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Pipeline Owners

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Pipeline Owners. El Paso (53,700 miles) Colorado Interstate Gas Cypress Natural Gas Tennessee Gas Pipeline Mojave Pipeline Southern Natural Gas Gulf States Pipeline Co. ANR Florida Gas Transmission 50%. Duke (11,931 miles) Texas Eastern (9,088 miles) Alabama-Georgia Energy System

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pipeline owners
Pipeline Owners
  • El Paso (53,700 miles)
    • Colorado Interstate Gas
    • Cypress Natural Gas
    • Tennessee Gas Pipeline
    • Mojave Pipeline
    • Southern Natural Gas
    • Gulf States Pipeline Co.
    • ANR
    • Florida Gas Transmission 50%
  • Duke (11,931 miles)
    • Texas Eastern (9,088 miles)
    • Alabama-Georgia Energy System
    • Algonquin (1,064 miles)
    • Florida Gas Transmission- 50%
    • East Tennessee (1,129 miles)
    • Gulf Stream Natural Gas System-50%
    • Maritimes & Northeast (650 miles)
    • West Coast Energy
pipeline owners1
Williams (27,300 miles)

Northwest Pipeline

Buccaneer Gas Pipeline-50%

Transcontinental Gas Pipeline

Gulf Stream Nat. Gas-50%

Texas Gas Transmission

Pipeco (formerly Enron) (30,000 miles)

Northern Natural Gas

Mid-western Gas

Northern Border Pipeline

Calypso Pipeline

Florida Gas Transmission Co.

Transwestern Pipeline

PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric)

Florida Gas Transmission-50%

Buccaneer Gas Pipeline-50%

Pipeline Owners
pipeline owners2
Kinder Morgan (30,000 miles)

Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America

Horizon Pipeline

Kinder Morgan Interstate Gas Trans.

Rocky Mountain Natural Gas

Kinder Morgan Texas Pipeline

Northern Gas Company

Trailblazer Pipeline Co.

KN Watternburg

Red Cedar Gathering Company (owns 49% with S. Ute Indian Tribe)

Transcolorado Gas Transmission

Reliant Energy (56,020 miles)

Reliant Energy ARKLA

Reliant Energy Minnegasco


Ni Source, Inc. (12,750 miles)

Bay State Gas

Columbia Gas of KY

Columbia Gas of MD

Columbia Gas of OH

Columbia Gas of PA

Columbia Gas of VA

Columbia Gas Trans. Co.

Cross Roads Pipeline Co.

Columbia Gulf Trans. Co.

Pipeline Owners
pipeline owners3
Pipeline Owners
  • National Fuel Gas Company
    • Seneca Resources Corporation
    • Horizon Energy Development, Inc.
    • Empire State Pipeline (purchased from Duke Energy, October 3, 2003) (157 miles)
    • National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation
  • Enterprise Products Partners
    • Acadia Gas (purchased from Coral Energy April, 2001) (1042 miles)
    • Mapletree, LLC (purchased from Williams, August 1, 2002)
    • Oaktree, LLC (purchased from Williams August 1, 2002)
    • MidAmerica Pipeline (purchased from Williams July 31, 2002) (7,226 miles)
    • Seminole Pipeline (purchased from Williams July 31, 2002) (1,281 miles)
pipeline owners4
Pipeline Owners
  • Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P.
    • Enbridge Pipelines, (Lakehead) L.L.C. (3,300 miles)
    • Enbridge Pipelines (Alabama) L.L.C. (111 miles)
    • Enbridge Pipelines (East Texas) L.L.C. (2,251 miles)
    • Enbridge Pipelines (Texas)
    • Enbridge Pipelines (Louisiana)
    • Enbridge Pipelines (North Dakota) L.L.C. (950 miles)
    • Enbridge Pipelines (MidLA)
    • Enbridge Pipelines (AL/TN) L.L.C. (281 miles)
    • Enbridge Pipelines (KPC) L.L.C. (1,120 miles)
    • Pan Grande Pipeline, L.L.C
    • Mid LA Gas Transmission, L.L.C.
    • H&W Pipeline, L.L.C.
    • Texana Pipeline Company
    • Vector Pipeline (through Energy Transportation North)
    • Alliance Pipeline ( purchased from Williams, October 30, 2002)
pipeline owners5
Pipeline Owners
  • AIG Highstar Capital, L.P.
    • Southern Star Central Corporation
    • Southern Union Panhandle
    • Central National Gas Pipeline (purchased from Williams November 15, 2002)
    • CMS Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Corporation (purchased from CMS Energy 1st quarter 2003)
  • TransCanada Pipe Lines, Ltd (24,00 miles)
    • Northern Border Pipeline Co.
    • Tuscarora Gas Transmission Co.
  • MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company
    • Northern Electric & Yorkshire Electricity (UK)
    • CalEnergy
    • Northern Natural Gas
    • Kern River Gas Transmission Company (purchased from Williams, March 27, 2002) (927 miles)
2002 transactions
2002 Transactions
  • January 31 – ENRON sells Northern Natural Gas to Dynergy for $1.5 billion
  • July 29 – Dynergy sells Northern Natural Gas to Berkshire Hathaway for $928 million
  • August 1 – Williams Companies sells Oaktree LLC/Mapletree LLC/Midamerica Pipeline Co. to Enterprise Products Partners for $1.2 billion
  • November 26 – Williams Companies sells Memphis refinery and operations to Premcon, Inc. for $540 million.
who are we

Laborers’ International Union of North America

International Union of Operating Engineers

United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices

of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Who Are We?

  • The Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) was originally chartered in 1903 as the International Hodcarriers’ and Building Laborers’ Union of North America with approximately 8,000 members. By the late 1920’s a boom in construction caused the membership rolls to approach 100,000. During the Depression, construction slowed, resulting in a decline in union membership. However, by 1942, LIUNA rallied in support of WWII and its membership rose to nearly 430,000. Currently, LIUNA represents over 800,000 diverse members. Through its growing strength in the political arena, LIUNA members now have a strong voice in the halls of Congress. The Union promotes legislation in Congress which ensures the safety and health of all workers. With over 400,000 highly trained and motivated construction members, LIUNA is well equipped to meet the challenges of the pipeline industry.

LIUNA on Pipeline work

  • Assist in Loading and Unloading Pipe (Pipe Handling)
  • Pipe Coating
  • Fine Grading
  • Assist Lowering-in of Pipe

Assets of LIUNA include:

  • Over 425,000 Construction Members
  • 600 Construction Local Unions
  • 58 District Councils
  • 78 Training Facilities in the U.S.A. and Canada
  • 141 Full-Time Instructors, 120 Part-Time Instructors, 45 Contract Instructors
  • 86,000 Construction Craft Laborers Trained Yearly

Annual expenditures of LIUNA include $74,000,000 on training.


The IUOE on Pipeline work

  • Operate Equipment to Load and Unload Pipe
  • Operate Equipment including but not limited to Dozers, Cranes, Side Booms, Backhoes, Ditching
  • Grading
  • Clearing
  • Bending of Pipe

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) was chartered in 1896 as the National Union of Steam Engineers of America. Currently the IUOE represents over 400,000 highly skilled and trained construction, operating and maintenance workers focusing on providing expertise in the operation of pipeline equipment and maintaining an incident-free work environment. It strives to provide clients with optimum return for every dollar they spend on each project.


Assets of the IUOE include:

  • Over 300,000 Construction Members
  • 77 Construction Local Unions
  • 75 Training Facilities
  • 115 Instructors
  • 42,500 Apprentices and Journeymen Annually

Annual expenditures of IUOE include $62,000,000 on training.


The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry (UA) was formed in 1889. Currently the UA represents almost 300,000 members engaged in the fabrication, installation and servicing of piping systems. The UA depends on its highly trained and motivated workforce to meet the needs of both contractors and owners.

The UA on Pipeline work

  • Pipe Welding (including welding helpers)
  • Grinding and Beveling of Pipe
  • Alignment of Pipe
  • Cutting Pipe
  • Over 320,000 Members
  • 330 Construction Local Unions (17 Pipeline Locals)
  • 377 Training Facilities
  • 143 Certified Weld Test Facilities
  • Over 32,000 Apprentices Trained Annually
  • Over 67,000 Journeymen Upgraded Annually
  • 3,800 Training Instructors in the U.S.A. and Canada

Assets of UA include:

Annual expenditures of UA are in excess of $100,000,000 on training.


The IBT on Pipeline work

  • Pipe Hauling
  • Hauling Materials for Trenches (including backfill)
  • Assist in Loading and Unloading of Pipe

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) was formed in 1899, as the Team Drivers International Union with an initial membership of 1,700. By 1949 the IBT represented one million workers. Today, the IBT represents over 1.4 million workers and remains active in the construction industry.

  • 120,000 Construction Members
  • Over 300 Construction Locals
  • 10 Training Facilities
  • 25 Instructors
  • 2,100 Apprentices Trained Annually

Assets of the IBT include:

Annual expenditures of IBT include $3,000,000 on training.

total assets all unions
  • 1,165,000 Members
  • 1,307 Local Unions
  • 540 Training Facilities
  • 4,201 Instructors
  • 229,600 Trained Annually
  • $239,000,000 Annual Training Expenditures
pipeline contractors association labor agreement with the unions
Pipeline Contractors AssociationLabor Agreement with the Unions
  • Jurisdictional Disputes – Labor-Management Policy Committee decides all jurisdictional disputes
  • No strike-No lockout clause
  • Drug Testing/Safety Programs
  • Lower Accident Rates than non-union
    • 1994-2001 AFR (Accident Frequency Rate) went from 3.30 to 1.71 per 200,000 man hours.
  • Special Terms and Conditions if non-union competition
pipeline manpower
Pipeline Manpower
  • Laborers - 13,000
  • United Association – 6,000
  • Operating Engineers – 5000
  • Teamsters – 1,200
operator qualification regulations
Operator Qualification Regulations
  • Adopted Interstate Natural Gas Association’s (INGA) standard plan and covered tasks.
  • Purchased Midwest Energy Association’s Q41 Qualification Procedures
  • Discussing standardized record keeping system for all four unions.
pipeline market projections
Pipeline Market Projections
  • 263,000 miles of new distribution lines
  • 38,000 miles of new gas transportation lines

It is anticipated that over the next 20 years that the pipeline industry will require:

representing over $150 billion in construction costs which will require 600 million hours of employment.

examples by company
Examples by Company

# of Projects

In the State(s) of:

Estimated Cost


union resources available
Union Resources Available


  • 3,790 Field Representatives
  • 218 International Representatives
  • Legislative/Regulatory
  • 48 Lobbyists
  • $9.8 million in Political Action Contributions
  • Pension Assets
  • $125.5 billion Total Assets
  • Contacting Owners Regarding Overall Program
  • Contacting Owners/Contractors on Individual Projects
    • Insuring Competitive Bids
    • Assistance in Obtaining Permits
    • Recruiting/Training/Drug Testing
    • Maintain Pipeline Workers Database
    • Safety Programs
  • Project Labor Agreements with Owners

Laborers’ International Union of North America

International Union of Operating Engineers

United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices

of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry

International Brotherhood of Teamsters