oportunities in the italian pv market l.
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Oportunities in the Italian PV market PowerPoint Presentation
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Oportunities in the Italian PV market

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Oportunities in the Italian PV market - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oportunities in the Italian PV market Summary Index Who is IAT Photovoltaic Market in Italy Why we are contacting you Why you need us Who is IAT (1) IAT is a company active in researching, designing, and develop engineering project (as power plants, oil pipeline) in Italy and abroad.

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who is iat photovoltaic market in italy why we are contacting you why you need us



Who is IAT

Photovoltaic Market in Italy

Why we are contacting you

Why you need us


Who is IAT (1)

IAT is a company active in researching, designing, and develop engineering project (as power plants, oil pipeline) in Italy and abroad.

IAT is leader in certifying protection from ionizing radiations, industrial verifications and quality certifications of industrial plants.

I.A.T was appointed ”High Qualified Laboratory” by the Minister of University and Scientific and Technological Research (G.U. n°249 of 22/10/85), and its activities for tecnological innovation done for third parties are financed for 50% with sunk capital with the maximum limit of Euro 200.000 per year and per organization (D.Lgs 297/99).

IAT is ISO9001 certified.

during the last 25 years iat had worked for

Who is IAT (2)

During the last 25 years IAT had worked for


Photovoltaic Market in Italy (1)

The Italian PV market is still in its infancy but is likely to grow rapidly from 2006 onwards. It has the potential to become one of the world's most important PV markets.

The total installed power of PV systems in Italy by the end of 2005 was 36 (MWp). Current estimates for 2006 are 30-53 MWp. The government target is to have 1000 MWp installed by 2015.

Italy could follow Spain in the development of many large solar farm projects. In this early stage of market development, a clear trend in this direction is not yet visible.


Photovoltaic Market in Italy (2)

  • Tariff valid for 20 years
  • Tariff indexed on inflation rate
  • Tariff Four time the energy market price

Legal framework in Italy

The national government launched a feed-in tariff for solar energy systems in July 2005. The tariff has been further updated and first effects are now visible.

  • The Incentive Scheme is regulated by
    • the Ministerial Decree of 28 July 2005 of MPA* Activities
    • the Ministerial Decree of 6 February 2006 of MPA*
    • the Ministerial Decree of 19 February 2007 of MPA* which implemented Legislative Decree No. 387 of 29 December 2003 ("Decree No. 387/03")

* Ministry of Productive Activities


Photovoltaic Market in Italy (3)

The attractive financial incentives (national and regional)

the good climatic conditions

the availability of free land

…create excellent conditions for rapid growth.

Italian market offers a large potential and is attractive for companies to move into the PV business and/or to expand existing PV business activities

Already several foreign companies took over shares in existing companies or started new branches…


Photovoltaic Market in Italy (4)

  • The Italian PV Industry is in its early stage.
  • There are few small companies that provides PV plants and their services are limited to the istallation of standard field plants.
  • They offered small solutions (around 50-100kW) to private owners, installing cells and modules imported almost from German and US.
  • They always have partnership with small Banks that propose standards financial product to finance the PV markets.
  • At the moment the only big player is ENEL.SI a branch of ENEL group. They are planning a PV plant of 6MW near the Montalto di castro Power plant.

Why we are contacting you?

IAT intends to exploit the opportunities that are groiwing fast in the Italian PV markets

  • IAT is confident that Real Estate companies and Building companies will seek for operators that could offer:
  • well integrated PV solutions
  • installation and design of big plants, around 1 to 5 MW
  • maintenance and control of the plants installed
  • financial solutions to improve investor returns

No one is offering these services right now. IAT wants to fill the gap!


Why we are contacting you?

IAT has the skills to design and install completed integrated plant.

In over 20 years of experience…

IAT has designed big industrial plants

IAT had an active role in many industrial projects (…)

IAT has the contacts to enter new markets for PV plants in Italy

IAT has worked for some of the most important Real Estate funds.

IAT has offered well integrated power solutions to many developers for building low energy consumption assets.

IAT has deeply knowledge of the PV legal framework in Italy


Why we are contacting you?

IAT needs a big Industrial partner that could

  • provide great volume of cells and module at competitive price
  • provide high efficency cells
  • guarantee cells performance over 20 years (guarantee performance bonds)

It is the oportunity to enter directly in one of the most profitable PV market in the world.

It is the occasion to sell cells directly to consumers at prices that double yours, to catch the entire margin of cells productions.

It is the chance to get into the new rich markets that IAT sees for PV aplications