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  1. OVERCOMING THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN A strategic prayer project for the 40/70 window

  2. (A) WHO OR WHAT IS THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN? • The deity worshipped by Israel which grieved God the most • An extremely senior and powerful pagan deity • A spiritual power encountered by many intercessors today

  3. (i) A deity worshipped by Israel • Specifically mentioned in Jeremiah 7:18, 44:17-19,25 • Alluded to in many OT scriptures, including Deut4:19; 2Kings23:5,11; 2Chron33:3-5; Jer8:2; Ez8:16; Zeph1:5; (cfActs7:42) • Her worshippers were not even to be prayed for (7:16), and this was the abomination leading to the Captivity of Israel (44:22)

  4. (ii) An extremely senior pagan deity • Part of the moon-goddess sun-god complex worshipped in Egypt, Canaan and Babylon • Isis of Egypt, Ashteroth of Canaan, Sybil of Babylon, Diana of Ephesus, Athena of Greece, Minerva of Rome, Kali of the Hindus, the moon goddess of Mecca • The position of Mary, the mother of Jesus, has often been invaded or completely taken over by this deity

  5. (iii) Encountering the Queen of Heaven • I personally encountered her in childhood experiences and in praying for the poor • She was top of the list in Naples1994 for the Europe-wide intercession strategy group • Known as a major power by intercessors like Langton Gatzi & Gerda Leithgob in Africa, Ana Mendez & Roni Chavez in Central America, & many others worldwide

  6. (B) HELP RECEIVED SO FAR • Revelation from the current prophetic season • Global Harvest’s contribution: important initial research and several initial projects described in ‘Confronting the Queen of Heaven’ and ‘The Queen’s Domain’ • A variety of good but partial mapping work has been done

  7. (i) The current prophetic season • Beginning around 1988, in my case with a burden for the poor, youth and London • Served by clusters of ministries around the world, 1993 was a key year of preparation, the visitations of 1994 were foundational • Resulting, among other things, in the uncovering of the QOH and the beginning of a process to overcome her

  8. (ii) Global Harvest’s contribution • Operation Ice Palace: serious weakening of QOH stronghold on Mount Everest 1997 • Operation Queen’s Palace: further weakening her strongholds by simultaneous prayer warfare along the line of the eclipse of the sun 1999 • Initiating Operation Queen’s Domain in Europe and the Silk Road 2000-2005

  9. (iii) Some of the variety of work done so far • Discovery of the how the 1st World War was the sacrifice of the sons of Europe to the QOH & war memorials are her shrines • Discovery of the relation between the imperial spirit of colonialism and the worship of the QOH through Freemasonry • Exploring the link between apparitions of the QOH and civil wars and invasions

  10. (C) AN UPDATE ON OUR UNDERSTANDING • The anti-Christ system is supported and built by Jezebel and the Queen of Heaven • The way to undermine them is by the blood of the lamb, true worship and strategic prayer • They are powerfully at work in Europe today, through two power systems of occult gardens and goddess shrines

  11. (i) The Queen of Heaven & Jezebel in Scripture • The feminine spirits of Zech5:9 are the Queen of Heaven and Jezebel building and supporting the anti-Christ kingdom • The female designation echoes the feminine polarity of settling and civilising in the creation narrative • They are embodied in both men and women • They use each other to achieve their ends: worship and rulership (I Kings 21:25-26)

  12. (ii/a) Understanding a biblical progression • Sexual and occult sins caused God to judge Egypt & Canaan (Lev18 & Deut18) • The same sins were present in Sodom and Gomorrah. They were based in materialism, pride and neglecting the poor (Ez16:49-50) • They are part of the control method used by Jezebel and give place to Queen of Heaven worship (Rev2:20; Jer7:16-18; 44:16-18)

  13. (ii/b) Understanding the prophets’ responsibility • It is one of the main tasks of the prophetic movement to overcome Jezebel & the QOH (cf Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, Ezekiel) • Elijah begins well with his sacrifice, a call to true worship and intercession (1Kings18) • We have to follow through like Jeremiah and Ezekiel both in strategic prayer and in exposing the unjust roots of this stronghold (Jer22:13-17)

  14. (iii) An important conclusion • Materialism and injustice as well as sexual and occult uncleanness are together rooted in an actual spiritual entity which we can identify as the Queen of Heaven • Materialism, injustice, and sexual and occult uncleanness are prevalent throughout Europe today • The Queen of Heaven is exerting her power

  15. (D) OUR STRATEGY • We are expecting that all of us are already building up strongholds of the Holy Spirit by working for a transformation agenda • Jezebel and the Queen of Heaven are very connected : while our mandate is to weaken the QOH we will need to undermine both • Recognising & disconnecting the 2 power systems of occult gardens and QOH shrines

  16. (i) Undermining Jezebel and the Queen of Heaven • The presence and blood of Jesus must be applied by intercession and true worship • We need revelation of where they are particularly enthroning Satan. In some places one is more influential than the other • We need sensitivity to these strongholds in our own governments and churches

  17. (ii) Recognising & disconnecting the power systems • The 2 systems of sacred gardens and black Madonna shrines have sub-stations that interconnect via trade & pilgrimage routes • Both systems access the dead through past bloodshed, wars, war memorials or family tombs as a sacrifice to the Queen of Heaven • We have revelation that both channel power through 10 lines of influence (Dan2:42)

  18. (E) NEXT STEPS • Identifying the key places that can stand for the rest of Europe, we expect there are 10 • Enlisting the support of the growing partnership of apostles, prophets and intercessors across the 7 regions of Europe • Building up a strong supporting network (To get involved email te@passion.org.uk)

  19. Identifying the key places • On pilgrimage and trade routes where the 2 power systems are present • Where strongholds of domination and false worship have developed in these 10 areas: industry, mining, communications, health, agriculture, waterways, legal systems, government, education, modern day slavery • Where past or present spiritual wells are

  20. Getting help from the developing regional partnership • Enlisting those who are willing to co-ordinate the work that needs to be done • Each needs to recognise the urgency of the vision and the anointing of the leadership • They will need to recognise that this is a serious spiritual war & be ready for it

  21. Getting on with the work • Finding the 10 places for action in Europe, while encouraging similar local initiatives • Connecting Europe’s strategic intercessors with Africa, South America, the SPN in the USA & the prayer movement world-wide • Beginning strategic action from January 1st 2004, particularly with the prayer backing of the night watch for Europe nightwatch@passion.org.uk

  22. INFORMATION • To get involved: email te@passion.org.uk (giving a brief bio and a significant reference person) • To register for the nightwatch: email nightwatch@passion.org.uk • Purchase further copies of this presentation or recommended publications online at: www.passion.org.uk/respro.html