overcoming the queen of heaven l.
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OVERCOMING THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN A strategic prayer project for the 40/70 window (A) WHO OR WHAT IS THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN? The deity worshipped by Israel which grieved God the most An extremely senior and powerful pagan deity A spiritual power encountered by many intercessors today

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overcoming the queen of heaven


A strategic prayer project for the 40/70 window

a who or what is the queen of heaven
  • The deity worshipped by Israel which grieved God the most
  • An extremely senior and powerful pagan deity
  • A spiritual power encountered by many intercessors today
i a deity worshipped by israel
(i) A deity worshipped by Israel
  • Specifically mentioned in Jeremiah 7:18, 44:17-19,25
  • Alluded to in many OT scriptures, including Deut4:19; 2Kings23:5,11; 2Chron33:3-5; Jer8:2; Ez8:16; Zeph1:5; (cfActs7:42)
  • Her worshippers were not even to be prayed for (7:16), and this was the abomination leading to the Captivity of Israel (44:22)
ii an extremely senior pagan deity
(ii) An extremely senior pagan deity
  • Part of the moon-goddess sun-god complex worshipped in Egypt, Canaan and Babylon
  • Isis of Egypt, Ashteroth of Canaan, Sybil of Babylon, Diana of Ephesus, Athena of Greece, Minerva of Rome, Kali of the Hindus, the moon goddess of Mecca
  • The position of Mary, the mother of Jesus, has often been invaded or completely taken over by this deity
iii encountering the queen of heaven
(iii) Encountering the Queen of Heaven
  • I personally encountered her in childhood experiences and in praying for the poor
  • She was top of the list in Naples1994 for the Europe-wide intercession strategy group
  • Known as a major power by intercessors like Langton Gatzi & Gerda Leithgob in Africa, Ana Mendez & Roni Chavez in Central America, & many others worldwide
b help received so far
  • Revelation from the current prophetic season
  • Global Harvest’s contribution: important initial research and several initial projects described in ‘Confronting the Queen of Heaven’ and ‘The Queen’s Domain’
  • A variety of good but partial mapping work has been done
i the current prophetic season
(i) The current prophetic season
  • Beginning around 1988, in my case with a burden for the poor, youth and London
  • Served by clusters of ministries around the world, 1993 was a key year of preparation, the visitations of 1994 were foundational
  • Resulting, among other things, in the uncovering of the QOH and the beginning of a process to overcome her
ii global harvest s contribution
(ii) Global Harvest’s contribution
  • Operation Ice Palace: serious weakening of QOH stronghold on Mount Everest 1997
  • Operation Queen’s Palace: further weakening her strongholds by simultaneous prayer warfare along the line of the eclipse of the sun 1999
  • Initiating Operation Queen’s Domain in Europe and the Silk Road 2000-2005
iii some of the variety of work done so far
(iii) Some of the variety of work done so far
  • Discovery of the how the 1st World War was the sacrifice of the sons of Europe to the QOH & war memorials are her shrines
  • Discovery of the relation between the imperial spirit of colonialism and the worship of the QOH through Freemasonry
  • Exploring the link between apparitions of the QOH and civil wars and invasions
c an update on our understanding
  • The anti-Christ system is supported and built by Jezebel and the Queen of Heaven
  • The way to undermine them is by the blood of the lamb, true worship and strategic prayer
  • They are powerfully at work in Europe today, through two power systems of occult gardens and goddess shrines
i the queen of heaven jezebel in scripture
(i) The Queen of Heaven & Jezebel in Scripture
  • The feminine spirits of Zech5:9 are the Queen of Heaven and Jezebel building and supporting the anti-Christ kingdom
  • The female designation echoes the feminine polarity of settling and civilising in the creation narrative
  • They are embodied in both men and women
  • They use each other to achieve their ends: worship and rulership (I Kings 21:25-26)
ii a understanding a biblical progression
(ii/a) Understanding a biblical progression
  • Sexual and occult sins caused God to judge Egypt & Canaan (Lev18 & Deut18)
  • The same sins were present in Sodom and Gomorrah. They were based in materialism, pride and neglecting the poor (Ez16:49-50)
  • They are part of the control method used by Jezebel and give place to Queen of Heaven worship (Rev2:20; Jer7:16-18; 44:16-18)
ii b understanding the prophets responsibility
(ii/b) Understanding the prophets’ responsibility
  • It is one of the main tasks of the prophetic movement to overcome Jezebel & the QOH (cf Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, Ezekiel)
  • Elijah begins well with his sacrifice, a call to true worship and intercession (1Kings18)
  • We have to follow through like Jeremiah and Ezekiel both in strategic prayer and in exposing the unjust roots of this stronghold (Jer22:13-17)
iii an important conclusion
(iii) An important conclusion
  • Materialism and injustice as well as sexual and occult uncleanness are together rooted in an actual spiritual entity which we can identify as the Queen of Heaven
  • Materialism, injustice, and sexual and occult uncleanness are prevalent throughout Europe today
  • The Queen of Heaven is exerting her power
d our strategy
  • We are expecting that all of us are already building up strongholds of the Holy Spirit by working for a transformation agenda
  • Jezebel and the Queen of Heaven are very connected : while our mandate is to weaken the QOH we will need to undermine both
  • Recognising & disconnecting the 2 power systems of occult gardens and QOH shrines
i undermining jezebel and the queen of heaven
(i) Undermining Jezebel and the Queen of Heaven
  • The presence and blood of Jesus must be applied by intercession and true worship
  • We need revelation of where they are particularly enthroning Satan. In some places one is more influential than the other
  • We need sensitivity to these strongholds in our own governments and churches
ii recognising disconnecting the power systems
(ii) Recognising & disconnecting the power systems
  • The 2 systems of sacred gardens and black Madonna shrines have sub-stations that interconnect via trade & pilgrimage routes
  • Both systems access the dead through past bloodshed, wars, war memorials or family tombs as a sacrifice to the Queen of Heaven
  • We have revelation that both channel power through 10 lines of influence (Dan2:42)
e next steps
  • Identifying the key places that can stand for the rest of Europe, we expect there are 10
  • Enlisting the support of the growing partnership of apostles, prophets and intercessors across the 7 regions of Europe
  • Building up a strong supporting network (To get involved email te@passion.org.uk)
identifying the key places
Identifying the key places
  • On pilgrimage and trade routes where the 2 power systems are present
  • Where strongholds of domination and false worship have developed in these 10 areas: industry, mining, communications, health, agriculture, waterways, legal systems, government, education, modern day slavery
  • Where past or present spiritual wells are
getting help from the developing regional partnership
Getting help from the developing regional partnership
  • Enlisting those who are willing to co-ordinate the work that needs to be done
  • Each needs to recognise the urgency of the vision and the anointing of the leadership
  • They will need to recognise that this is a serious spiritual war & be ready for it
getting on with the work
Getting on with the work
  • Finding the 10 places for action in Europe, while encouraging similar local initiatives
  • Connecting Europe’s strategic intercessors with Africa, South America, the SPN in the USA & the prayer movement world-wide
  • Beginning strategic action from January 1st 2004, particularly with the prayer backing of the night watch for Europe nightwatch@passion.org.uk
  • To get involved: email te@passion.org.uk (giving a brief bio and a significant reference person)
  • To register for the nightwatch: email nightwatch@passion.org.uk
  • Purchase further copies of this presentation or recommended publications online at: www.passion.org.uk/respro.html