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Demographics Who Participated (2007 N=68 / 2008 N = 55 / 2009 N=72)

The State of LOCAL CHAMBERS WCCE Regional Meetings Fall Series 2009 Madison, West Bend, Green Bay, Eau Claire Jim Morgan WMC Vice President / WCCE Secretary-Treasurer. 2007 2008 2009. Demographics Who Participated (2007 N=68 / 2008 N = 55 / 2009 N=72). 2007 2008 2009.

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Demographics Who Participated (2007 N=68 / 2008 N = 55 / 2009 N=72)

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  1. The State ofLOCAL CHAMBERSWCCE Regional MeetingsFall Series 2009Madison, West Bend, Green Bay, Eau ClaireJim MorganWMC Vice President / WCCE Secretary-Treasurer

  2. 2007 2008 2009 DemographicsWho Participated(2007 N=68 / 2008 N = 55 / 2009 N=72)

  3. 2007 2008 2009 DemographicsWho Participated

  4. 2007 2008 2009 DemographicsWho Participated

  5. 2007 2008 2009 DemographicsWho Participated

  6. 2007 2008 2009 DemographicsPercent Income from Dues 76-10051-7526-500-25 %

  7. Economic OutlookCommunity Employment In the next 12 months, do you anticipate your community employment will:

  8. Economic OutlookBusiness Climate What is the business climate going to be like in your community in 6 to 12 months?

  9. Economic OutlookWisconsin Economy How will the Wisconsin economy perform over the next 12 months?

  10. Economic OutlookWhere are we headed? Is Wisconsin on the right track or heading in the wrong direction?

  11. Economic OutlookState Government Thinking about the business climate in Wisconsin, would you say that state government here is:

  12. You Said It . . . • Attempts to help are offset by taxes and regulations • A business ended up not rebuilding because every time they went to Madison with a plan it was rejected • Every tax seems aimed at business – it's difficult to grow and provide jobs when we face such a high tax burden

  13. You Said It . . . • Many people will claim to be pro-business but the tax items and legal issues in play don't feel very pro-business • There is an impression given from the Legislature that the wallets of business have no bottom • High regulation and high taxes have a negative effect on business • Duh!!!!

  14. Economic OutlookWhat could state government do? • Understand how businesses make expansion and relocation decisions • Coordinate Incentives • Target job creation • Coordinate all the programs • Lower Taxes • Decrease personal income taxes • Eliminate combined reporting • Lower corporate income taxes • Decrease spending before increasing taxes

  15. 2007 2008 2009 Economic OutlookTop Business Concerns What are the top business concerns facing your community (% mentioning):

  16. Chamber OutlookMembership Growth

  17. Chamber OutlookMembership Growth • Personal contacts • Better data/intelligence • Allowing non-members to participate in some activities • Playing up the promotional benefits – chamber offers cheap marketing • Last out, first back in – going after the most recent drops

  18. Chamber OutlookRevenue Growth

  19. Chamber OutlookRevenue Growth • Combining “chambers” • More benefits through social media • Cause-related sponsorships • Can’t be worse than last year!!

  20. Chamber OutlookAdvocacy Growth

  21. Chamber OutlookAdvocacy Growth • More board members attending more municipal meetings • New strategic plan with increased advocacy as a tactic • Will pick a small number of important issues and bang the drum • Seeking more feedback from members on issues and then provide more advocacy for those issues

  22. Chamber OutlookVolunteerism Growth

  23. Chamber OutlookVolunteer Growth • Plan to add ambassadors and create member volunteer opportunities to help with large chamber events • Offering volunteer hours as part of a companies contribution to the Chamber • Increasing the size of our ambassador committee and planning to recognize our volunteers more

  24. Chamber OutlookMarketing “Re-evaluation” • Including neighboring communities • Promotion in other parts of the state • Looking at more online, email, e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, chamber TV show for cable online • Advocacy • Planning a series of seminars – topics include HR, IT, investing and succession planning • “Good news" campaign

  25. Chamber OutlookMembership “Re-evaluation” • Using board members and staff to personally contact all members at least twice a year • Board now involved in retention calls • Explaining to our members how the Chamber can help • Doubled our ambassador committee • Asked members to "sponsor" another member (25% discount)

  26. Chamber OutlookProgram “Re-evaluation” • Member-to-member discount program • More networking opportunities • Less people, less hours, more focus • Analyzing the financial merit of every activity

  27. Questions Jim Morgan Vice President, WMC jmorgan@wmc.org (608) 258-3401 x3053

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