secure edi over the internet and beyond l.
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Secure EDI over the Internet …and Beyond PowerPoint Presentation
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Secure EDI over the Internet …and Beyond

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Secure EDI over the Internet …and Beyond - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Secure EDI over the Internet …and Beyond Presented by: Baxter New Inovis Inc. Today’s Discussion Will Cover EDI-INT AS2 Overview Who Uses AS2 EDI-INT AS2 Benefits An Ideal EDI-INT Solution Beyond EDI-INT to B2B Integration What is AS2?

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secure edi over the internet and beyond

Secure EDI over the Internet …and Beyond

Presented by:

Baxter New

Inovis Inc.

today s discussion will cover
Today’s Discussion Will Cover
  • EDI-INT AS2 Overview
  • Who Uses AS2
  • EDI-INT AS2 Benefits
  • An Ideal EDI-INT Solution
  • Beyond EDI-INT to B2B Integration
what is as2
What is AS2?

Electronic Data Interchange for Internet (EDI-INT)Applicability Statement 2 (AS2)

  • Developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (
  • Endorsed by the UCC and the Global Commerce Initiative
  • A specification for transporting EDI, XML or other documents over the Internet using HTTP in a secure, reliable manner
basic security fundamentals
Basic Security Fundamentals

Privacy – message content privacy via data encryption

The document can only be viewed by the Sender/Receiver

Authentication – via sender’s digital signature

The sender is actually who they claim to be

Integrity – hash totals are enclosed in MDNs

Document cannot be altered w/o the receiver detecting a change

Non-repudiation – signed MDN receipt acknowledgment

The receiver cannot claim they did not receive the document

how does as2 work
How does AS2 Work?

HTTP server





Partner A



Verify signature &

decrypt data


& Integrity)

HTTP server

Sign, Encrypt & Send data












Create, Sign &

Send MDN




ERP System

ERP System

Partner B

what do you need to use as2
What do you need to use AS2?
  • Access to the Internet – DSL, cable, T1, T3, etc..
  • Certified AS2 Server
  • HTTP server
  • SMTP server (optional)
  • Firewalls – depending on company policy
    • If AS2 Server in DMZ – open up port
    • If AS2 Server behind firewalls - relay server
reasons for using as2
Reasons for using AS2?
  • Pressure from larger trading partners, retailer and manufacturers
  • Reduced costs (VAN, manual processing, etc.)
  • Staying current latest technology
  • Preparing for the future (UCCnet, CPFR, etc)
  • Other
what are the benefits of as2
What are the benefits of AS2?
  • Interoperable
    • A standard supported by UCC and others
    • eBusinessReady Certified
  • Cost-effective
    • Leverages the Internet
  • Speed & Efficiency
    • Offers near real-time transaction processing
    • Faster and more dependable than bisync
  • Secure
    • Security and non-repudiation via digital certificates
    • Uses SSL to secure the transport pipe
what are the benefits of as210
What are the benefits of AS2?
  • Control
    • You retain transaction and data management control
    • Control transport schedule for batch processing
  • Supportable
    • Quick to set up
    • Easier to support and maintain compared to bisync
  • Extendable
    • Exchange large transactions such as POS and sales forecasts
  • UCCnet and other industry exchanges
    • XML via AS2 is used for item synchronization
interoperability tests
Interoperability Tests
  • Conducted by the Drummond Group
  • 22 vendors participated in latest AS2 Tests
  • Inovis was one of the original AS2 providers
  • Re-certify when changes are made or after two rounds of interoperability tests
interoperability certification
Interoperability Certification

eBusiness Ready Interoperability Certified

  • AS1 (EDI-INT)
  • AS2 (EDI-INT)
  • AS3 (EDI-INT)*
  • ebXML

UCCnet Certified

  • UCCnet Synchronization Suite
    • Communication (XML via AS2)
    • Message Translation
    • Implementation (consulting, education)
what is an ideal as2 solution
What is an IDEAL AS2 Solution?
  • Certified eBusinessReady by the Drummond Group
  • Easy to set up and simple to test
  • Scalable solution
  • Multiple protocol support
  • Out-of-the box support for
      • Trading partner management
      • Certificate management
      • Transaction management
  • Integrated mapping solution
  • Integrated UCCnet synchronization solution
secure internet edi other methods
Secure Internet-EDI – Other Methods

Business-to-Business Integration (B2Bi)

  • EDI-INT (AS1, AS2, AS3)
  • VPN
  • Secure FTP
  • Web Forms
  • VANs / Exchanges

The path to e-collaboration


The Industry:

UCCnet, UCC, EAN, FMI, GMA, VICS,Transora, WWRE, ECCC, GCI, Wal-Mart, Kraft, Wegmans, P&G, Ahold, Microsoft, IBM, IPNet, etc…

7. Collaborative insight & product development

6. Collaborative sales & promotion planning


5. Collaborative supply chain management

4. Collaborative transaction management

3. Item synchronization


2. Single item registry

Time / Degree of trust & complexity

1. Common data standards

Source: A.T.Kearney for GMA - FMI