due to a hold, contact the dept. that placed the hold to have hold lifted