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Horizontal Milling Machines and Accessories

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Horizontal Milling Machines and Accessories - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Horizontal Milling Machines and Accessories. Session 12. Horizontal Milling Machines. Manufacturing-type Cutter height is controlled by vertical movement of headstock Special-type Designed for specific milling operations Knee-and-column-type

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Horizontal Milling Machines and Accessories

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Presentation Transcript
horizontal milling machines
Horizontal Milling Machines
  • Manufacturing-type
    • Cutter height is controlled by vertical movement of headstock
  • Special-type
    • Designed for specific milling operations
  • Knee-and-column-type
    • Relationship between cutter height and work controlled by vertical movement of table
manufacturing type
  • Used primarily for quantity production of identical parts
  • Distinctive features
    • Automatic cycle of cutter and work approach
    • Rapid movement during non-cutting cycle
    • Automatic spindle stop
manufacturing type4
  • Two common types
    • Plain manufacturing type
    • Small plain automatic knee and column type
special type machines
Special-Type Machines
  • Designed for individual milling operations
  • Used for only one particular type of job
  • Completely automatic
  • Employed when hundreds or thousands of similar pieces are to be machined
machining centers
Machining Centers
  • Capable of handling wide variety of work all in one setup
    • Straight and contour milling, drilling, reaming, tapping, and boring
  • Capable of high production rates while still maintaining high degree of accuracy
    • Rugged construction, reliable controls
    • Anti-backlash ball screws
knee and column type milling machines
Knee-and-Column-TypeMilling Machines
  • Machines in this class fall into three categories:
    • Plain horizontal milling machine
    • Universal horizontal milling machines
    • Vertical milling machines
universal horizontal milling machines
Universal Horizontal Milling Machines
  • Difference from plain horizontal machine is addition of table swivel housing
    • Located between table and saddle
    • Permits table to be swiveled 45º in either direction in a horizontal plane
  • Used for milling of helical grooves in twist drills, milling cutters, and gears
milling machine parts
Milling Machine Parts
  • Base
    • Gives support and rigidity to machine
    • Acts as reservoir for cutting fluids
  • Column face
    • Precision-machined and scraped section used to support and guide knee when moved vertically
  • Knee
    • Houses feed mechanism
    • Attached to column face and moved vertically
milling machine parts13
Milling Machine Parts
  • Saddle
    • On top of knee
    • Moved in or out by

means of crossfeed

handwheel (manually

or automatically)

  • Swivel table housing
    • Fastened to saddle on

universal milling


    • Enables table to be swiveled 45º either side of centerline
milling machine parts14
Milling Machine Parts
  • Table
    • Rests on guideways in saddle and travels left and right
    • Supports vise and work
  • Crossfeed handwheel
    • Used to move table in and out
  • Table handwheel
    • Used to move table left and right
milling machine parts15
Milling Machine Parts
  • Feed dial
    • Used to regulate table feeds
  • Spindle
    • Provides drive for attachments, arbors, cutters
  • Overarm
    • Provides for correct alignment and support of arbor and various attachments
    • Can be adjusted and locked in various positions
milling machine parts16
Milling Machine Parts
  • Arbor support
    • Fitted to overarm and can be clamped
    • Aligns and supports various attachments
  • Elevating screw
    • Gives upward or downward movement to knee and table (manually or automatically)
  • Spindle speed dial
    • Set by crank used to regulate spindle speed
backlash eliminator
Backlash Eliminator
  • Eliminates backlash (play) between nut and table lead screw
    • Permits operation of climb (down) milling
    • Two independent nuts mounted on lead screw
    • Nuts engage common crown gear which meshes with rack
    • Axial movement of rack controlled by backlash eliminator engaging knob on front of saddle
    • Turning knob in, nuts forced to move along lead screw in opposite directions
milling machine accessories
Milling Machine Accessories
  • Wide variety of accessories greatly increase versatility and productivity
  • Accessories classed as fixtures or attachments
    • Work-holding device fastened to table
    • Designed to hold workpieces that cannot be readily held in vise or when large quantities are to be machined
milling machine attachments
Milling Machine Attachments
  • Designed to hold special attachment that increase versatility of machine
    • Vertical, high-speed, universal, rack milling, slotting
  • Designed to hold standard cutters
    • Arbors, collets, and adapters
  • Designed to hold workpiece
    • Vise, rotary table, indexing (dividing) head
vertical milling attachment
Vertical Milling Attachment
  • Enables plain or universal milling machine to be used as a vertical milling machine
    • Mounted on face of column or overarm
  • Angular surfaces made by swiveling head, parallel to face of column up to 45º either side of vertical
  • Used for face milling, end milling, drilling, boring and T-slot milling
  • Universal milling attachment modification allows swiveling in two planes for cutting compound angles
rack milling attachment
Rack Milling Attachment
  • Used to mill longer gear racks (flat gears) than could be cut with standard horizontal milling machine
    • Rack indexing attachment included
slotting attachment
Slotting Attachment
  • Converts rotary motion of spindle into reciprocating motion
    • Cutting keyways, splines, templates, and irregularly shaped surfaces
  • Length of stroke controlled by adjustable crank
  • Tool slide may be swiveled to any angle in plane parallel to face of column
  • Arbors
    • Used for mounting milling cutter
    • Inserted and held in main spindle by draw bolt
  • Shell-end mill arbors
    • Permit face milling horizontally or vertically
    • Fit into main spindle
collets and adapters
Collets and Adapters
  • Collet adapters
    • used for mounting drills or other tapered-shank tools in main spindle of machine or vertical milling attachment
  • Quick-change adapter
    • Mounted in spindle
    • Permits such operations as drilling, boring, and milling without change in setup of workpiece
milling machine vises
Milling Machine Vises
  • Plain vise
    • Jaws parallel or 90º to axis of spindle
milling machine vises28
Milling Machine Vises
  • Swivel base vise
    • Can swivel through 360º in horizontal plane
milling machine vises29
Milling Machine Vises
  • Universal vise
    • Can swivel through 360º in horizontal plane and tilted from 0º to 90 in vertical plane
fixturing systems

Easy-to-adjust Stop

indexing or dividing head
Indexing or Dividing Head
  • Permits cutting of bolt heads, gear teeth, ratchets
  • Revolve work as required to cut helical gears and flutes in drills, reamers, and other tools
    • When connected to lead screw of milling machine