how to color every other line in an excel spreadsheet l.
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How to color every other line in an Excel spreadsheet PowerPoint Presentation
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How to color every other line in an Excel spreadsheet

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How to color every other line in an Excel spreadsheet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to color every other line in an Excel spreadsheet. By Jim Gordon 2/15/2007. The Request.

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the request
The Request

“I'm wondering if there's a way to color every other line with a slight grey color, using Normal view, in such a way that even if you Sort the data on those lines, the grey banding still remains where they are. I want to do this to produce a more readable document.

I've manually done this this alternative color banding, but whenever I re-sort the data, the colors get all messed up.”

short answer
Short Answer
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    • The following presentation is based upon Chip Pearson’s instructions
      • Chip Pearson and Jim Gordon are Microsoft MVPs
step by step for excel 2004
Step-By-Step for Excel 2004
  • Excel offers 56 default colors. The default gray is probably too dark
  • Step #1 - Create a nice shade of gray to use
    • Excel Menu > Preferences > Color
    • Select a color then click the Modify button
step 2 set the shade of gray
Step #2 - Set the shade of gray
  • In the Colors picker click the Sliders button
  • Change the pop-up to RGB Sliders
  • Set the all three sliders to 233
  • Click OK
    • This change is global
      • Within this workbook
        • Changes everything using this color
  • Click OK to close preferences
step 3 choose a column
Step #3 - Choose a Column
  • Pick an empty column.
    • It will be filled with a formula.
    • Select the cell in row 1 of the column you wish to use
  • Example:
    • This example uses the right-most column, IV
    • Select cell A1
    • Hold the Control key Down and then press the Right Arrow key to move to cell IV1 (right-most top cell)
step 4 enter formula
Step #4 - Enter Formula
  • Type or paste this formula into the cell
    • =MOD(ROW()-1,2)+1<=1
  • Click the column header to highlight the entire column
  • On the Edit menu choose Fill > Down
    • The formula populates down the column
    • Every other row will be TRUE or FALSE
step 5 conditional format
Step #5 - Conditional Format
  • Click the Select All Cells button (diamond)
  • From the Format menu choose Conditional Formatting
  • Change pop-up to Formula is and enter or paste the special formula we used =MOD(ROW()-1,2)+1<=1
  • Click the Format button
  • Select the Patterns tab
  • Click the nice gray shade we made
  • Click OK
  • Click OK
step 6 finishing touches
Step #6 - Finishing Touches
  • While all cells are selected
    • Format > Cells > Border
    • Under Presets click Outline then Insidebuttons
    • Click OK
  • Click column header of the column containing the special formula cells
    • Format > Column > Hide
  • Edit > GoTo > A1(you have to type A1) > OK
  • Done!