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A tutorial for the reporting system of ApartmentGuide PowerPoint Presentation
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A tutorial for the reporting system of ApartmentGuide

A tutorial for the reporting system of ApartmentGuide

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A tutorial for the reporting system of ApartmentGuide

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  1. A tutorial for the reporting system of

  2. Understanding your results just got a lot easier. • For years, Apartment Guide has been a premier resource for generating qualified leads that turn into leases. Now, it’s easier than ever to see just how well your advertising investment is performing. Apartment Guide is pleased to introduce, an entirely new reporting system allowing you to: • Access a suite of new reports at a property or management level. • View dashboard reports that highlight key metrics and trends. • Understand and analyze lead generation for your Print AND Internet ads, allowing you to optimize your results. • Have reports delivered right to your Inbox on any frequency you choose. • Update your ads with the click of a button. We invite you to take our tour and discover how willmake your job so much easier!

  3. Logging In Go to: For best results, be sure to use Internet Explorer. *QUICK TIP: Bookmark it for easy access! Logging in is easy! Just use the email address and password you registered with. If you logged into our previous system, called QuickChange, those same credentials will work here. Click on the link on the bottom of the page to register a new account or to retrieve your password. You can also call your Account Executive for assistance.

  4. Pulling Reports To view your reports: Choose the report from the “Report Dashboard”. Select the report’s parameters. Click “Go!”. With, you’ll see almost instantly how well your advertising is performing. Reporting is offered at both the Property and Management Company levels.

  5. Analyzing Reports • This is an example of a Dashboard report. • Dashboards allow you to view key metrics and trends as they pertain to a specific property or a portfolio of properties. They contain “call to action” items: • Is my Internet Ad up to date? • Have I responded to my email leads? • Are my leads up or down this week?

  6. New Reports • There are a number of new reports that will help you analyze the performance of your listing(s): • Leads by day of week, hour of day and by area • Leads by type: Email, Print Phone & Internet Phone • Dashboard reports • Missed Call reports • Management-level reports • Content and Performance Analytics • And much more…

  7. Report Options Printing, Saving and Emailing the Reports Want to print? Just click the “Print” icon. Click the “Save” icon to export the report in PDF or Excel format. To email the report and to set up a schedule for receiving the report on an on going basis, click the “Email” icon.

  8. Emailing Reports Clicking the email icon offers two options. The “Scheduled” tab allows you to establish a schedule to receive reports on an on-going basis. The “Send Now” tab emails the report to you (or whomever you designate) immediately.

  9. Managing Your Reports The “Manage Scheduled Reports” page, accessed from the Preferences menu, allows you to view all your reports, edit the schedule or delete a report entirely from the calendar.

  10. Updating Internet Ads It’s a BREEZE to manage all the listings you have on Click on “Update Internet Ad” to access your listings. After selecting a listing, you can review and edit the data or view the live listing on Changes to your listing will be made within 24 hours and you will be notified via email once the changes are complete.

  11. Internet Ads: Last Updated On the Update Internet Ad page, you can even see which listings might need updating based on the Last Updated column. Simply click on the header to sort by date.

  12. Help Menu • We have several ways we can help you through our Web Site. • Simply click the “Help” menu to access: • A 2-sided Overview Flyer • A copy of this PowerPoint Tutorial • Report Legends • Listing Upgrade information • Contact information

  13. Report Legends Legends for every report! Report Legends contain definitions for key terms listed on the reports. Please access these legends from the Help menu.

  14. Apartment Guide is committed to providing our clients qualified leads that turn into leases. With, you’ll be able to see how just how well your advertising investment is performing. To see the results for yourself, visit today! Don’t have an account to login? Please use the “Register” link on the home page or contact your Account Executive for assistance. 877.999.4472