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License Plate Recongnition. www.capcominc.com. Navigation: Use Mouse, Enter Key or Space Bar to advance To jump to slides use Page up/down Or type a slide number, followed by enter. About License Plate Recongnition. Is not just a special Camera

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www capcominc com
License Plate Recongnition



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About License Plate Recongnition
  • Is not just a special Camera
  • Has Analytics to provide instant intelligence
  • Instant alerts based on comparing the plates to a database
  • Reads at high vehicle speeds
  • Interprets “fuzzy” reads
  • Provides for automated: Inventories, enforcement, and revenue enhancement
  • Pays for itself quickly
Case Study :: City of Aspen

City of Aspen, Install IP License Plate Recognition System to Monitor and Manage Parking

At any given time, an average of 20% of cars parked in residential areas were in violation of the no re-park ordinance.

With a 12X18 block area, the team allocated to Aspen's residential parking enforcement was not physically able to patrol the entire area in a day.

Two Go-4 Interceptor parking enforcement vehicles were outfitted with fixed-mounted AutoVu Sharp cameras, and each vehicle was provided a touch-screen computer.
  • On the first pass, the officer selects the zone he is about to enforce, then the officer simply drives through the zone at full cruising speed, with the cameras and computer storing the license plate information in an on-board database.
  • Later, on the second pass, the officers will be automatically alerted if a vehicle is in violation of the time-limit regulations.

The Solution

Staggering Results
  • 900% increase in coverage with less staff
  • $108,000 cost savings per year by eliminating cost of permitting and physical permits
  • Scofflaw list reduced to nearly zero
  • Number of bootable cars halved
  • Finds "lost" cars for visitors who have forgotten where they parked
  • Improves criminal investigations including stolen vehicles
The Story from:
  • 2nd largest university campus in the US
  • 30,000 students covering more than 1,800 acres
  • More than a quarter of Parking Services’ $4 million annual revenue is derived from citations
  • Needed reliable technology and rapid information-sharing to ensure it could document each infraction - especially during home football games.
Texas Tech :: The Solution
  • 4 mobile units
  • 7 fixed-mount units at campus entry stations
  • Utilizing Genetec’s AutoVu (Sharp Model XGA) Cameras: 1 LPR and 1 SD color overview
  • High-definition progressive-scan LPR camera
  • Pulsed high-intensity illumination source
  • Automated exposure control
  • Rugged, compact, environmentally sealed enclosure
  • Low profile vehicle-mount for reduced light bar occlusion
  • In-camera GPS option for GPS tagging of plate reads
  • Reads plates of moving vehicles or parked vehicles (90 degrees to parallel)
  • High-speed plate capture (speed differentials up to 140mph)
  • High reading accuracy
The Results - Did it make cents?
  • Investment
  • Equipment, software, vehicles—$250,000
  • Annual Cost Savings
  • Eliminated Permit order—$60,000
  • Eliminated Permit mailing—$7,000+
  • Reduced Office personnel—$24,150
  • Reduced Enforcement personnel—$96,602
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Increase enforcement coverage—$400,000
  • Cost containment as system grows—$24,150 per 2,000 parking spaces
Some Results Elsewhere
  • Cal State University, Fullerton purchased one License Plate System in August, 2008 and by January, 2009 collected nearly $20,000 in fines.
  • Cal State University, Northridge conducted a 2-hour demonstration before purchasing two systems. During the demo, the system identified five chronic parking violators. Boots were placed on the vehicles resulting in the collection of over $3,000.
  • Arizona State University conducted a 90-minute demonstration before purchasing two systems. During the demo, the system identified 82 chronic parking violators. Had ASU had a sufficient number of boots to place on the vehicles, they would have collected over $10,000.
LPR in Law Enforcement

Results from a municipal police demonstration period of twenty days, amounting to approximately 200 hours of continuous plate reading. During that time, the system read 71,848 license plates and instantaneously compared each one to an in-car hotlist to see if any were considered a vehicle of interest.

  • 70 people taken into custody
  • 17 wanted persons arrested
  • 25 citations issued for suspended registration, unregistered vehicle, suspended or revoked license, expired tags, and other offenses
  • 2 felony arrests for stolen vehicle; vehicles recovered
  • 1 misdemeanor arrest for stolen plate; plate recovered
  • $36,000 in property recovered
  • $19,000 in warrants and citations issued

Search “AutoVu” for more Law Enforcement demonstrations found on YouTube:

Or use a Smart phone

Case Study :: Grand Rapids Police
  • The city writes off an average of $400,000 in unpaid parking tickets annually
  • An officer on one shift can run 50 to 100 plates
  • AutoVu will run 5000 per shift
  • In a One month test, $12,000 unpaid tickets were found

Watch AutoVu ROI in the news at this link:

Or scan with a smart phone


grand rapids police the problem
Grand Rapids Police :: The Problem

Downsizing of Police forces repeadly

An officer on one shift can only run 50 to 100 plates using a manual process

The city writes off an average of $400,000 in unpaid parking tickets annually

District Court has 11,000 outstanding warrants for offenders who have not paid taxes.

grand rapids police the solution
Grand Rapids Police :: The Solution

Implement Four – 3 Camera systems

730 12 hours shifts for 7884 hours operation

Run Parking enforcement 24 hours (versus 12)

Develop interpretational data sets between departments, tie LP info to Tax and court records.

grand rapids police the results
Grand Rapids Police :: The Results

Tangible First Year Revenue Projections of all fines and fees:

  • AutoVu will run 5,000 plates per shift

(50 to 100 times the productivity)

  • Scofflaw Parking Violations $266,000
  • Unpaid Taxes $158,000
  • Outstanding Bench Warrants $1,276,039
Grand Rapids PD :: Return On Investment

First Year Return - $114,173

Ongoing Revenue Years 2-5 - $228,344

Total Revenue - $340,000

Total Cost - $ 105,000

Net Revenue - $235,000

Avis uses AutoVu for Fleet Management Inventory Management & Security

Vehicle are being taken straight from owners' driveways, but more so in largely dispersed parking areas such as shopping malls or headquarter buildings where theft can be more discreet. Avis Budget Group had an even tougher challenge, as continuous vehicle movement let perpetrators blend in with regular in-out activity.

  • Inventory Management

Managing vehicle inventory levels at all locations. "We used to call each location, but now we can actually see how many cars are parked at the location, and how many people need to be sent to transport vehicles.

  • Total Security in One System

Avis Budget Group invested in some access control readers and video cameras which are also positioned at each lane with the LPR cameras at all three locations, to capture badge credentials and video footage of drivers and cars entering and exiting each facility, using Genetec. 

  • Instantly Tag End-of-Service Vehicles

The AutoVu system within the Security Center also now includes hotlist matching of vehicles that are scheduled for buy-back. Avis operators receive an alarm when a vehicle on the buy-back list is identified as entering the facility.

the perfect lpr camera for the application
The Perfect LPR Camera for the Application

Genetec AutoVu Sharp

The Sharp extends LPR coverage to areas with limited network connectivity by combining camera, processing and streaming equipment in a single rugged device.

Marquee AutoVu Customers:

City of Grand Rapids

(Los Angeles)

the perfect lpr camera for the application1
The Perfect LPR Camera for the Application

Genetec AutoVu SharpX

The SharpX's versatile form factor and flexible configuration allows it to be tailored for a variety of both fixed and mobile license plate recognition applications.

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