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Extension and Community Podcasting: Exploring the Possibilities PowerPoint Presentation
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Extension and Community Podcasting: Exploring the Possibilities

Extension and Community Podcasting: Exploring the Possibilities

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Extension and Community Podcasting: Exploring the Possibilities

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  1. Extension and Community Podcasting: Exploring the Possibilities Chester Bateman, College of Education Theresa Hogue, Corvallis Gazette-Times

  2. E-Oregon • Oregon's online services third best in the nation • Oregon Communities and the Internet • OSU among first universities anywhere podcasting (London Guardian) August 2006, Brown University's Taubman Center

  3. Internet Evolution and Web 2.0 Extension Services 2.0?

  4. Broadband Internet • Community-Generated Content Drives Half of U.S. Top 10 FastestGrowing Web Platforms • Co-Creation, Media, & Community Value

  5. Web 2.0/Community Web Web as Platform

  6. Extension 2.0 • Social Networking • Blogging • Podcasting • RSS -Search Costs and Personalization • Wikis • Future? Think Web as Platform

  7. Extension Podcasting • Mississippi State University • Texas A&M • North Carolina State University • Iowa State University • University of California

  8. Podcasting • Nielsen/NetRatings: 9.2 million web users recently downloaded an audio podcast • BusinessWeek: Best Ideas of 2005 • 'Podcast' declared Word of the Year

  9. iTunes U and EarlyInnovators MIT, Berkeley, OSU, Stanford, Michigan, Wisconsin, Idaho

  10. Podcasting allows access to many different voices compared to “traditional channels.”

  11. Mobile Podcasting Portable studio consisting of a recorder and a laptop

  12. Definitions Podcasting is a delivery method for audio/video via the Internet. People subscribe to a “RSS feed” for downloading and playback on portable music players or PCs. Podcasting differs from other types of media distribution in that it's a subscription model, using automatic feeding mechanisms (RSS) to deliver files.

  13. Origins Term podcasting evidently first appeared in a February 2004 article by Ben Hammersley in the British newspaper The Guardian. By October 2004, detailed how-to podcast articles had begun to appear online.

  14. Podcast Interview • Set your subject at ease through casual conversation before the "real" interview starts • Begin with simple questions, name, occupation or position, how long the person has been in that position, where they're from • Let the questions become more complicated as the interview progresses. Stay away from questions that can illicit "yes" or "no"answers

  15. Podcast Interview • Prepare a list of questions but allow the interview to take off in interesting directions if new subjects are raised. You can always come back to the list later • Listen, don't just wait for them to finish so you can ask the next question. The subject will be able to sense that you aren't focused on them • Enjoy yourself. Pretend it's a conversation between friends

  16. Podcasting 101 In August 2004, Adam Curry, a former MTV video jockey, began distributing a daily MP3 audio blog, "The Daily Source Code." Curry now offers a number of podcast-related resources online and on-air, including "Adam Curry's PodShow" on Sirius Satellite Radio and the iTunes PodFinder guide to podcasts.

  17. The Truth is Out There Podcasting can be done by anyone, anywhere, as long as they have a computer, a recording device, and software

  18. Grassroots Growth! • In 2004, number of references to podcasts found by Google Inc. Sept. 28, 2004, there were 24 hits. Five days later, that number was up to 2,750, and it was over 100,000 in three weeks. Sept. 2005, Google returns 56,900,000 hits. • This morning, 109,000,000 for Podcasting.

  19. Grassroots Learning Project • London Guardian • George Lucas Foundation • Why so successful? • College of Education & Gazette-Times

  20. You are the audience • One in five (19 percent) of those under the age of 30 have iPods/MP3 players

  21. Extension 2.0 in Participation Age • What is happening in Internet World? Participation! • Flickr, Wiki, Blogging, Podcasting, Vodcasting, Ourmedia • Media futurists have predicted that by 2021, "citizens will produce 50 percent of the news peer-to-peer." (We Media). • Consumers AND Creators of Media

  22. Grassroots Learning Project In ’04 College of Education partners and launches community podcasting in Oregon. Transition Podcast : Elementary students interviewing middle school students about life and learning beyond elementary school. Podcasters: Paul Bradley & Susan Klinkhammer

  23. Grassroots Learning Project • Personalization and Time-shifting Content • Audio playback devices becoming ubiquitous • 22 million + Audio/Video Playback Devices • U.S. Podcast Users to Hit 60 Million by 2010 • “Google-like” approach in services • Open/Non-proprietary

  24. What’s out there? • Podcasts (audio/video) can deliver information to support best practices in the field, just-in-time-on demand knowledge.

  25. Podcast Program • Involve key people in pre/prod/post- production • Continuity in look, feel, and hearing in your content • Team and recommendations about podcast and programmatic alignment/goals

  26. Digital Rights Matter • Podsafe Content/Music • Creative Commons • Check for copyrights

  27. Podcasting Services • • • • Apple iTunes • Garage Band Studio • iPodder

  28. THANK YOU!