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ASFMS. 2008 Accomplishments Walking the Talk Together. One of the Largest Middle School in the State of RI. 1,300+ Students 6 th – 8 th ! “High Performing” Too!!!. Teacher Evaluations:.

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2008 Accomplishments

Walking the Talk Together

one of the largest middle school in the state of ri
One of the Largest Middle School in the State of RI

1,300+ Students 6th – 8th!

“High Performing” Too!!!

teacher evaluations
Teacher Evaluations:
  • Never mind that our small administrative staff evaluated such a large staff, an accomplishment in itself, but…

Teacher performance was aligned to the Goals of the School Improvement Team!

Way to go EVERYONE!!!

the bus duty squad survived

The Bus Duty Squad Survived!

Thanks to…Kim Sturdahl, Keri Potvin, Kevin Seekell,Tim Vesey, Rekha Sara, Diane Kowal, Rachel Houlihan, Cate Wallace, Judy Coutu, and Janet Bliss

all ASFMS students have arrived and departed school safely, some with breakfast in their tummies and bruises on their faces and knees.

6 th grade joined us
6th Grade Joined Us!!!

Our school is a much better place with you here!

accomplishments of the literacy action team

Accomplishments of the Literacy Action Team

Mary Lou Bettez, Sandy Clunan, Cynthia Ballard, Tao Albrecht, Bob Jordan, Susan Murphy, Shawn Henderson, and Tracey Whitehead

literacy walks staff participates
Jackie Ricci

Augusto Gomes

Kevin Seekell

Tim Vesey

Stacey Sousa

Keri Potvin

Paula Mercurio

Kristine Pinto

Liz Tattrie

Anthony Ferro

Kathy Tefft

Tony Costa

Constance Tundis

Linda Grandchamp

Patricia Lindley

Wendy Bettez

Nikki Pekrul

Literacy Walks - Staff Participates
literacy team accomplishments
Literacy TeamAccomplishments
  • Development of Literacy Action Plans 07-08 and 08-09
  • Writing of Professional Development Plans for 07-08 and 08-09
  • Participation in Literacy Walk Self-Study Process
  • Collaboration in writing 4 Literacy Walk Reports
  • Facilitation of professional development at faculty meetings
  • Organization / facilitation of April 8th PD Day
thank you
Thank You
  • We cannot thank the faculty enough for their willingness to open their classrooms and craft to the Literacy Walk Process. Many teachers have stepped forward to participate in the work. They have individually and collectively reflected upon best practice in hopes of helping ASFMS move from


paula mercurio and cynthia ballard
Paula Mercurio and Cynthia Ballard

Thank you for opening your classrooms to be videotaped for staff analysis and critique.

personalization action team

Personalization Action Team

“Academic success and personal growth increase markedly when young adolescents’ affective needs are met.”

NMSA (2003)

personalization accomplishments
  • Development of Action Plans 07-08 and 08-09
  • Writing of Professional Development Plans 07-08 and 08-09
  • Alignment of potential goals with ASFMS Mission Statement
  • Creation of a survey/needs assessment
  • Sharing of the data with staff
accomplishments continued
Accomplishments (continued)
  • Facilitation of a faculty meeting
  • Led staff in a card sort activity to determine goals of advisory
  • Analysis of staff feedback to determine priority areas-Advocacy, Community, and Skills
  • Creation of Plan for Summer Work
  • Organization of Advisory Committee
  • Committed to planning PD day in Fall of 08
personalization action team members
Personalization Action Team Members
  • Judy Almy-Coutu
  • Jen Asay
  • Charlie Blanchette
  • Meg Bernardi
  • Cheryl Fram
  • Paula Mercurio
  • Abby Paon
  • Rekha Saran
  • Tracey Whitehead
numeracy action team

Numeracy Action Team

Kevin Seekell

Roger Desaulniers

Cara Banspach

Jen Labrie

Anthony Ferro

Jessica Capaldi

numeracy action team accomplishments
Numeracy Action TeamAccomplishments
  • Numeracy Action Plan
  • Numeracy PD Plans
  • Math skills – games and activities program
family action team

Family Action Team

Courtney Chauvette

Gina Gateman

Rebecca Horton

Michael Almeida

Ted Mitchell

Tim Vesey

Jackie Ricci

family action team accomplishments
Family Action TeamAccomplishments
  • Established ASFMS Family Engagement Policy
  • Developed list of effective means of school-home communication
  • RIPIN Professional Development
  • Assessed School-wide Communication
    • National PTA Schools of Excellence Criteria
ulss accomplishments
ULSS Accomplishments:
  • RTI
  • State Alignment
  • Circles Program
  • URI Collaboration
ulss accomplishments continued
ULSS Accomplishments Continued:
  • Designed program to identify students with attentional and organizational issues (Fall Pilot Program)
  • Teacher Assistant Professional Development Programs
  • Collaboration with Family Enrichment Program.
  • Increased integrative occupational and languageservicesin self-contained classes
alternate assessments
Alternate Assessments
  • Training and completion
  • Laurie Masterson, Kelly Kramer, Kim Vernava, and Kathy Mouradjian
  • Yeah!
laurie masterson need we say more
Laurie Masterson…need we say more?
  • But, if you need to know:
  • A student who couldn’t walk in elementary school now can do so with the aid of a walker!
  • Another student who couldn’t read can now do so…reading 200 or more words without error!
kelly kramer
Kelly Kramer

Is still alive and made it through the year!!!

gina gateman ulss coordinator
Gina Gateman-ULSS Coordinator

For taking on the world of lawyers, advocates, and more and coming out on top…way to go Gina!

udl study participants
UDL Study Participants
  • Cara Banspach and Jen Kilduff
  • Annie Printer and Sue Smith
  • Jackie Ricci and Emily Muzzy

UDL strategies guarantee ALL students access and opportunity to rigorous instruction.

universal design for learning udl study

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Study

Teams of teachers from ASFMS were recruited to participate in a statewide study sponsored by RIC and RIDE.

accomplishments of udl teams
Accomplishments of UDL Teams
  • Participation in professional development and training in January 2008
  • Collaboration to design units of study, lessons, and tasks around UDL principles
  • Videotaped lessons (Cara and Jen)
feinstein after school academy
Feinstein After School Academy

6 Week Programs

Fall 07

Spring 08

100 students in each

connections program
Connections Program

With a staff of 12 volunteers from the senior class of CHS, the school social worker, school psychologist, and intern conducted the program involving 8 ASFMS students in group counseling and team-building activities out of Project Adventure

n y p u m

Positive Reinforcement at Work!

Thank you Mr. Ferro, Dr. Turchetta, & Jen Cole

peer mediation
Peer Mediation

Students helping other peers resolve disputes.

Program Coordinators:

Meg Bernardi, Shawn Henderson, and Sue Davis

s t e p
  • Parenting training
  • Career classes for students
  • Study skills for students

Nice job Sue Davis, Dr. Lou, Felix Sarubbi, Nikki Pekrul, Abby Paon, Trish Dorchies, Kim Vernava, and more…

gymhappy program
GYMhappy Program

A coalition of support staff, self-contained, resource, resource, and team teachers created GYMhappy:

8th grade student model/mentors with self-contained, intensive resource, and other students from grades 6 and 7. Activities included basketball, football, soccer, kickball, and dodgeball.




Division Champions

Three Years in a Row!!!

Thanks to Coach Howman!

wrestling team
Wrestling Team


Division Champions

State Runner-up

Nice job Tim!

boys basketball team
Boys’ Basketball Team


Division Champions

Final Four

Way to go Dennis!

school newspaper
School Newspaper

Linda Middleton and the Panther Team published, The Panther Print.

students against vandalism everywhere s a v e
Students Against Vandalism Everywhere (S.A.V.E.)
  • Mr. Blanchette - Advisor of the Year
  • SAVE - Website of the Year
  • ASFMS SAVE Program - Middle School of the Year

(by Youth Crime Watch of America)

save cleans up asfms

Pride of Place:

SAVE is planting a garden in the front of our school.


A tremendous amount of work organizing the recognition honor roll achievement and citizenship.

Cate Wallace and Kathy Tefft

the robotics club wins awards
The Robotics Club Wins Awards
  • First Lego League: 1st Place, Creative

Presentation Award

  • TSA: 3rd place in Web Page Design,

3rd place in the Robotics Competition

  • Robotics Park: Most Likely to be

patented award, Innovative Design


asfms yearbook
ASFMS Yearbook

Thank You:

Maria Boulmetis

student council advisors
Student Council Advisors

A wonderful job promoting student government, school spirit, and community service.

Jen Pietros, Kim Vernava, Anne Marie Printer, and Brian Skalski

portfolio breakfasts student led conferences
Portfolio Breakfasts & Student Led Conferences

Family engagement increased this year!

mustang team s recycling program
Mustang Team’s Recycling Program

Making our school green!

mustang team charity
Mustang Team Charity

The Mustangs raised $750 for the families and children of RI

And.. $2,085 to the Fogarty Fund!

penny wars for adopt a family
Penny Wars for Adopt-a-Family

The Evolution and Velocity Team raised hundreds of dollars for Adopt-a-Family charity.

faculty donates to making strides
Faculty Donates to Making Strides

As a faculty we raised approximately $4,000 for the Making Strides In Breast Cancer Walk. This is the 5th year Mrs. Norris-Karten has taken charge of this fundraiser, each year raising more than the previous year.

student council raised money
Student Council Raised Money
  • Make-a-Wish
  • Special Olympics
  • Pennies for Leukemia
  • Organized a Food Drive
family fundraisers
Family Fundraisers
  • Evolution Team @ Charlie’s
  • Panthers Team @ Applebee’s
  • Blizzard Team @ Applebee’s
  • Fusion Team @ Pizzeria Uno
the ben karten scholarship

The Ben Karten Scholarship

Our Faculty Donated $1,900 to the Ben Karten Scholarship Fund! – Thanks from VNK

(We’ll miss you, Vicki!)

cate wallace got engaged
Cate Wallace got ENGAGED!!!

The Wedding Bells will Ring in February!

new moms and dads
New Moms and Dads
  • Rachel Houlihan
  • Jen Lawrence
  • Jen Graham
  • Lolita Alves
  • Maria Dunphy
  • Justin Howman
tying the knot
Tying the Knot

Rebecca Horton and Shawn Henderson are getting married this Summer!!!

kim sturdahl
Kim Sturdahl



principal coffee hour
Principal Coffee Hour

Dr. Almeida had coffee with many parents and people in the community, giving tours, and walking the talk with them!

school website pages
School Website/Pages
  • Webmaster-Ted Mitchell
  • Great job teams, departments, and individual teachers!
  • Thanks for keeping the school community informed.
fms and you listserve
FMS and You Listserve

Thank YouMary Lou for maintaining this ALL YEAR!!!

exchange city 7 th grade
Exchange City - 7th Grade

Thanks to the PTSA and fundraising by Exchange City, most of our 7th graders are participating in this economic role-play.

new class media skills
New Class: Media Skills

Mrs. Horlborgen teaches students web design, presentation software, and more…

our successful media center
Our Successful Media Center
  • Media Center Visits- 10,921 individual visits
  • Circulation Statistics- 13,749 books checked out
  • Book Collection- 3,880 books were added to the collection
  • New Equipment
    • 5 multimedia projectors and 5 laptops
    • 4 carts for the new equipment
    • 4 computers and workstations for online catalog searching
best buy grant
Best Buy Grant

Authored by Ted Mitchell, edited by the Educational Jargon Expert, Tracey Whitehead

$10,000 Grant =

5 Laptops/Projectors on cartsDigital Cameras, and other electronic goodies for us.

social studies thematic curriculum
Social Studies Thematic Curriculum
  • Created Grade-Span Essential Questions (6th – 8th Grade)
  • Created Common Assessments
  • Created an online curriculum database of lesson and teacher resources
thanks to the social studies department team
Thanks to the Social Studies Department Team

An incredible amount of work and collective insight!

Thank You:

Paula Mercurio, Anne Marie Printer, Jo-Ann Silva, Bob Jordan, Courtney Chauvette, Charlie Blanchette, Mike Bettez, Lou Turchetta, Judy Almy-Coutu, Gail Deware, Louise Martella, Tao Albrecht, Justin Howman, and Ted Mitchell

civil war re enactors 6 th grade
Civil War Re-enactors (6th Grade)

Special thanks to Jo-Ann Silva and Anne Marie Printer for orchestrating the whole thing!

unified arts
Unified Arts
  • A collective voice in our school
  • Building leadership capacity within the group
  • Creating short and long-term goals
  • Respecting each-other's programs and how we contribute to our school and community.
analysis of necap data
Analysis of NECAP Data
  • Special thanks to our data geeks…Mary Lou Bettez and Kevin Seekell!
  • Thank you to all teams for their work analyzing NECAP data!
national board certification
National Board Certification


Ted Mitchell!

administrative help



jen cole school psychologist intern
Jen ColeSchool Psychologist Intern
  • Family Enrichment Program
  • Circles Program
  • NYPUM Program
  • District Strategic Planning Comm.
  • RTI
  • ADHD Study
  • Behavior Management Programs


long term substitutes
Long Term Substitutes
  • Shannon Fay
  • Jen Lemieux
  • Scott Tennet
  • Jen Xynellis
teacher mentors
Teacher Mentors
  • Susan Murphy
  • Laurie Masterson
  • Ted Mitchell
  • Kristen St. Sauveur - Great job!
  • Thanks to Brian Skalski and staff who assisted at the performances.
friday morning meeting team
Friday Morning Meeting Team

Kim Sturdahl, Dr. Lou Turchetta, Felix Sarubbi, Linda Darcy, Sue Davis, Jen Cole, Trish Dorchies, Cheryl Fram, Sara Cronin, Gina Gateman, Officer Burlingame, Fred Anderson, Gus Gomes, Mike Almeida, and Tracey Whitehead

music concerts
Music Concerts
  • 6 successful shows
  • Thanks Kristen, Dan, and Tony
  • Job well done!
music department
Music Department
  • Added a third teacher to our department.
  • Integrated recording technology into the classroom for individual assessments and ensemble rehearsals.
  • Created a keyboard lab and utilized a guitar curriculum for our students.
  • Had 57 students march in the Memorial day parade in Coventry.
  • Placed students from chorus and band in All-State
student teacher support team
Student/Teacher Support Team

Many thanks for their hours of work helping their colleagues plan interventions to better meet the needs of diverse learners.

Kim Vernava, Annie Printer, Jen Lawrence, Helene Scola, Cheryl Fram, Dr. Lou Turchetta, Rachel Houlihan, Kerri Powell, Linda Grandchamp, Tracey Whitehead,

and Gus Gomes.

report card committee
Report Card Committee

Revision of progress report, report card, Honor Roll Criteria, and NJHS Criteria.

Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Sandy Clunan, Mike Bettez, Jen Pietros, Kathy Tefft, Trish Dorchies,

Cate Wallace, Ted Mitchell, Kevin Seekell, Tony Costa,

Jason Martin, Mary Lou Bettez, Keri Potvin, Mike Almeida,

and Tracey Whitehead

curriculum coordinators
Curriculum Coordinators

Kevin Seekell

Mary Lou Bettez

Ted Mitchell

Gina Gateman

Abby Paon

Tony Costa!

Outstanding Job!

vanna donoyan
Vanna Donoyan

Congratulations on getting your doctoral dissertation proposal accepted!

Good Luck!

building representatives
Building Representatives

Mike Bettez and Sandy Clunan…

Thank you for a successful year advocating for faculty!

courtney chauvette
Courtney Chauvette

Achieved tenure!


(Still waiting to be recalled!)

liz clafin
Liz Clafin

Chaired and organized the

PTSA Reflection Program.

Thank you!

teacher assistant training
Teacher Assistant Training
  • Kevin Cleveland
  • Stacey Sousa
  • Gina Gateman
  • Tina Kanaczet
  • Jennifer Cole
asfms teacher of the year
ASFMS Teacher of the Year

Cynthia Ballard!


retiring teachers
Retiring Teachers

Best Wishes in your new adventures…

  • Gail Deware
  • Vicky Norris-Karten
  • Karen McIntosh
  • Linda Darcy
  • Carolyn Colaluca
growth as a plc
Growth as a PLC
  • Establishment of…
  • Student Expectations
  • Teacher Expectations
  • Administrator Expectations
  • PLC Norms