american girl doll of the year 2010 n.
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American Girl Doll of the Year 2010

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American Girl Doll of the Year 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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American Girl Doll of the Year 2010. Anna-Mari Shelton. Anna-Mari. Anna-Mari’s cat, Ginger. Anna-Mari’s p-j’s. Anna-Mari’s skateboard. Anna-Mari’s best friend, Lucy. Anna-Mari’s accessories. Anna-Mari’s casual outfit. Lucy’s casual outfit. Lucy’s accessories. Meet Anna-Mari Shelton.

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meet anna mari shelton
Meet Anna-Mari Shelton

Anna-Mari is a sporty girl who is not afraid of following her dream of becoming the first girl professional skateboarder. Her parents died when she was 6, but now she has her loving friend, Lucy’s family, to take care of her, and she is fine with that. But when she almost dies in a skateboard accident, and ends up in the hospital, Anna-Mari doesn’t feel like doing anything that involves skateboarding ever again. With the help of Lucy, (and her cat Ginger,) Anna-Mari isn’t afraid to follow her dreams!

meet lucy shelton
Meet Lucy Shelton

Lucy is Anna-Mari’s best friend, and stepsister who’s family kindly offers to take care of Anna-Mari. When Lucy was 4, her family realized that she had Celiac Disease, witch means she can’t eat anything with wheat. People at school are teasing her about it, and she becomes so mad that all she wants to do is come home and cry in her mother’s arms. But with the help of Anna-Mari, Lucy can finally step up and defend herself.

these should be the books
These should be the books

Meet Anna-Mari,

Wow, Anna-Mari,

You Can Do It, Lucy