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Accelerate-Challenge Plan

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Accelerate-Challenge Plan. 2003-2014. Learning Distribution Curve. Gifted. Sp. Ed. Shot Gun. If you do what you’ve always done……. You get what you’ve always got. INNOVATION. Components. Alternative Calendar S.T.R.A.T.A. Intersession CompassLearning Labs LRE for Life

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Learning Distribution Curve


Sp. Ed.

Shot Gun

if you do what you ve always done

If you do what you’ve always done……

You get what you’ve always got

  • Alternative Calendar
  • S.T.R.A.T.A. Intersession
  • CompassLearning Labs
  • LRE for Life
  • Career Lab/Counselor
  • Vocational School
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Website – Teacher Links
alternative calendar
Alternative Calendar
  • School Begins August 5, 2003
  • Four 9 Week Periods
  • Teach 9 Weeks
  • 1 Week Fall Break with 2 Days Intersession
  • 1 Week Spring Break with 2 Days Intersession
  • School Ends May 22, 2004
s t r a t a
  • Success Training
  • Reteaching
  • And
  • Test
  • Assistance
Curriculum Software
  • Correleated to TCAP Ojectives
  • Correlated to Classroom Objectives
  • Pre Tests Students
  • Develops prescriptive learning activities
Post tests
  • Playbox for Kindergarten
  • Literacy module
  • Community night for parents
  • Fast Forward

LRE for LIFE Project Information

Conferences & Workshops

Online Resources&  Publications

Services Available forTennessee Schools

Staff Listings

  • What is the LRE for LIFE Project?
  • The LRE for LIFE Project is a state-funded professional development and technical assistance project jointly sponsored by the Divisions of Curriculum and Instruction, Vocational-Technical Education, and Special Education of the Tennessee Department of Education. "LRE for LIFE" is an acronym for Least Restrictive Environment for Living, Inclusion, Friendships and Employment denoting the ultimate task of schools to prepare their students to live as valued, contributing, respected, democratic citizens with meaningful relationships and satisfying careers
Since 1986, the Project has assisted educators in improving the quality of education in Tennessee by:
  • collaborating with over 60 local education agencies, including 161 schools.
  • providing in-service workshops and presentations to over 5000 educators.
  • assisting administrators and educators in implementing best and promising educational practices that include and benefit all students.

Assisting educators with students who challenge the system the most, including students with behavioral and emotional challenges and severe disabilities.

assisting educators in recognizing that the best and promising practices once believed to be unique to students with disabilities are simply best and promising organizational, curricular, and instructional practices for ALL students.

Assisting general, vocational, and special educators in integrating current and research-based, best and promising educational practices in their classrooms


It’s a Jungle Out There

  • The career center is used by students, parents, and faculty to research careers, educational options, and jobs. The theme for the center is “It’s a jungle out there!” The center is decorated to fit the theme (as a jungle) to spark interest, attract attention, and be a pleasant environment for the students. There is a full time career counselor in the career center to conduct classes, assist students individually, and aide parents as well. Scholarships, financial aid, and loan information will be available in the career center. Also, there will be college applications and information, career brochures and information, and military information. Available for checkout or teacher use for in-class presentations are a selection of videos, DVDs, and CD-ROMs available on various topics, colleges, and careers. The students create resumes, fill out practice and actual job/college applications, and learn skills that will help them in their high school and college careers as well as the world of work.

Students (freshmen-seniors) are brought into the career center through their English classes. Each grade level is educated about different topics that will apply to their educational and career success. Each grade level has various activities that they do to meet the curriculum (see attachment B). The career center curriculum includes the use of a software program called “Choices” that allows students to take interest inventories, match results with careers, and colleges or additional training they will need in order to pursue those careers. Choices also informs them of classes that they may want to take here at UCHS to be prepared for their career choice or college major of choice. This program has many features to enhance career education for each individual.


Each student has a career folder that will be kept through their high school years and given to them at graduation. This folder will contain all of their career information/results produced from choices, assignments, and job information, etc. This program will hopefully help students attain a focused and realistic idea of what they want to do, what they would be happy doing, how to do it, and what to do now to make it all happen.