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Clerkship for class of 2008

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Clerkship for class of 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clerkship for class of 2008 February 20, 2006 Objectives for tonight: Review the basic structure of clerkship Explain information that will help you make appropriate requests and choices regarding: Rotation sequence in core clerkship Electives and family medicine “specials”

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Clerkship for class of 2008

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objectives for tonight
Objectives for tonight:
  • Review the basic structure of clerkship
  • Explain information that will help you make appropriate requests and choices regarding:
    • Rotation sequence in core clerkship
    • Electives and family medicine “specials”
During the Introduction to Practice of Medicine (POM) week (July 24 – 28, 2006), there will be more information given on issues such as marking systems, the Medical Student Performance Record, call, etc.
  • In January 2007 there will be another class meeting regarding Senior Clerkship.
not objectives for tonight
NOT objectives for tonight:
  • Explain marking system in clerkship
  • Details about specific clerkships
  • Information regarding choices of sequence in senior clerkship.
  • Clerkship for the class of 2008 is somewhat different than clerkship for the class of 2007.
    • Clerkship starts 8 weeks earlier
    • Family medicine is now 8 weeks, instead of 4.
    • Emergency medicine is now a required clerkship
    • Surgery is “split” – 4 weeks in 3rd year and 4 weeks in 4th year.
Practice of Medicine (POM) = clerkship.
  • Third year – Core clerkship
  • Fourth year – Senior Clerkship
    • Back to Basics will no longer be a separate component of the curriculum, although some of the content (Medicine and Society, basic science options) will still be taught during Senior Clerkship.
reminder dates
Reminder – dates:
  • ICM ends – June 23/06
  • Vacation – June 24 – July 23/06
  • Introduction to POM – July 24-28
  • Core clerkship – July 31/06 – July 1/07
  • Vacation – July 2 – July 29/07
  • Senior clerkship – July 30/07 – April 25/ 2008
  • Graduation – end of May/08
An elective and vacation can be switched, although the Dean’s office must be notified if this is done.
general principles for core clerkship
General Principles for core clerkship
  • There is no advantage of any particular rotation sequence.
  • Assignment to the sequences will be at random.
exceptions to the general principles
Exceptions to the general principles . . .
  • Personal
    • Eg. getting married, want your vacation month during that time.
  • Research
    • Because summer research projects are 8 weeks, these students will do research during their vacation (4 wks), attend Intro to POM for 1 week, and then start with an elective (4 wks) during which they will complete their research.
exceptions cont d
Exceptions (cont’d)
  • Structured international health elective
    • Pilot project of a group international health experience in Guatemala with an NGO (Pueblo Partisans)
    • This will take place March 12 – April 8th, 2007. Interested students should request the sequence with an elective during this block.
If these exceptions apply to you, we need to hear from you – please register at (address in the handout)
  • You have until Feb. 28th to register.
  • We will then generate the schedule, which should be available by mid March.
overlap period july 31 august 27 2006
Overlap period – July 31 - August 27, 2006
  • Because the class of 2008 is starting clerkship early, there will be a 4 week overlap period with the class of 2007.
  • Class of 2007 will be doing their last month of clerkship while Class of 2008 will be doing their first month.
  • Students in groups 3 or 4 (elective or family medicine in the first two periods) should act by April or May regarding electives and family medicine requests.
  • Our deadline for the first elective (July 31 – Aug 27) is June 9, 2006.
  • Deadlines for all electives are on the UGME website (under electives).
elective in core clerkship
Elective in Core Clerkship
  • Use it to broaden your experience
  • Try out areas that you might be interested in as a career, especially if they are not a required part of the curriculum.
  • Remember that you will have at least two, and possibly 3 or 4 other electives before your MSPR is sent into the resident matching service.
elective in core clerkship21
Elective in Core clerkship
  • Those of you who are interested in a surgical career may wish to do an elective in a surgical area.
  • Elective application forms are available from Eva and are also on the web.
  • A binder with a list of various elective experiences from all over the world is also available at the counter in front of Eva’s desk.
family medicine
Family Medicine
  • Family medicine consists of two rotations of 4 weeks each, an urban and a rural experience.
  • Some public health teaching is included within the family medicine rotation.
  • Family medicine will on occasion authorize “specials” – ie family medicine rotations done outside of the usual McGill sites.
  • All requests for “specials” go to Dr. Lisa Graves, clerkship director, Family Medicine.