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Garrett Park Elementary School

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Garrett Park Elementary School. Library Media Center Facility Design Plan Julia Bell, Renee Janssen & Ben Metcalfe. Garrett Park Elementary. Montgomery County Public Schools.

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garrett park elementary school

Garrett Park Elementary School

Library Media Center Facility Design Plan

Julia Bell, Renee Janssen & Ben Metcalfe

garrett park elementary
Garrett Park Elementary

Montgomery County Public Schools


The Garrett Park Elementary School Community will provide a safe, positive, and challenging learning environment in which we respect each other and work together to become life-long learners.



The Garrett Park Elementary School Community will work to towards helping students become valuable world citizens.


Redesign Objectives:

    • To accommodate multiple arrangements and functions
    • Update of acoustics
    • Update of furniture and shelving
  • Programs:

Mission & Vision

Whole class instruction with technology  Individual activities  Small group activities  Research  Listening/viewing  Utilization of library materials  Book check-out  Planning, designing, creating instruction & instructional materials  Informal reading  Book talks  Story time  Organizing & storing collection  Processing materials  Facilitating staff collaboration  Repairing materials & equipment  Encouraging student involvement, literacy & reading  Catering to all learning styles & needs  Creation of media production  Fundraising

mission vision
Mission & Vision
  • Needs Assessment:
    • Ratio: 49.3% Female, 50.7% Male
    • Socioeconomic Status: Middle-Class to Affluent
    • Race/Ethnicity:
    • Future Enrollment Projections:
    • SPED: 7.6%, ESOL: 21.1%, FARMS: 17.7%
sample programs
Sample Programs
  • We examined various program samples
  • Included several newly constructed Montgomery County elementary school media centers
  • Found out what worked & what needed improvement

Floor Plan

  • Media Center Placement
    • Centrally Located
    • Upstairs from Administration
    • Away from Noise
    • Easily Accessible and Still Securable
    • Access to Teacher Work Area, Computer Work Stations and Lab

Floor Plan

  • Space Requirement
    • School Capacity: 662 Students
    • Total Square Footage: 4,150
    • Main Resource Area: 1,800
educational specifications overview
Educational Specifications: Overview
  • Main Resource Area
    • Informal Reading Area, Window Seating, Instructional Area, Group Project Area, Administrative Area
  • Materials Preparation/Office Area
  • Stacks
  • Media and Textbook Storage
  • Computer Lab
main resource area informal reading
Main Resource Area: Informal Reading
  • Behind stacks in center of library
  • Visual access to teaching wall
main resource area window seating
Main Resource Area: Window Seating
  • Under windows- natural light
  • Comfortable environment to invite students to utilize library materials
main resource area instructional
Main Resource Area: Instructional
  • Visual access to teaching wall
  • Back of SLMC to reduce noise
  • Small & large group, whole class instruction
main resource area group project
Main Resource Area: Group Project
  • Space for individuals, teams, groups to meet and work
main resource area administrative
Main Resource Area: Administrative
  • Location near entrance allows for superb supervision, book returns & distribution, and immediate access to reference desk
materials preparation office area1
Materials Preparation/Office Area
  • Provides space for:
    • Prep of various materials
    • Collaborative planning
    • Processing & repairing materials
  • Large interior windows for media center supervision
  • Staff can access the area from hall
  • Placed to control traffic flow and noise
interior design elements
Interior Design Elements
  • Furniture
    • General Specifications
      • Ergonomic
      • Flexible & Moveable
      • “Green,” made from sustainable or reusable materials
      • Yellow accents and oak wood used throughout
      • Appropriate Size/Height
      • Durable
      • Easy to maintain & clean
      • Lead-free finish won’t yellow
      • Fire Retardant
      • Creates an inviting and attractive learning environment
interior design elements1
Interior Design Elements
  • Furniture
    • Informal Reading Area
      • Rug Space for 30 Students
    • Includes:
      • Solid Oak Rocking Chair
      • Globe
      • Tub Truck
      • Puppet Stand
interior design elements2
Interior Design Elements
  • Furniture
    • Instructional Area
      • Six Tables for 36 Students
      • Ergonomic Chairs
    • Teaching Wall
      • Promethean Board, Mounted Projector, Technology Bundle
interior design elements3
Interior Design Elements
  • Book Storage
    • Shelves on Swivel Casters
    • Adjustable height and dividers
    • Forest Stewardship Council certified wood construction = Environmentally Friendly 
    • Water-based, non-VOC wood finish
      • VOCs are indoor pollutants
    • Magazine display can

be used as a movable

room divider

interior design elements4
Interior Design Elements
  • Wall Paint
    • Duron paint meets LEED requirements
    • Semi-Gloss Finish for easy cleaning
    • Teal for teaching wall to focus students
      • Has restful and calming effect (Erickson & Maurkson, 2007)
    • Warm, color on rest of walls and trim
      • Yellow tones (vs. white) helps avoid glare, eye-strain, and emotionally sterile environment
      • “Blue and yellow introduce a pleasant feeling that tend s to deepen and lengthen people’s concentration” (Erickson & Maurkson, 2007, p. 59)
    • Simple color scheme so colors don’t compete


interior design elements5
Interior Design Elements
  • Carpet
    • Teal color complements paint
    • Durable
      • Won’t show stains
      • Wears well and withstands high volume traffic
      • Solution dyed- color won’t fade from cleaning
    • Unitary back resists pulls and runs
    • Budget Friendly
    • Lower maintenance, safer, and more comfortable than wood or tile
    • Mold Resistant
signage displays
Signage & Displays
  • Signs
    • Ceiling/Hanging
      • light yellow with teal font
      • matte finish to avoid glare
      • double-sided for visibility to identify collection areas
    • Goal Post- Dewey Decimal Classification Signs, Visual Representations, Flexible
    • On Shelf- Contrasting Colors, Range Finders, Secure
signage displays1
Signage & Displays
  • Displays
    • End Caps- Student Work, Book Lists, Spotlight
    • Bulletin Boards- Events & Programs
    • Wood Display Crates- New Arrivals, Seasonal, Curricular Connections, Thematic
    • Posters- Promote Reading
    • Fundraising Patron Recognition Trees- Prominent, Encourage stakeholder Participation
environmental design
Environmental Design
  • Lighting
    • Natural Light
      • Windows provide a view!
      • Provides natural illumination
      • Conserves energy
      • Research supports positive affect of natural light on student achievement (Erickson & Markuson, 2007)
    • Indirect Light
      • Warm florescent lights provides overall illumination
      • Lights in instructional area controlled separately for dimming without affecting surrounding areas
      • Motion sensors
environmental design1
Environmental Design
  • Thermal Environment
    • Independently Controlled Heat, AC, Ventilation
      • Maintains temperature and humidity for proper storage and protection of sensitive material
      • Permits use during non-school hours
    • Air vents located in areas where they won’t blow directly on patrons or papers and won’t create noise
    • Can open windows
environmental design2
Environmental Design
  • Electrical
    • Appropriate wall, ceiling, and floor mounted outlets for tech. bundle
    • Data, telephone, and electrical outlets and strips for computers and office area
    • Ample surge protectors
    • Additional outlets throughout for a technology rich future
  • Acoustics
    • Ceiling Tiles and carpet absorb and reduce sound
    • Everybody book shelves and magazine/periodical screen act as sound buffer


  • General
    • In Accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Maryland Accessibility Code
  • Floor Space
    • Furniture 48”x30”
    • Turning Radius of 36”x36”
    • Isles 3 Feet Wide
  • Material Accessibility
    • Materials stored under 5’ and

above 20”

    • Step Stools Available


  • Doors
    • 32” Wide
    • Automatic
  • Furniture
    • Proper Height and Dimensions
  • Light Switches
    • No Higher than 48”
relocation moving
Relocation & Moving
  • Initial Planning
    • Designate Duties
    • Survey
    • Flexible, but Organized
  • Intensive Planning
    • Create a Plan, Collaborate
    • Label
    • Organize Unloading Procedures
    • Weed
    • Inventory
    • Keep Everyone Informed
relocation moving1
Relocation & Moving
  • During the Move
    • Boxing Materials- Label, Proper Weight, Appropriate Boxes
    • Effectively Communicate
    • After School
    • Utilize Contractors
  • After the Move
    • Systematically Unload
    • Take Your Time
    • Dedication Ceremony
outcomes responsibilities
Outcomes & Responsibilities
  • Provides Collaborative Leadership Experience
  • Include All Stakeholders
  • SLMS is the Catalyst in Order to Provide a Technological Savvy, Collaborative and Engaging Facility
  • Life-Long Learning
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