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ProStart ® Program Overview

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ProStart ® Program Overview National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Why ProStart? Why ProStart? This is a big business …. …. And we are looking for talent

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prostart program overview
ProStart® Program Overview

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

why prostart3
Why ProStart?

This is a big business….

….And we are looking for talent

Over the next decade, the industry is expected to create an additional 1.8 million jobs, 47,000 of which will be management positions.

why prostart4
Why ProStart?

Restaurant & Foodservice Industry

2010 Facts

Sales…..$580 Billion


Employees….12.7 Million

why prostart5
Why ProStart?

Why start industry training in high school?

  • Help students explore career options and develop academic and workplace skills
  • Prepare students for post-secondary education and employment
  • Classroom instruction, hands-on laboratory work and on-the-job training address different learning styles
  • Prepare a well-trained workforce
why prostart6
Why ProStart?

What sets ProStart apart from other programs/curriculums?

  • Industry-based training materials backed by expertise of education professionals
  • Growing industry recognition for ProStart students and educators
  • Established link to post-secondary education
  • Credibility of National Restaurant Association and NRAEF brands
why prostart7
Why ProStart?

What sets ProStart apart from other programs/curriculums?

  • Scholarships for eligible ProStart National Certificate of Achievement recipients
  • Professional development opportunities for educators
  • Student activities & networking opportunities
    • Including the National ProStart Invitational®
why prostart8
Why ProStart?

What is the scope of ProStart nationwide?

States, territories & districts: 47

Students enrolled: 83,000

High schools: 1,650

national prostart partners
National ProStart Partners






Founding Sponsors: AFC Enterprises, Inc., American Express Corporation, Anton Airfood Inc., Coca Cola North America, Ecolab, Inc., Golden Corral Corporation, The H.J. Heinz Company Foundation, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, The J. Willard & Alice S. Marriott Foundation, Sodexo Inc., TGI Friday’s

impact metrics
Impact Metrics

ProStart has proven results in encouraging students to continue pursuing an education and/or career in the industry


Return on Investment:

Impact Metrics for ProStart COA Scholarship Recipients


Return on Investment:

Impact Metrics for National ProStart Invitational Participants

prostart roles
ProStart Roles

How ProStart is administered

  • The NRAEF is the national body overseeing the program, partnering with state restaurant associations
    • State partnerships promote ProStart and assist in providing the connecting activities related to the program for each individual state
  • Partnerships are also created with education and industry to implement all elements of the ProStart program
prostart roles16
ProStart Roles


  • National program management
  • Sell/distribute/market curriculum materials
  • Marketing & public relations for national program
  • Develop national programming
  • Resource for state restaurant associations
  • Pursue funding opportunities (e.g. national grants, private grants, corporate sponsors)
  • Survey and report national program outcomes
prostart roles17
ProStart Roles

State Restaurant Association Role

  • Assign state ProStart coordinator to service schools and connect with NRAEF
  • Respond to schools and operators
  • Market ProStart program at the state level
  • Assist in recruiting mentors and worksites
  • Conduct professional development foreducators
  • Pursue funding opportunities (e.g. state grants, private grants, corporate sponsors)
  • Survey and report program outcomes
  • Build relationship with state department of education
prostart roles18
ProStart Roles

State Department of Education Role

  • Create opportunities for educator training and professional development
  • Identify appropriate schools
  • Explore possible funding to seed statewide initiative and support school programs
prostart roles19
ProStart Roles

ProStart Educator Role

  • Teach the complete course of study
  • Connect students’ work experiences to lesson plans and activities
  • Gain first-hand experience of foodservice industry (e.g. job shadow an industry professional, visit trade shows)
  • Get to know your students’ mentors
  • Proctor ProStart final exams
prostart roles20
ProStart Roles

Guidance Counselor Role

  • Recruit students into ProStart program
  • Explain program goals, career pathways and requirements for program participation to students and parents
  • Visit worksites and classrooms
  • Provide scholarship information
  • Advise students on post-secondary options
prostart roles21
ProStart Roles

Student Role

  • Pass Year 1 & 2 exams with 70% or better
  • Work minimum of 400 hours in industry
  • Complete Student Work Experience Checklist
  • Follow agreed-upon guidelines for conduct and attendance at school and work
prostart roles22
ProStart Roles

Parent Role

  • Help students explore career options according to his/her strengths and interests
  • Work with program staff to ensure student’s success
  • Emphasize workplace values
  • Encourage students to apply for scholarships
prostart roles23
ProStart Roles

Mentors/Employers Roles

  • Provide a wide range of work experiences
  • Get to know the students’ educators
  • Provide regular feedback to student, school/site coordinator and educator
  • Join local advisory board(s)
  • Provide field trips and job shadowing
  • Provide letters of recommendation to deserving students
prostart roles24
ProStart Roles

Post-Secondary Partner Role

  • Offer courses or professional development activities for high school educators
  • Develop articulation agreements with high schools
  • Join local advisory board(s)


  • Summer
    • Conduct Educator Training
    • Meet with/form Advisory Boards
  • Fall
    • Begin teaching ProStart
    • Schedule field trips and guest speakers
    • Start to identify students who might be ready for internships
    • Submit reports (# of students/classes, educator contact information)
    • Start preparing for state/national competitions


  • Winter
    • Students begin internships
    • Plan for testing and scholarships
    • Begin recruiting students for the following school year
    • Participate in state competitions
  • Spring
    • Participate in National ProStart Invitational
    • Order ProStart materials for next year
    • Download exams early
    • Administer exams
    • Remind students to turn in Scholarship Applications
    • Prepare and submit forms for students pursuing the ProStart National Certificate of Achievement

Sample ProStart Syllabus

  • Sample syllabus in educator Toolkit
  • Recommended contact hours for classroom and lab: 180 (136/44)
  • Adjust syllabus to your school’s scheduling system and class structure

Suggested Kitchen Equipment

  • Sample checklist
    • Appliances
    • Pots & pans
    • Smallwares
  • Basic requirements
  • Recommendations outlined in ProStart Toolkit

Coming in Spring 2010

  • Blended coverage of culinary and management topics in Level 1 & 2 Editions
  • Relevant and timely topics from global cuisines to sustainability
  • Content aligned to certificate opportunities
  • Supplements and technologies that help educators do more in less time
product line
Product Line

Student Edition – Levels 1 and 2

  • Content is designed to build well-rounded employees by blending culinary and management topics
  • Pedagogy that aligns to 21st Century Learning objectives and themes
    • Critical thinking and problem solving
    • Communication and collaboration
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Global awareness
    • Health literacy
product line33
Product Line

Teacher’s Wraparound Edition – Levels 1 and 2

The unique Teacher’s Wraparound Edition was designed with input from educators and industry professionals to help teachers be more prepared in less time. These oversized manuals feature:

  • Teacher’s notes
  • Classroom management and planning tips
  • Lesson plans, including for customized instruction
  • Additional class and lab activities
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Videos and media keyed to the Student Edition pages at point of use
product line34
Product Line

Activity Guide – Levels 1 and 2

A wealth of additional lab and classroom activities to supplement the activities in the Student Edition and Teacher’s Wraparound Edition. Includes:

  • Critical thinking activities that review and enhance the text learning
  • Hands-on application activities that give students more opportunities to experience the course content interactively
product line35
Product Line

Printed Test Bank with ExamView CD – Levels 1 and 2

Comprehensive test bank includes:

  • Objective and short answer questions
  • Questions in print format for duplication with separate answer keys
  • Questions on CD in ExamView software for creating randomized and customized exams
product line36
Product Line

Teacher’s Resource DVD – Levels 1 and 2

A complete media DVD to support the teaching package. Includes:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Videos
  • Electronic recipes
  • Interactive media for each chapter
  • Foundations Showdown game
  • Answer keys for all the questions and activities in the Student Edition and Test Bank
  • Answers and class/lab set up information for the activities in the Activity Guide
product line37
Product Line

Student eText – Levels 1 and 2

Major features of the Student eText include:

  • Pages in the eText look the same as in the print edition
  • Highly scalable, accessible and reliable
  • Access to Interactive Media, Documents and Web Content
  • Instructor-customizable Table of Contents
  • Can access from home or from school
  • One-year license
product line38
Product Line

Exam Answer Sheet or Online Voucher

Print exam answer sheet or voucher to take online exam produced annually by the National Restaurant Association.

table of contents
Table of Contents

Level One

  • Welcome to the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry 
  • Keeping Food Safe
  • Workplace Safety
  • Kitchen Essentials 1--Professionalism and Understanding Standard Recipes
  • Kitchen Essentials 2--Equipment and Techniques
  • Stocks, Sauces, and Soups
  • Communication
  • Management Essentials
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Serving Your Guests
  • Potatoes and Grains
  • Building a Successful Career in the Industry
table of contents40
Table of Contents

Level Two

  • Breakfast Food and Sandwiches
  • Nutrition
  • Cost Control
  • Salads and Garnishes
  • Purchasing and Inventory
  • Meat, Poultry, and Seafood
  • Marketing
  • Desserts and Baked Goods
  • Sustainability in the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry
  • Global Cuisine 1--The Americas
  • Global Cuisine 2--Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Asia
national certificate of achievement
National Certificate of Achievement


  • Complete course of study
  • Successfully pass Year 1 and Year 2 exams
  • 400 hours of industry work experience (conducted over two years of enrollment in program)
national certificate of achievement43
National Certificate of Achievement

Work Component

  • Student Work Experience Checklist
    • Represents portable, transferable skills
    • Initialed by mentors
  • Workplace Validation Form – documentation of hours worked
    • 200 allowable hours unpaid alternative experience
      • Working in foodservice industry-related manufacturers’, suppliers’ or vendors’ offices
      • School restaurant or catering business
      • Foodservice/culinary volunteer community service
      • Working in association offices, national chain corporate offices, state trade show events, festival food tents, etc.
    • 200 of the 400 hours must be paid internship experience
national certificate of achievement44
National Certificate of Achievement

Work Component

  • Mentor’s Guide – details steps to establishing a successful mentor/mentee relationship
  • Process for Placement
    • Identify willing worksites/mentors
    • Match with appropriate student based on student’s qualifications and interests
    • Review and sign Student Work Experience Checklist
    • Monitor student’s progress
national certificate of achievement45
National Certificate of Achievement

Articulation Agreements

  • The NRAEF has established national articulation agreements with more than 60 leading post-secondary institutions across the country
    • Class credits
    • Work experience credits
    • Scholarships
  • Articulation agreement process encourages post-secondary education
  • ProStart objectives match introductory culinary and hospitality management courses
national certificate of achievement46
National Certificate of Achievement

Articulation Agreements

  • Makes a college education more affordable and faster to earn
  • Articulation agreements are defined in the ProStart Collegiate Passport (available at
national certificate of achievement47
National Certificate of Achievement

NRAEF Scholarships

  • Scholarship for ProStart National Certificate of Achievement
  • Academic Scholarships for High School Seniors and GED Graduates

professional development49
Professional Development

Educator Training

  • Summer Institutes
    • Four levels of week-long training held at post-secondary institutions
  • Can lead to Certified Secondary Foodservice Educator certification
professional development50
Professional Development

Educator Training

  • Educator Training & Development Awards
    • Sponsoring companies host educators for one week of management training alongside the company’s own managers-in-training
  • ProStart Program Means Business
    • NRAEF staff presents training on relevant topics
national prostart invitational52
National ProStart Invitational
  • Showcases talent of top ProStart students from across the country
    • Winning teams from state competitions invited to participate
  • Students compete in two events: culinary and management
  • Judged by industry professionals and representatives from post-secondary institutions
  • In 2010, $1.4 million in scholarships were awarded to the top five teams in both categories
national prostart invitational53
National ProStart Invitational
  • 39 States
  • 300+ students
  • 800 competitors, judges, sponsors, mentors, SRA representatives, Trustees, friends & family

Save the Date

Overland Park, KS

April 29 – May 1, 2011

management competition
Management Competition
  • Management teams demonstrate their industry knowledge by:
    • developing a restaurant proposal
    • delivering a verbal presentation
    • applying critical thinking skills to challenges managers face in day-to-day operations
culinary competition
Culinary Competition
  • Culinary teams have 60 minutes to prepare a three-course meal using only two butane burners, and no other electrical sources
  • Teams also compete in knife skills and poultry fabrication
Promoting the Program

Educator Recruitment Brochure

We Are ProStart industry awareness campaign

Recruiting Students

Student Recruitment Brochure, including poster

Career Ladder

ProStart Collegiate Passport


Student Materials

  • ProStart National Certificate of Achievement resume accompaniment
  • ProStart National Certificate of Achievement congratulations and instructions
  • Facebook page –
thank you for supporting the prostart program www prostart restaurant org

Thank you for supporting the ProStart program!