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Information Technology Robotics PowerPoint Presentation
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Information Technology Robotics

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Information Technology Robotics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information Technology Robotics

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  1. CA Easter Mini-Project Information Technology Robotics

  2. Introduction • In 20th century, robotics is widely used in Industry, teaching, medicine and science… • Robotics has its own ‘’brain’’, they are able to derive what they need to do, able to move from 1 place to another place. They can learn from the experience and enhance their working ability.

  3. The develop of Robotics

  4. Made in 1980’s Made in 1990’s, used for teaching Mindstorm made by Lego Aibo, a famous robotics dog made by Sony

  5. What is the advantage of using the robot?? What is the use of the robot??

  6. Modern uses of Robots • People are interested in places that are sometimes full of danger, like outer space, or the deep ocean. They make robots that can go there. The robots are able to carry cameras and other instruments so that they can collect information and send it back to their human operators.

  7. Modern uses of Robots • When doing a job, robots can do many things faster than humans. Robots do not need to be paid, eat, drink, or go to the bathroom like people.  They can do repetitive works that are absolutely boring to people and they will not stop, slow down, or fall to sleep like a human.

  8. Modern uses of Robots • The new robot technology is making interesting types of toys that children will like to play with.  One new robotic toy is the "Aibo" - Sony Corporation's robotic dog. - and continues to be very popular all over the world. • Another is the "LEGO MINDSTORMS" robot construction kit which is developed by the LEGO company with M.I.T. scientists, let kids create and program their own robots. 

  9. There are many races hold for the teenagers to take part in. These kind of race can provide a active and funny way for kits to learn and think more. Modern uses of Robots

  10. How about disadvantage?? I hate robotics because……

  11. Disadvantage • Over-using the robots, the human will become lazy since the robots can help us finish hundreds of works. • Moreover, the people will be antisocial since they don’t need to contact with others. • Although the cost of the robots decreased, but the cost is still quite high, not all of family can handle it.

  12. Conclusion Though the robotics were created as same as the living thing and there are so many advantage on using the robotics, but they still cannot replace the human and the human cannot clinging on the robotics.

  13. Are you interested? • Don’t you want a robotics?? • To work for you • To be friend with you

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