insights into global e business standards
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Insights into Global e-Business Standards

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OASIS Insights into Global e-Business Standards 2003 PhRMA IMPACC Washington April 15, 2003 Patrick Gannon President & CEO, OASIS e-Business Web Services Interoperability Issues The Dawn of a New Era Built on Service Oriented Architecture Fundamental Issues that Must be Addressed

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insights into global e business standards

Insights into Global e-Business Standards



April 15, 2003

Patrick Gannon

President & CEO, OASIS

Copyright OASIS, 2002

fundamental issues that must be addressed
Fundamental Issues that Must be Addressed
  • A common framework for Web service interactions based on open standards
  • An agreed set of vocabularies and interactions for specific industries or common functions
  • Coordination of cross-industry adoption of enabling infrastructure standards
    • resource management, security, identity, business process, etc.

Copyright OASIS, 2003

“for this service-oriented scenario to happen, there needs to be standardization of the types of messages and data exchanges”

Douglas Barry

Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures

- The Savvy Manager’s Guide

Copyright OASIS, 2003

achieving sustainable business benefits through a common web service framework
Achieving Sustainable Business Benefits through a Common Web Service Framework

In this post-dot-com era, end user companies are expecting more liquidity and longevity of their assets.

To achieve the ROI, Cost Reduction and Service Expansion benefits expected; the widespread deployment of standards-based Web services is essential.

Copyright OASIS, 2003

a common ws framework is essential
A Common WS Framework is Essential
  • To provide a sustainable foundation,
  • That will allow end-user companies to achieve the payback they require,
  • To invest widely in the service-oriented architecture.

Copyright OASIS, 2003

e strategies for industry
E-Strategies for Industry
  • Industry Associations participate in defining requirements with technology sector through open consortia collaborations
    • Example: OASIS e-Govt., LegalXML & Tax XML
  • Industry Groups adopt open, global standards for information exchange
    • Example: UK e-Envoy e-Govt. Interop. Framework, OASIS-UNCEFACT ebXML Standards
  • Industry Associations should facilitate bringing Small-Medium Business into Internet e-Business environment
    • Example: ebXML Open Source software

Copyright OASIS, 2003

oasis one membership many opportunities

One Membership – Many Opportunities

Copyright OASIS, 2002


OASIS drives the


convergence &


of e-business standards. 

Copyright OASIS, 2003

  • OASIS is a member consortium dedicated to building systems interoperability specifications
  • We focus on industry applications of structured information standards, ( XML, SGML, & CGM )
  • Members of OASIS are providers, users and specialists of standards-based technologies
    • Include organizations, individuals & industry groups
    • More than 600 members
  • International, Not-for-profit, Open, Independent
  • Successful through industry-wide collaboration

Copyright OASIS, 2003

oasis relationships
OASIS relationships
  • Attempt to cooperate and liaise with other standards organizations as much as possible
    • Avoid duplication, promote interoperability
    • Gain sanction/authority for OASIS work
  • Working and Formal relationships with
    • W3C, OMG, IDEAlliance, OAG, CommerceNet
    • ISO/IEC JTC SC34, ISO TC154 (Cat. A Liaison)
    • ITU-T A.4 and A.5 Recognition
    • ISO, IEC, ITU, UN-ECE Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for E-Business

Copyright OASIS, 2003

international agencies
International Agencies
  • Tradegate ECA (Australia)
  • Bankers Assoc of ROC
  • NII Enterprise Promotion Agency (Taiwan)
  • University of Hong Kong
  • Korea ECIF
  • Ontario Government of Canada
  • Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
  • European Parliament
  • EAN International
  • UK Office of e-Envoy
  • UK Ministry of Defence Technical Information
  • UK Inland Revenue
  • Belastingdienst, Netherlands
  • REACH – Government of Ireland
  • Centro Tecnico per la Rete Unitaria
  • Yugoslavia Federal Customs Administration

Copyright OASIS, 2003

current technical committees
Current Technical Committees
  • Education XML
  • E-Government
  • Election and Voter Services
  • Emergency XML
  • Entity Resolution
  • Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI)
  • Human Markup
  • LegalXML Court Filing
  • LegalXML eContracts
  • LegalXML eNotarization
  • LegalXML Integrated Justice
  • LegalXML Lawful Intercept
  • LegalXML Legislative Information
  • LegalXML Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)
  • LegalXML Transcripts
  • Localization Interchange (XLIFF)
  • Access Control (XACML)
  • Auto Repair
  • Business Transaction Protocol (BTP)
  • Common Biometric Format (XCBF)
  • Conformance
  • Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM)
  • Controlled Trade
  • Customer Information Quality (CIQ)
  • Digital Signature Services (DSS)
  • Directory Services (DSML)
  • DocBook
  • ebXML Collaborative Partners (CPPA)
  • ebXML Implementation, Interoperability (IIC)
  • ebXML Messaging
  • ebXML Registry

Copyright OASIS, 2003

current technical committees cont
Current Technical Committees (cont.)
  • Management Protocol
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Open Office XML Format
  • Provisioning Services (SPML)
  • Rights Language (RLTC)
  • Security Services (SAML)
  • Tax XML
  • Topic Maps Published Subjects
  • Topic Maps Published Subjects for Geography and Language
  • Topic Maps Vocabulary for XML Standards
  • Translation Web Services
  • UDDI Specifications
  • Universal Business Language
  • User Interface (UIML)
  • Web Services Distributed Mgmt
  • Web Services for Interactive Applications (WSIA)
  • Web Services Reliable Messaging
  • Web Services Remote Portal (WSRP)
  • Web Services Security (WSS)
  • XSLT Conformance

Copyright OASIS, 2003

oasis technical committees e commerce
OASIS Technical Committees – e-Commerce
  • ebXML Message Service
  • ebXML Registry (RIM, RS)
  • ebXML Collaborative Partner Profile & Agreement (CPP, CPA)
  • ebXML Interoperability, Implementation and Conformance (IIC)
  • Customer Information Quality (CIQ) [CRM]
  • Business Transaction Protocol (BTP)
  • Universal Business Language (UBL)

Copyright OASIS, 2003

oasis technical committees security
OASIS Technical Committees – Security
  • Access Control (XACML)
  • Application Vulnerability Definition Language (AVDL)
  • Common Biometric Format (XCBF)
  • Digital Signature Services (DSS)
  • Security Services (SAML)
  • Provisioning Services (SPML)
  • Rights Language
  • Web Services Security (WS-S)

- - - - -

  • Security Standards Joint Committee

Copyright OASIS, 2003

oasis technical committees web services
OASIS Technical Committees – Web Services
  • Translation Web Services
  • Universal Description, Discovery & Integration (UDDI)
  • Web Services for Interactive Applications
  • Web Services for Remote Portals
  • Web Services Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)
  • Web Services Distributed Management
  • Web Services Reliable Messaging
  • + eCommerce TCs
  • + Security TCs

Copyright OASIS, 2003

oasis technical committees public sector industry
OASIS Technical Committees – Public Sector - Industry
  • Automotive Repair Information
  • Controlled Trade Markup Language
  • e-Government (Requirements & Implementation)
  • e-Procurement Standardization
  • Education XML
  • Election & Voter Services
  • Emergency Management
  • Tax XML
  • LegalXML Member Section

Copyright OASIS, 2003

legalxml member section
LegalXML Member Section
  • Current Technical Committee
    • Electronic Court Filings
    • Electronic Contracts
    • Lawful Intercept
    • Legal Transcripts
    • Integrated Justice
    • Electronic Notarization
    • Legislative Information
    • Online Dispute Resolution (ORDxml)
  • New Discussion Lists Started & in Planning
    • Court Documents
    • Legal Citations
    • Criminal Justice
    • Intelligence Systems

Copyright OASIS, 2003

oasis technical committees information description
OASIS Technical Committees – Information Description
  • Directory Services (DSML)
  • Entity Resolution
  • Extensible Resource Identifier (XRI)
  • HumanMarkup
  • Localization Interchange (XLIFF)
  • User Interface Markup Language (UIML)
  • Open Office XML Format

Copyright OASIS, 2003

oasis member sections
OASIS Member Sections
  • A group of OASIS members with its own identify and governance, devoted to a specific topic
    • LegalXML (Mar. 2002)
    • UDDI (July 2002)
    • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) (Nov. 2002)

Copyright OASIS, 2003



The Global Standard for Electronic Business, and eBusiness Web Services

Copyright OASIS, 2002

United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business

Developers of EDIFACT

One of four organizations in the world that can set de jure standards

World’s largest independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the standardization of XML applications

More than 600 companies and individual members

Copyright OASIS, 2003

continuing ebxml work
Continuing ebXML Work
  • Specifications completed May 2001; available at
  • Infrastructure work continuing at OASIS
    • Messaging
    • Collaborative Partner
    • Interoperability, Implementation, Conformance
    • Registry & Repository
  • Content-related work continuing at UN/CEFACT
    • Business Process
    • Core Components

Copyright OASIS, 2003

ebxml software products
ebXML Software Products
  • Bind Systems - BindPartner Bus. Collab. Platform (BPSS, WSDL, SOAP)
  • BitDaemons Ltd. - Octimal (ebXML MS)
  • Briyante - ebMS (ebXML MS, CPPA, RIM, BPSS)
  • bTrade– (ebXML MS)
  • Cyclone Commerce - (ebXML MS)
  • Dasan Technology (Korea) - TagFree (ebXML MS, SOAP, UDDI)
  • ebXMLsoft - ebXMLsoft RIM (ebXML RIM v2)
  • eXcelon - Excelon BPM (ebXML MS, CPPA, BPSS)
  • Fujitsu - Interstage (ebXML MS, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, RNIF)
  • Global Exchange Services (GXS) - (ebXML MS)
  • HanMaek Information Technology (Korea) - ebXML Messaging Server
  • IPNet Solutions - (ebXML MS)
  • IONA Technologies - Orbix E2A Collaborate (ebXML MS, RIM, BPSS, RNIF)
  • Kildara Corporation – Vitiris (ebXML MS, RIM, RS)
  • Kinzan - Adaptive Web Services Suite (ebXML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI)
  • Korea Trade Network (KTNET) – XENI & GXML Hub (ebXML MS, CPPA, RIM, RS)

Copyright OASIS, 2003

ebxml software products cont d
ebXML Software Products – cont’d
  • Oracle – Oracle 9i Application Server (ebXML, RosettaNet, SOAP, WSDL)
  • Sterling Commerce - Sterling Integrator (ebXML MS, SOAP, WSDL, BPML)
  • Sun Microsystems – JAXM (SOAP, ebXML MS)
  • Sybase – Business Process Integration Suite (SOAP, WSDL, ebXML, RNIF)
  • TIBCO Software – ActiveExchange (ebXML MS, RNIF, EDIFACT, X12, cXML, xCBL, BizTalk)
  • Vitria – BusinessWare Integration Platform (ebXML MS, BPSS, CC, VCML, UBL)
  • webMethods – Integration Platform (ebXML MS, RNIF, SOAP, WSDL)
  • XML Global – GoXML (ebXML MS, RIM, RS, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI)
  • Zenaptix – Xeco (ebXML MS, CPPA, BPSS)

Open Source Efforts

  • freebXML - (Open Source ebXML MS, RIM & RS) -
  • Open ebXML - (Open Source ebXML MS, RIM & RS) -
  • Open Source ebXML Registry -

Copyright OASIS, 2003

future strategies

Future Strategies

Copyright OASIS, 2002

phrma oasis potential
PhRMA & OASIS Potential
  • Organization executive & staff interactions and membership
  • Pharmaceutical Data eBusiness Framework
  • Identification of Best Practices for eBusiness Frameworks, Security, etc.
  • Joint Promotion of Adoption & Implementation Pilot Projects
  • Focus Area for XML Standards

Copyright OASIS, 2003

for more information
For more information...

Patrick Gannon

President & CEO

[email protected]

+1.978.667.5115 x201 (office)

+1.408.242.1018 (mobile)

Copyright OASIS, 2003