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Socrates Malta School Education Comenius

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Socrates Malta School Education Comenius Success in the 1st year of the Comenius Programme Increase in the number of projects 2000 - 6 projects 2001- 36 projects Overall Objectives of Comenius (throughout the 1st year)

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Success in the 1st year of the Comenius Programme
  • Increase in the number of projects

2000 - 6 projects 2001- 36 projects

overall objectives of comenius throughout the 1st year
Overall Objectives of Comenius (throughout the 1st year)
  • to enhance the quality and reinforce the European Dimension (by encouraging transnational co-operation between schools),
  • to improve professional development of staff directly involved in the school education sector,
  • to promote the learning of languages and intercultural awareness.
comenius team
Comenius Team
  • Set up in 2000.
  • Held its first meeting on 12th June 2000.
  • Made up of members of the Socrates Co-ordinating Committee and members of the Socrates Office at the University of Malta.
  • Meets regularly to map out the strategy for the implementation of the Comenius 2 programme in Malta.
  • Intensive media campaign - press releases, radio and television programmes
  • Dissemination of information - brochures, flyers and posters
  • Organisation of a number of information sessions
  • Participation in various national events by means of information stands (AMITEX Fair, Back to school Fair)
  • Website -

- updated regularly

- applications and guidelines are online

  • Information sessions at schools
  • Comenius Partners in Malta booklet to help in partner finding
socrates office
Socrates Office
  • Provides technical advice and assistance on the different stages of developing a project.
  • Hold face-to-face meeting with project co-ordinators and partners.
  • Promote the availability of Socrates opportunities.
  • Help participants to make contacts and find partners.
  • Maintain close relationship with the Technical Assistance Office in Brussels and with other National Agencies.
comenius 1 school partnerships
Comenius 1 - School Partnerships

1st March 2000

  • 6 schools submitted their applications and were approved

- 5 School Projects

- St. Aloysius College, B’Kara

- Chiswick House School, San Gwann

- Guze Delia Primary School, Siggiewi

- Theresa Nuzzo School, Marsa

- Adelaide Cini, Girls’ Secondary School, Hamrun

- 1 Language Project

- Sir M. A. Refalo, Centre for Further Studies, Gozo

comenius 1 school partnerships8
Comenius 1 - School Partnerships

1st March 2001

  • 30 School Projects
  • 4 Language Projects
  • 5 School Development Projects
  • 5 Renewals

44 applications were submitted

36 applications were approved

selection procedures
Selection Procedures

2 phases

  • Assessment carried out at a national level
  • Inter-agency consultation

Management tools

  • Guidelines for applications
  • NETY
comenius 2 2c individual grants for in service training
Comenius 2.2C - Individual Grants for In-service Training


199 applications received

  • 46 Primary
  • 104 Secondary
  • 49 Post-Secondary

4 In-service courses approved

  • Europe in Primary Education, UK
  • Promoting a European Dimension in the School Curriculum, UK
  • Schools autonomy, quality and team work, Italy
  • Learner Autonomy and the Role of the Teacher, France
comenius 2 2c individual grants for in service training13
Comenius 2.2C - Individual Grants for In-service Training


  • 40 applications submitted
  • 28 applications approved

Examples of In-service Courses :

  • Creative approaches to learning
  • Developing Educational structures
  • Project Management
  • The Social Context of Achievement
  • A new modality and in-service teacher training
comenius 2 2 call for courses for the comenius catalogue
Comenius 2.2 - Call for courses for the Comenius Catalogue
  • 18 applications were submitted by Maltese Co-ordinators for inclusion in the Comenius Catalogue Website 2002/2003
comenius 3 networks
Comenius 3 - Networks
  • 2 applications were submitted

- TEPEE - Towards a European Portfolio for Environmental Education

- RIAC - Regional Identity and Active Citizenship

promotion and information
Promotion and Information
  • Comenius Seminar - Comenius : Towards European Co-operation

- 20th and 21st October 2001

  • Comenius Information Meeting

- 9th February 2001

  • Comenius Information Meeting

- 13th July 2001

  • Info days with MIC, various State/Private Schools (Malta & Gozo)
events and information activities
Events and Information Activities
  • Conference on the Implementation of the National Curriculum - 9th - 11th June 2000
  • Comenius 1 Contact Seminars (11 teachers)
  • Comenius Network Information and Promotion Day in Brussels
  • Comenius 3 Contact Seminars (3 teachers)
  • Comenius National Agencies Meetings in Brussels
comenius week
Comenius Week
  • The European Commission and the Socrates/Comenius NA intend to organize a series of awareness-raising activities under the name of Comenius Week from the 24th to the 27th November 2001.
  • This event will consist in various decentralized information and dissemination activities taking place during the same period in each of the 30 Socrates/Comenius participating countries.
  • These activities will be highlighted by one central event at European level in Brussels.
  • 1 Maltese schools will go to Brussels while 5 other schools will participate in this event from Malta.
future activities
Future Activities
  • Comenius Week
  • 2 Comenius 1 Contact Seminars

- Arts in the Curriculum

- Challenging Schools

  • 1st November 2001

- Comenius 3 - Pre-Proposal Applications

  • 1st March 2002

- Comenius 1 - School Partnerships

- Comenius 2.1- European Cooperation Projects for the Training of School Education Staff

- Comenius 2.2B - Language Assistantships

- Comenius 3 - Full-Proposal Applications

  • 15th March 2002

- Comenius 2.2C - Individual Grants for In-Service Training

structure of comenius
Structure of Comenius

Overall Priorities

  • Equal Opportunities
  • Pupils at risk
  • Children of migrants, Gypsies, travellers and occupational travellers
  • Pupils with special educational needs
who can participate
Who can participate?
  • Pupils, students and other learners
  • All categories of educational staff (such as teachers, head teachers, administrative staff, management staff, guidance counselors and inspectors)
  • All kinds of educational establishments
  • Education authorities at local, regional and national level
comenius three actions
Comenius - Three Actions
  • Comenius 3 - NETWORKS
comenius 1
Comenius 1
  • Comenius Plan
  • School Partnerships
  • Mobility
comenius 1 priorities
Comenius 1 - priorities
  • Pupils with special educational needs
  • Intercultural education, combat racism and xenophobia
  • Equal opportunities of women and men
  • Schools lacking experience in European cooperation
  • Disadvantaged schools and pupils
comenius plan
Comenius Plan
  • Short and simple paper
  • Tool for school to plan and evaluate activities under Comenius
  • Outcome of reflection and discussion between all actors concerned
  • Point of reference for the National Agencies
comenius projects
Comenius Projects
  • Subject
  • Aims
  • Timetable of activities
  • Duration
  • Budget
comenius 1 project types
Comenius 1 - Project Types

Three project types :

  • Comenius School Projects
  • Comenius Language Projects
  • Comenius School Development Projects
comenius school projects
Comenius School Projects
  • Objective : to develop and reinforce the European dimension of school education
  • Format : at least 3 schools from at least 3 countries for 3 years maximum
  • Area : any theme or topic of common interest to the participating schools
comenius language projects
Comenius Language Projects
  • Objective : to improve pupils’ motivation and capacity to learn foreign languages
  • Format : 2 schools in 2 countries for 1 year
  • Priorities :

- the least widely used and taught languages of the EU

- vocational and technical schools

comenius school development projects
Comenius School Development Projects
  • Objective : to improve school management and pedagogical approaches
  • School centered : management and staff
  • Format : at least 3 schools in at least 3 countries for 3 years maximum
  • Area : any theme or topic relating to management and pedagogical approaches of common interest to the participating schools
  • Integration of pupils with special educational needs
  • Integration of ethnic minority groups
  • Preventing and combating racism and xenophobia
  • Conflict resolution; prevention of violence
  • Equal opportunities between girls and boys
  • Acquiring skills in the language of instruction
  • Adapted teaching methods; classroom management
  • Involvement of mediators and teaching assistants
  • Involvement of parents and the local community
  • Co-operation and co-ordination with local authorities such as social services, health services, employment services, youth services and the police
partners other than schools
Partners other than schools
  • Objective : to embed projects in a wider school and local environment
  • Examples : parents’ associations, pupils’ associations, local and regional authorities, businesses, associations, non-profitmaking organisations, NGOs, museums etc.
staff mobility
Staff Mobility
  • Outside projects : preparatory visits
  • Within projects :

- transnational project meetings

- head teacher study visits

- teacher exchanges

- teacher placements

- accompanying class exchanges

pupil mobility
Comenius School


Comenius School

Development Projects

Comenius Language Projects

participation of limited number of pupils in transnational project meetings

class exchanges for min. 14 days of min. 10 pupils aged 14 years and above

Pupil Mobility
financial support
Standard amount

Variable amount



Various project costs

Transnational mobility of staff and pupils


Financial Support
further information
Further Information

Schools, Organisations and Institutions which are interested in submitting project ideas to be funded under the SOCRATES/COMENIUS Action can contact :

Socrates Office or EUPU

Ms. Annhelica Scerri Mr. Ivan Borg

Tel : 3290 2204 Tel : 220183

E-mail :