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5.2: Vertex Form PowerPoint Presentation
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5.2: Vertex Form

5.2: Vertex Form

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5.2: Vertex Form

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  1. 5.2: Vertex Form How do you graph and apply quadratic functions? How do you locate a quadratic function that is shifted?

  2. VERTEX FORM (RECALL) • From a previous chapter, recall that the standard form of a parabola is y = x2. • Any translation of that graph can be interpreted by: • Y = a(x – h)2 + k • things inside parenthesis with x move graph left/right (backwards) h units • Constant separate from the parenthesis will move graph up/down k units. • #’s in front of the squared variable : • Fractions make graph wider • Whole numbers make graph narrower.

  3. Refresh Graphic organizer (vertex form)

  4. Warm-up Note Taking Guide p. 63 Complete Ex 1 #1-3 and Checkpoint 1

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  7. Homework • Check homework • Go over

  8. Matching Activity • Get into partners • Using the cards provided, match the equations to their axis of symmetry

  9. Graphing Quadratic Functions • Pass out Graphic Organizer #7 • Complete Vertex form on front • Complete two problems on back also

  10. Note Taking Guide p. 64 – “Notes” – Example 2 You do: Checkpoint 2, 3

  11. Summary • In your notes, summarize – • What is the most important thing when graphing quadratic equation in vertex form?

  12. Guided Practice In books: p. 65 Selected Problems (2 – 24) Even

  13. Assignment/Homework • Note Taking Guide • P. 67-68 • #1-15, skip 4-6

  14. Warm-up Error Analysis: Look at the following problem. Determine if it is done correctly or incorrectly. Then graph the parabola. Find the vertex and axis of symmetry. y = (x – 2)2 + 4 p = 2, q = -4 Vertex = (2, -4)

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  17. Heads Up Test over standard and vertex form on Friday (8/21) (Section 3.1-3.2 in books)

  18. HW • HW check - Verbal: • Vertex • Axis of Symmetry • 2nd part: x-intercepts

  19. Today’s LEQ: How do you analyze and graph quadratic functions of the forms f(x) = ax2 + bx + c ? Graphic Organizers: Finish 2nd problem on front of GO #7 New GO – Extra Examples Note Taking Guide (N.T.G. ) p. 57-58

  20. Minimum or Maximum *Write answers to these problems in “notes” section in N.T.G. on p. 58 (reminders) • If a graph opens up, it has a _________ • If a graph opens down, it has a _________ • The min/max in a parabola always occurs at the _______

  21. Quick Test Do these graphs have a minimum or a maximum? Y = x2 + 1 Y = -x2 -4 Y = x2 _ 2x Y = x2 + 2x + 1 Y = 3x2 – 6x + 4 Y = -2x2 + 5x - 3

  22. Completing a Table of Values Ex like in homework “Copy and complete the table of values for the function” Y = -3x2

  23. Summary In the “notes” section, answer: What is the first thing you need to remember to graph a quadratic in standard form? (what is the main thing that is different from vertex form?)

  24. T.O.T.D.

  25. Warm-up In N.T.G. (Note Taking Guide), complete p. 58 Checkpoints # 1-3

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  28. Today: Fun with Calculators • Make sure you have a calculator. • You might want to write in your notes how/where on the calculator you find the buttons to solve the problems (so you can look back at it later) • I have 6 Examples that I am going to do with you (write them in your notes)… • Follow along…