the ocean habitat l.
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The Ocean Habitat

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The Ocean Habitat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Ocean Habitat An ocean is a large, deep body of salt water. Oceans cover three-fourths of Earth. Different plants and animals live in different parts of the ocean. Parts of the Ocean Tide Pools Kelp Forest Open Ocean Deep Sea Tide Pools

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The Ocean Habitat

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parts of the ocean
Parts of the Ocean
  • Tide Pools
  • Kelp Forest
  • Open Ocean
  • Deep Sea
Tide pools are rocky areas on the edge of an ocean that are filled with sea water.
  • Many plants and animals live there.
Tide pools form when the ocean covers the beach twice a day.
  • Some of the plants and animals that live close to the sea are covered when the tide washes over them.
  • They have to be able to survive in both wet and dry conditions.
more tide pool animals
More Tide Pool Animals

Sea Anemone


  • Algae is a very common plant found in the ocean.
  • There are many different kinds of algae.
  • Many animals of the ocean depend on algae for their food.
The kelp forest is a forest, but it is not a forest of trees.
  • It is made of seaweed called giant kelp.
During a storm kelp is often washed up onto the shore and flung into the tide pool.
  • Kelp is eaten by many animals in the tide pool.


Red Coralline Algae

  • Like a forest on land, a kelp forest is full of life.
As the ocean gets deeper, it gets colder and darker.
  • With no sunlight, there are no plants.
Food is scarce in the deep sea. The fish that live there must rely on what little food floats down from above.

Zoarcid Fish

Deep-sea fish usually have big mouths, long sharp teeth, and stretchy stomachs to catch prey in the dark and swallow it whole.


living in the dark at deep depths these animals are rarely seen by human beings
Living in the dark at deep depths, these animals are rarely seen by human beings.


Viper Fish

Brachyuran Crab