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Latest Results of AMANDA

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Latest Results of AMANDA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Latest Results of AMANDA. Wolfgang Rhode Universität Dortmund Universität Wuppertal for the AMANDA Collaboration. South Pole. Dark sector. Runway. AMANDA. Dome. Neutrino Telescope in the Ice. 1997: AMANDA-B10 302 OMs on 10 Strings 2000: AMANDA-II 677 OMs on 19 Strings.

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latest results of amanda

Latest Resultsof AMANDA

Wolfgang Rhode

Universität Dortmund

Universität Wuppertal

for the AMANDA Collaboration


South Pole

Dark sector





Neutrino Telescope in the Ice



302 OMs on 10 Strings



677 OMs on 19 Strings

single atmospheric muons
Single atmospheric Muons

Energy spectrum from the light deposition

Depth intensity relation

  • Absolute Flux understood within 30% (CR-Flux*Prim. Int.)
  • Energy Spectrum understood within 10% (dEph/dx*PM-Efficiency)

ICRC 2003: Desiati for AMANDA ICRC 2003: Geenen for AMANDA

cosmic ray proton flux measurement
Cosmic Ray Proton Flux Measurement

Energy spectrum from the light deposition (QGSJET)

Ice property indepent analysis

(H) = 2.70 ± 0.02

0 (H) = 0.106(7) m-2s-1sr-1TeV-1

ICRC 2003: Chirkin for AMANDA ICRC 2003: Geenen for AMANDA

multiple muons and surface electrons


1 km


AMANDA (number of muons)


2 km

Spase (number of electrons)

Multiple Muons and Surface Electrons


Measurement of the Cosmic Ray Composition at the Knee with SPASE-2 and AMANDA II

400 TeV – 6 PeV: Increase of the Atomic Mass

ICRC 2003: Rawlins for AMANDA & SPASE

b10 observation of high energy atm neutrinos
B10: Observation of high-energy atm. neutrinos

AMANDA B 10: 350 m/year

Observation of high-energy neutrinos using Cherenkov detectors embedded deep in Antarctic ice, Ahrens et al., Nature 410, 2001, 441

Observation of high energy atmospheric neutrinos with the Antarctic muon and neutrino detector array, Ahrens et al., Phys. Rev. D. 66, 2002, 012005

atmospheric neutrinos with amanda ii
Atmospheric neutrinos with AMANDA II

2000:679 m


Sensitivity up to the horizon.

High energy selection in favor of astrophysical neutrinos.

Selection optimized in declination bands.

ICRC 2003: Hauschildt & Steele for AMANDA

atmospheric neutrino spectrum measured with the amanda ii detector
Atmospheric Neutrino Spectrum Measured with the AMANDA II Detector
  • Combination of
  • Neural network constructed energy sensitive variable
  • Directly measured variables
  • as input of regularized unfolding

Spectrum up to 100 TeV

compatible with Frejus data

presently no sensitivity to LSND/Nunokawa

prediction of dip structures between 0.4-3 TeV

in future: excess studies at high energies

ICRC 2003: Geenen for AMANDA

integral method search for diffuse fluxes
Integral Method: Search for Diffuse Fluxes

Assuming an E-2 spectrum:

E2(E) < 8 10-7

GeV-1 cm-2 s-1 sr-1

Expected sensitivity 2000:

~ 310-7 GeV-1 cm-2 s-1 sr-1

ICRC 2003: Hill, Leuthold & Cooley for AMANDA

Limits on Diffuse Fluxes of High Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos with the AMANDA-B10 Detector, Ahrens et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 2003, 251101

search for high energy neutrinos of all flavors with amanda ii
Search for High Energy Neutrinos of All Flavorswith AMANDA II

Flavor mixing:

Signature: electromagnetic/hadronic cascade within the detector

Data: 197 days (2000)

Limit: 80 TeV < E < 7 PeV

ICRC 2003: Kowalski for AMANDA

Search for neutrino-induced cascades with the AMANDA detector, Ahrens et al., Phys. Rev. D 67, 2003, 012003

b10 limit on uhe muon neutrinos
B10 Limit on UHE Muon-Neutrinos

E > 10 PeV: Earth opaque for nm

Signature: ~ horizontal UHE nm events

Background: atm. muon bundles

Limit: 2.5 PeV < E < 5.6 EeV


neural net cut parameter ->

AMANDA sensitive to upward hemisphere above 1 PeV

ICRC 2003: Hundertmark for AMANDA

search for extraterrestrial point sources
Search for extraterrestrial point sources

declination averaged limit:

lim  2.3•10-8 cm-2s-1



3 Ice

ICRC 2003: Hauschildt & Steele for AMANDA

Search for Point Sources of high-energy neutrinos with AMANDA, Ahrens et al., Ap. J. 583, 2003, 1040

search for muons from wimp annihilation in the center of the earth with amanda b10

130 days



187 days 1999

Search for Muons from WIMP Annihilation in the Center of the Earth with AMANDA B10

No WIMP signal observed !

ICRC 2003: Olbrechts for AMANDA

Limits to the muon flux from WIMP annihilation in the center of the Earth with the AMANDA detector, Ahrens et al., Phys. Rev. D, 66 2002, 032006

search for high energy muon neutrinos from gamma ray bursts
Search for High Energy Muon Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray Bursts


317 BATSE triggers (1997—2000)

Limitassuming WB spectrum:

4 x 10-8GeV/s/cm2/sr

ICRC 2003: Hardtke, Kuehn & Stamatikos for AMANDA

search for neutrino bursts from supernovae

Count rates

0 5 10 sec

Search for Neutrino Bursts from Supernovae



B10: 60% of the Galaxy

A-II: 95% of the Galaxy

IceCube: up to LMC


ICRC 2003: Feser for AMANDA

Search for supernova neutrino bursts with the AMANDA detector, Ahrens et al., Astropart. Phys. 16, 2002, 345

new amanda ii daq

ICRC 2003: Wagner for AMANDA

  • Improvement of the Analysis
  • Substantial improvement of the DAQ (2003)
  • Observed: atm. m and n
  • Not observed: HE flux excess, point sources, GRB, WIMPs, Monopoles, SN, SNR...
  • Best limits on additional processes
  • Exclusion of theoretical models
  • IceCube...
south pole

- 80 Strings

  • - 4800 PMTs
  • 1 km3
  • 2004 - 2010
South Pole

Dark sector





Planned Location 1 km east