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SDMA 2010 Briefing PowerPoint Presentation
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SDMA 2010 Briefing

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SDMA 2010 Briefing
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SDMA 2010 Briefing

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  1. SDMA 2010 Briefing

  2. SDMA 2010 Website •

  3. Rules and Regulations • School - maximum of three entries in each categories: video, animation and audio • Team - 3 to 5 members. A student cannot be a member of more than one team. • Each team can produce a video, an animation or an audio clip on the stipulated themes and genres. • Each team must have a teacher-facilitator(Point-of-contact); Facilitate up to 2 teams. • Entries in Chinese, Malay or the Tamil Language must be subtitled and accompanied with an English translation of the script. • Must not exceed the maximum duration state • Closing date (submission) is 23 November 2009.

  4. Categories

  5. Theme 1 – Singapore 2010 Singapore is hosting the first Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in August 2010. The Singapore 2010 YOG is about young people coming together to celebrate the Olympic spirit and values. It is not just about sports but about ordinary people like you and me living out the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect in our everyday lives. It is about making friends and bringing the world closer. So, how are you part of Singapore 2010? Participants may explore the following topics on this theme: • Living the Olympic Spirit • What Singapore 2010 Means To Me • Excellence, Friendship, Respect : The Everyday Champion

  6. Theme 2 – National Education When Singaporeans possess a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to the country, we are able to respond to all kinds of threats and challenges with resilience. The desire to keep Singapore safe and secure should be the responsibility of all sectors of society. If one is not able to carry arms to protect the country, one can contribute to its security by taking care of one’s family, friends and neighbours to achieve a better life for everyone. Adopting good habits such as lifelong learning and keeping away from substances that could affect one’s productivity will also contribute to the country’s harmony and stability. How do you contribute to the defence of Singapore?  Participants may explore the following topics on this theme: • Many Faces, One Singapore • Building Community Resilience • Harmony In Diversity

  7. Theme 3 – Communication Explore the use of the language and the availability of various forms and platforms for communication. Messages are conveyed between individuals or groups through various means – speech, writing or signs. The choice of words and medium affect the effectiveness of the delivery. Technology, too, has influenced the way messages are delivered. Like many other tools, it is a double-edged sword that can either enhance or harm the receiver. Participants may explore the following topics on this theme: • Miscommunication (Supported by  Speak Good English Movement) • Words that Make a Difference • Social Networks – Friend or Foe?

  8. Theme 4 – The Environment We live in a world where natural resources like air and water are being threatened by the onslaught of human activities. Pollution and industrialisation have caused the depletion of Mother Nature’s reserves at an alarming rate. Will human beings’ selfish acts bring about the Earth’s doom? What we can we do to save the Earth? Participants may explore the following topics on this theme: * Conservation : The Earth’s Fate In Your Hands * Pollution : A Weapon of Destruction * Innovations for Gaia (Mother Earth)

  9. Originality and Copyright Refer to

  10. Judging (i) Content • The message is clear and reflects depth. • The choice of genre is effective in delivering the intended message. • There is creativity and coherence in the development of the story. • The chosen subject matter and its treatment is appropriate to the target audience. (ii) Technical Quality • There is a good balance of visuals, music and sound effects. • There is creativity in the use of music & sound effects. • The production is well-paced. • A panel of judges made up of experts from the film-making and music industries, as well as representatives from educational institutions and partner organisations will be appointed for the various categories of the competition.

  11. Internal Registration Please form your group through the ICC website