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Strategy for Becoming the Most Loved Department PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategy for Becoming the Most Loved Department

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Strategy for Becoming the Most Loved Department
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Strategy for Becoming the Most Loved Department

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  1. Strategy for Becoming the Most Loved Department Do You Love at Work?

  2. So Why Become Most Loved? • Long after people forget what you did…They will remember how you made them feel.

  3. John C. Maxwell • Attitude 101What Ever Leader Needs to Know

  4. Stanford Research Institute • The money you make in any endeavor is determined only 12.5 percent by knowledge and 87.5 percent by your ability to deal with people. • 87.5% people knowledge + 12.5% product knowledge =Success

  5. Teddy Roosevelt • The most important single ingredient to the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.

  6. John D. Rockefeller • I will pay more for the ability to deal with people than any other ability under the sun.

  7. What is a Culture???? • Common set of beliefs that together create an intuition for everyone.

  8. What is Your Culture?? • Is your answer the same as the rest of your team? • Would you bet your next paycheck on that answer? • OK, it’s not perfect but…..

  9. Is it Bad Enough to Change? • 40-45% of all employees dislike their boss and plan to quit and take a pay cut. • In 1995 that number was 3-5% • Today, 81% of all IT Non-Management Employees are ACTIVE Job Seekers

  10. University of Minnesota • If you work for a person that makes you feel bad it is the equivalent of smoking 3.5 packs of cigarettes a day • If you work for a boss you don’t like for 5 years, you have a 3 times greater chance of Stroke • …for 10 years, you have a 2 times greater chance of Heart Attack

  11. But I’m a Creative Leader… • Who can Draw? • Draw me a flower

  12. The Flower is

  13. How Low is the Bar? • 87% of all High School graduates never read another non-fiction book the rest of their lives • Less than 3% of Adult Citizens in the United States have a library card • Library of Congress – 1975 to 1995 • 24 books a year on Leadership • 1995 – 2005 • One new Leadership book every week

  14. What Did I Do First? • The average CEO reads 4 books a month • I was reading 4 books a decade • Annual Review Question • What are you doing to make yourself more valuable to the company

  15. Helpless Desk • Second Day on the job, February 2, 2000 • Wednesday morning 8:28 am • “I guess I’ll call the Helpless Desk and see if they can help” “Yeah, they might come see you in a week or two”

  16. Jim Rohn • there are four things that will happen the day you decide to turn your life around • Disgust – when you’ve had it, or you get mad about it • Decision – you make a decision to make a change • Desire – wanting it bad enough • Resolve – Promise yourself to keep doing it UNTIL

  17. Jim Rohn • What you have at this moment is because of the person you have become – to get something different you have to change yourself • If you want to be successful, you must study success • If you work hard on your job – you’ll make a living • If you work hard on yourself – you’ll make a fortune

  18. John G. Miller, QBQ • Serenity Prayer….God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. • Becomes….God, grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know that person is me!

  19. LOVED? • Southwest Airlines leadership coach • Do you use the word love at home? • Do you use the word love at work? • Do you have a split personality?

  20. Corporate Core Values • Relationships As A Way Of Life • Entrepreneurial Spirit • Respect For The Individual • Surprise And Delight • Be America’s Most Loved Restaurant Brand

  21. Team Mission Statement We will work everyday to make Sonic a better place. We will share a positive attitude with our customers and vendors. We will learn and grow in order to share our knowledge with each other and our customers. We will provide consistent and knowledgeable service. We will work together to solve problems and always look for ways to improve. We will encourage and build up everyone we encounter in order to leave a profit.  OUR ATMOSPHERE WILL BE: FUN PRODUCTIVE ENCOURAGING UPLIFTING RESPECTFUL FOCUSED ON LEARNING WILLING FLEXIBLE and GROWING

  22. Our 8 Step Program • Investing in the Team’s future • Technical Presentations • Shared Cultural Experiences • Books Together • Videos Together • Relationship with the rest of the Organization • Home Wireless Configurations • Advice on Home Computers • Hiring Process • Reading Program

  23. Investing in the Team’s Future • Prior to the roll out of Windows XP to all of our customers, all team members became Microsoft Certified Professional for Windows XP • We provided training material, written sample tests, and a one week in house exam prep course

  24. Technical Presentations • Each team member had to present a topic that they knew about, or needed to know about that related to the field of Technology. • Diagram of the Network and our connection to the Internet • The History of Desktop Virus and how Anti-virus Software works • The information and usage of our Corporate Data Warehouse that includes every store and all franchisee information • History of the Desktop Computer

  25. Shared Cultural Experiences • We have read the following books as a team, discussing the assigned reading in our staff meetings: • Gung Ho! – Ken Blanchard, Sheldon Bowles • Richest Man In Babylon – George S Clason • Raving Fans – Ken Blanchard, Sheldon Bowles • We watched the following video tapes in our staff meetings: • Have Your Best Year Ever – Jim Rohn • Who Moved My Cheese – Spencer Johnson, Ken Blanchard • The Wealthy Barber – David Chilton • The Rescue of Flight 232 – Capt. Al Haynes

  26. Relationships • Birthdays and Hire Date Anniversaries • Lunch with Peers and Customers • Training Classes • Cash tips for assistance to our team • Didn’t know my co-worker better

  27. Home Computing • Configuration of Wireless Cards and Routers by our staff • Advice on Computer Purchases • Advice on Net Nanny and how do I make sure that my 12 year old child isn’t furthering their education when I’m not around • Negotiated Vendor Discounts extended to our Employees

  28. Hiring Process • Three Interviews • Technical Interview by the Director • The Cultural Interview • Team Interview by the Supervisor • Finalist are called back for Lunch with the Team • The Gauntlet

  29. Growin’ for Green • Purpose of the program • Provide incentive for sharing knowledge gained from reading • Create a sense of community with assigned reading (shared experience) • Create healthy reading habits

  30. Growin’ for Green RULES • Books must be brought to the meeting when giving the report • Books must be Non-Fiction • Books must be at least 100 pages in length • Books cannot be a technical manual • Any book may be disqualified by the administrator of the program • Each book report is worth $10.00, maximum of 3 books per meeting

  31. Gowin’ for Green • Let me do the math for you 6 books per month limit = 60.00 max 12 months per year = 720.00 max • If I offered you a 720.00 cash reward for improving yourself by reading non-fiction books, and improving your speaking skills by asking you to do a book report, would you?

  32. Growin’ for Green • Is the program successful? • 36 book reports in the last 12 months • Didn’t break the bank, but it’s nice to get some cash for making yourself better • What are the titles of the books that have been shared? • Understanding the Bible, Body for Life, How to Read a Book, Throwing the Elephant, Leadership and Self Deception, The Four Agreements, The Letters of Paul, Absolutely

  33. Will You Succeed? • How many books have you read in the last 90 days, how many will you read in the next 90

  34. Most Loved? • Our team attitude started to change and we changed our name from Information Technology Help Desk to Information Services Logistics Center. Which has now shortened to IS Logistics • We have instilled an attitude that if x5842 rings and someone says the toilets on the fourth floor are overflowing, we run for a mop and bucket

  35. Most Loved? • We now have a team of nine members, and we are totally focused on helping the customer, not just fixing the problem • We believe that if you work with the customer to ensure satisfaction, whether the problem is fixed right away or not, they will be happy for the service and attention they receive

  36. Message from the CFO

  37. Most Loved with New Leadership • Most leaders manage at a level they feel they can control • Most Loved Culture is not measurable in a chart

  38. Most Loved with New Leadership • Most Loved includes • Autonomy • Empowerment • Support for questionable choices • Opportunity for growth

  39. Most Loved with New Leadership • Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained • If Becoming Most Loved is a Risk for your job – are you in the right place?

  40. Questions •