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Insert Dealer Logo Here Overview What is an Input Device? What is the difference between a mouse and a trackball? Ergonomics The best way to use a mouse or trackball How to increase productivity with software How do I keep my input device working properly? New Technology

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Presentation Transcript
  • What is an Input Device?
  • What is the difference between a mouse and a trackball?
  • Ergonomics
    • The best way to use a mouse or trackball
    • How to increase productivity with software
  • How do I keep my input device working properly?
  • New Technology
introduction to input
Introduction to Input

Mice, Trackballs, and Keyboards are Input Devices that allow you to interact with your computer

input device connections
Attached to computer through various ports

Port-connectors on the back of the computer where devices are attached to the motherboard

Port Types

ADB-Apple Desktop Bus

Commonly used on older

Apple machines


9 pin, trapezoidal device connection found on older PCs


Standard for mouse/keyboard ports on IBM compatible computers


Universal Serial Bus expected to replace parallel and serial ports

Uses “plug and play” technology (computer automatically recognizes)

Input Device Connections
computer mice
Computer Mice
  • Most computers are equipped with a computer mouse because of its simplicity and low-cost
mouse vs trackball
Mouse vs. Trackball
  • Mice
    • Two Types
      • Optomechanical
        • Combination of optical and mechanical parts translates data into mouse movements
      • Optical
        • No moving parts, LEDs sense mouse movements
  • Trackballs are often used by more experienced computer users because of improved accuracy and comfort
  • Trackballs are also great for users with busy work spaces, because they are stationary and take up less space.
mouse vs trackball9
Mouse vs. Trackball
  • Trackball
    • Upside down mouse
    • Ball and sensor system similar to mouse
    • Stationary-uses less space
    • Ball moves through use of the thumb and finger
mouse trackball features
Mouse/Trackball Features
  • Maximize Comfort
    • Scroll Wheel
      • Allows user to move through documents and web pages quickly
    • Ergonomic Design
      • Reduces injuries
  • Improve Efficiency
    • Programmable Buttons
      • Software
      • Right Click
  • Customize Mouse/Trackball for optimal performance
  • Streamline Tasks
    • Features
      • Acceleration-Increase speed of scroll wheel
      • Drag-Click to drag documents without holding down a mouse button
  • Features
    • Easy Launch-Open a document, application, or Web page with one click
    • Double Click-Use one click to open documents, applications, and folders
    • Shortcuts-Save time-cut, paste, edit, open files
    • Paste Text-Insert your name, address, or any other text into any document
Eliminate Repetitive Movements

Pace Yourself by using Rest Reminder

Customize Even more of your favorite applications!

  • Science dealing with the interaction between people and their working environment
  • Makes your life
    • Safer
    • More comfortable
    • More productive
  • Peripheral Placement
    • Place keyboard and input device so arms and hands are in a comfortable, relaxed position
    • Forearms should be parallel or almost parallel to the floor
    • Do not over flex or overextend wrists
  • Mouse
    • Grasp lightly between fingers
    • Do not apply too much pressure when

lifting and moving mouse

    • Allow fingers to rest lightly on buttons
  • Trackballs
    • Use fingertips to control ball while using thumb and pinky to click buttons
    • Allow hand to drape over unit
    • Keep wrist in a comfortable, neutral position
  • Symptoms
    • Device no longer operates properly due to build up of dirt and lint
    • Movement feels slow or rough
  • Solution
    • Clean periodically to maintain performance
      • Frequency depends on work surface and work type
  • Steps to Clean Mouse/Trackball
    • Turn off computer
    • Unplug device
    • Remove Ball
      • Mouse-Remove ball housing cover by turning it counterclockwise
      • Trackball-Invert the trackball
  • Clean ball using pre-moistened cleaning wipe, or water
  • Clean ball cage using pre-moistened cleaning swab or cotton swab with alcohol
  • Allow parts to dry completely prior to


  • Reassemble
  • Reconnect
new technology
New Technology
  • Optical Technology
  • Blue Tooth Technology
  • Infrared
  • Radio Frequency

Note: Figures used are based on projections from 1998 Intellect ASW reports

replacement mice
Replacement Mice


  • Low-cost, high-quality replacement mice
    • ValuMouse is the ideal replacement mouse
    • Scroll wheel allows user to navigate through long web pages and documents quickly and easily
    • Symmetrical design works with left- and right-handed users
    • Connects to virtually any Windows PC
    • 19400 ValuMouse 2 Button List $19.99
    • 19410 ValuMouse 3 Button Combo List $29.99
    • 19420 ValuMouse Scroll List $39.99
optical mice
Optical Mice

Mouse·in·a·Box Optical

  • Optical technology means you can use it anywhere (no mouse pad necessary)
    • Smooth tracking and no more skipping
    • Completely enclosed sensor means no cleaning required
    • Optical Pro offers 4 buttons that can be programmed for a variety of tasks
    • Mouse in a Box Optical Pro 72112 List $54.95
    • Mouse in a Box Optical 72113 List $34.95
product solutions
Product Solutions
  • The built in pointing device on most laptop computers is often awkward and inefficient to use, especially in cramped airplane seats and during presentations.

PocketMouse Series

travel mouse
Travel Mouse
  • Mobile Optical Mice
    • Ideal for business travelers who work with laptops
    • Reliable, Accurate Optical Technology that can be used anywhere
    • With Included Travel Pouch, PocketMouse easily fits into laptop bags with no tangled cords
    • Also a great size for adults with smaller hands
    • 72114 Pocket Mouse List $49.95


travel mouse26
Travel Mouse
  • PocketMouse Pro
    • Retractable cord winds into mouse’s body for compact, secure storage!
    • Optical technology offers precise tracking with no cleaning required
    • USB connectivity for easy plug-and-play
    • PocketMouse Pro 72166 List $69.95

PocketMouse ProMobile Optical Mouse

  • Fantastic for First Time Trackball Users
    • Use just your fingers to move the ball
    • Award-winning design is comfortable and space-saving
    • Connects to virtually any Windows PC
    • 64226 Orbit (PC) USB/PS2 List $59.95

Orbit® Trackball

  • Award-winning Kensington design has been a best seller since 1986
    • Large ball allows for greater control.
    • Sculpted, oversized buttons are easy to click, while symmetrical design works for both right- and left-handed users.
    • MouseWorks software enables convenient, single-click solutions to repetitive tasks.
    • 64217 Expert Mouse (PC) USB/PS2 List $149.95
    • 64210 Turbo Mouse (Mac) USB/ADB List $149.95

Expert / Turbo Mouse®Trackballs

the step up
The Step Up

Expert / Turbo Mouse® ProTrackballs

  • So much power, so little effort!
    • Launch any web site, document, or application with one click!
    • Integrated scroll wheel makes navigating through long documents simple and easy
    • Four programmable mouse buttons, stainless steel bearings, extra large trackball, and the award-winning MouseWorks® software
    • 64213 Expert Mouse Pro (PC) USB List $174.95
    • 64214 Turbo Mouse Pro (Mac) USB List $174.95