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LT 741 Team C Presents Student Services in Distance Education PowerPoint Presentation
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LT 741 Team C Presents Student Services in Distance Education

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LT 741 Team C Presents Student Services in Distance Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LT 741 Team C Presents Student Services in Distance Education. Introducing Team C. Jan Brockel. Lives near Selby, South Dakota. Teaches 7 th and 8 th grade history and German. Discussing Library Services. Barb Glanzer. Lives in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

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Presentation Transcript

LT 741

Team C


Student Services in Distance Education


Jan Brockel

  • Lives near Selby, South Dakota
  • Teaches 7th and 8th grade history and German
  • Discussing Library Services

Barb Glanzer

  • Lives in Aberdeen, South Dakota
  • Teaches math and German at Simmons Middle School
  • Married and has a 2 ½ year old son
  • Graduated from USD
  • Discussing Advising

Brad Brockmueller

  • Lives in Hartford, South Dakota
  • Teaches Web publishing and computer applications at Madison High School
  • Married
  • Will graduate in May
  • Discussing Technical Assistance

Al Bierschbach

  • Lives in Madison, South Dakota
  • Teaches Math
  • Married with 3 ½ year old boy and a –0.25 year old girl (Did I mention Al teaches math)
  • Will graduate in May
  • Discussing Tutoring

Lesa Lee

  • Lives in Madison, South Dakota
  • Teaches K-3 at a Hutterite Colony
  • Married with teenagers ( boy and girl)
  • Will Graduate in May
  • Introducing, Summarizing, Managing


Learner Services for Web Delivered Courses

The perspective of the learner - especially the working adult learner often typical within distance education programs - are often different from institutional or faculty perspectives. Very often, services within the institution available for on-campus students are not available for off-campus students or not available with the same quality of service. Very likely, institutions are blind to these problems since off-campus students don't storm over to administrators offices to protest; they likely either endure begrudgingly or just don't enroll in the future and drop off the institution's radar.  Faculty may feed this student frustration by erroneously assuming that student services such as library reserves, quality academic advising, access to licensed on-line commercial databases, and digital reprint services are readily available to distance students.




  • A necessity
  • DE students feel isolated and disadvantaged without
  • Provides feedback/contact
  • Face to face is preference


  • DE students entitled to personal advising assistance
  • One-on-one support
  • Available day and evening hours


  • Equity on-campus and off-campus
  • Human interaction important
  • Ask a librarian e-mail reference
  • Access to many databases
  • Electronic research tools
  • Tutorials and training for DE students
  • Librarian chat service
  • Electronic delivery of documents


  • User diagnostics
  • Vender support
  • University help desk
  • Website to report technical problems