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EPIMS: ID Maintenance

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EPIMS: ID Maintenance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EPIMS: ID Maintenance. Tuesday & Wednesday April 24 – 25, 2007 Web-Conference Training. Agenda. Using ID maintenance Assigning MEPIDs MEPID conflict cases Looking up MEPIDs Updating characteristics How to get started Security roles Timeline/Questions.

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Presentation Transcript
epims id maintenance

EPIMS: ID Maintenance

Tuesday & Wednesday

April 24–25, 2007

Web-Conference Training

  • Using ID maintenance
  • Assigning MEPIDs
    • MEPID conflict cases
  • Looking up MEPIDs
  • Updating characteristics
  • How to get started
    • Security roles
  • Timeline/Questions
epims education personnel information management system
EPIMS(Education Personnel Information Management System)

MEPID(Massachusetts Education Personnel ID)

epims homepage
EPIMS Homepage

ID Maintenance

on the “Nav” Bar

Your organization

inputting data
Inputting Data
  • Accuracy is important
  • Capitalization is not
mepid assignment
Mandatory fields

First name

Middle name/initial/NMN

Last name

Date of birth


License number

Should be entered if one exists

Enter “00” if individual does not have a DOE license, “01” if not known

Local employee number

Enter “0” if district does not use local employee numbers

MEPID Assignment

MEPID Assignment File

Header Line

File Type

District Code




3 Records of Data

Data format

FirstName,MiddleName/Initial,LastName,DOB,Gender,LicenseNumber, LocalEmployeeNumber

assign a group of mepids10
Assign a Group of MEPIDs

Click “Browse” to find the file on your computer

error in file structure
Error in File Structure


NOTE: The district code should always be the eight digit code from the district through which you have permission to access EPIMS.

The first four digits of the code are specific to your district. The next four digits are all zero.

returned files
Returned Files
  • Files are checked for errors
  • User is notified via email when complete
  • User logs in to EPIMS for results
    • Goes to Assign a Group of MEPIDs


    • Goes to Reports and ID Maintenance Report
    • The file will be in the Transmitted File History box at either location
view the results
View the Results
  • File History available in 2 places
    • Assign MEPIDs to a Group of Individuals
    • Reports > ID Maintenance
assignment results mepids assigned
Assignment Results: MEPIDs Assigned

File Name

List of MEPIDs Assigned

assignment results mepids assigned17
Assignment Results: MEPIDs Assigned
  • These records are ready to be downloaded and input into your local system

Option to download assigned MEPIDs is at the bottom of the “MEPIDs Assigned” box

assignment results mepids already exist
Assignment Results:MEPIDs Already Exist
  • Occurs when trying to assign a MEPID
    • System suspects the individual may already be in database
  • Decision to create a conflict case is made by the user
    • NOTE: SIMS creates a case automatically
  • Resolution of conflict is made by DOE staff
assignment results mepids already exist19
Assignment Results: MEPIDs Already Exist

Next box on page is for conflicts: “MEPIDs Already Exist”

Choose to create a conflict case

assignment results mepids already exist20
Assignment Results: MEPIDs Already Exist

Select “continue” at the bottom of the “MEPIDs Already Exist” box to create conflict cases for all the checked records.

There is also the option to download the conflicts.

assignment results mepids already exist21
Assignment Results: MEPIDs Already Exist

If possible conflicts exist, the procedure should be:

  • Enter additional information (e.g., middle name instead of initial, license number instead of 01 for “not known”) or clarify existing information.
  • Check that you have not already included this person in a previous file uploaded by your district.
  • If steps 1 and 2 are unsuccessful in eliminating the problem, create a conflict case.
review conflicts
Review Conflicts
  • Resolved MEPID Conflict Cases
    • DOE staff to resolve
    • Resolution time is within 1–2 business days
  • Unresolved MEPID Conflict Cases
    • DOE staff will contact the district if the case cannot be resolved without district assistance
  • You will get an alert email when conflicts are resolved.
assignment results records contain errors
Assignment Results: Records Contain Errors

Next box on page is for records with formatting errors: “Records Contain Errors”

assignment results records contain errors26
Assignment Results: Records Contain Errors
  • Errors must be corrected and records re-transmitted

Option to download “Records Contain Errors”

mepid conflict
MEPID Conflict

link to “create a MEPID Conflict Case”

group lookup
Group Lookup
  • 2 File Types/Headers:
    • WhenLooking Up MEPIDs
    • When Verifying MEPIDs
look up a group of mepids
Look Up a Group of MEPIDs

Similar to Assign a Group of MEPIDs but there are two file types...


MEPID Lookup File

Header Line

File Type

District Code





3 Records of Data

Data format (fields in purple are optional):

FirstName,MiddleName/Initial,LastName,DOB,Gender, LicenseNumber, LocalEmployeeNumber


MEPID Verification File

Header Line

File Type

District Code




3 Records of Data

Data format (fields in purple are optional):

MEPID,FirstName,MiddleName/Initial,LastName,DOB,Gender,LicenseNumber, LocalEmployeeNumber

lookup group results
Lookup Group Results
  • 4 Results Returned for Lookup Results
    • MEPIDs Found
    • MEPIDs Not Found
    • Multiple MEPIDs Found
    • Records Contain Errors
lookup group results37
Lookup Group Results
  • Differ from Assign Group Results
    • Lookup Results are Immediate
    • No confirmation email
    • Results page is temporary, you cannot return to it through the File History or the Reports section
update characteristics
Update Characteristics
  • You must know the individual’s MEPID
update characteristics42
Update Characteristics
  • No more than 2 changes within a two-month period
update characteristics43
Update Characteristics
  • Must provide a reason for the change
who can assign mepids
Who can assign MEPIDs?
  • Districts decide
    • District administration
    • School administration
  • The district’s Directory Administrator assigns EPIMS security roles
epims security roles
EPIMS District Limited

Full access to assign MEPIDs, transmit and validate staff roster and work assignment data, and submit data collection; view related reports

EPIMS Security Roles

EPIMS District Full

Limited access to assign MEPIDs, transmit staff roster and work assignment data but can’t validate the collection; view related reports

EPIMS School

Assign single MEPIDs only, transmit and validate work assignment records (access limited to user’s own school and school-related records); view related reports

EPIMS Certify

Certify collection; view submission and certification history. Supt. Or designee

doe security portal
DOE Security Portal

Address = https://www4.doemass.org

  • May — EPIMS will open for MEPID assignment
  • Summer/Fall — Data Collection trainings
  • Fall — Data Collection will open
  • December — EPIMS Data Collection will close
contact information
Contact Information
  • Website: http://www.doe.mass.edu/infoservices/data/epims/
  • Available for download:
  • Data Handbook and Appendices
  • File Format Document
  • Information Session Presentations by DOE and Pilot Districts
  • Training materials such as FAQ and streaming voice and video demonstration clips
  • Email: epims@doe.mass.edu
  • Phone: 781-338-6810