clipping path services and social media in online marketing n.
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Clipping Path Services and Social Media in Online Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Clipping Path Services and Social Media in Online Marketing

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Clipping Path Services and Social Media in Online Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our 100 plus experienced graphics design based manpower are available 24 hours 7 days in a week around the year with offices in USA, Denmark, Canada, and Bangladesh. If you need image clipping path or other graphical work you can contact with us. We have 8 years working experience. \n\nYou can see our portfolio from here: \n \n\n \n\n \n\nPlease Feel Free Contact with Us: \nEmail : \nSkype ID : dipakrsaha \nWeb : \nThanks & Regards Dipak R. Saha(COO) \nOvernight Graphics 410 Mercedes Street Benbrook, \nTX - 76126 USA Tel: 1-888-340-9240\n

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it is in the evening after a tough day at work

It is in the evening, after a tough day at work, and all you want is to relax. You flip through the channels on TV, and there is nothing interesting to watch. Over 94% of people with turn to social media by default. Indeed, browsing through Twitter and Facebook is mandatory, not as an alternative to traditional forms of leisure, but as a critical daily activity.

the traditional mobile phone has gradually

The traditional mobile phone has gradually converted to Smartphone, joining the role of tablets and laptops, when enabling online engagement for the information Age generation. Welcome to the age ofclipping path services, and this post will tell you why modern consumers largely buy what they do not need or want, just because they see it.

statistic on customer conversion in e business

While browsing the social media platform however, you come across an appealing, attractive, and captivating product. These people have perfected the art of online marketing in social media platforms. Well, it is brief, with a few, if any, words to read. What captures and retains your attention however, are not the words, but the image. The crisp photo, sharp and enriched in features, becomes the focal point of your attention. For a moment, you forget that you are in a social media platform, and become just you. That image triggers what you think or do in the next few seconds.

Statistic on Customer Conversion in E-Business
among the 94 of people who prioritize social

Among the 94% of people who prioritize social media platforms over traditional leisure activities, in the world, 31% always click on that image. Now, and importantly so, upon clicking on that image, the users are always redirected to the website offering that product or service. Eventually, while on the e-business site, 2.6% of these visitors end up being customers. This is the very basis of clipping path services,but before we discuss how and why, some statistics will help give this argument a firm foundation.

please note this 31 of the global population

Please note this, 31% of the global population on Twitter, Facebook, Academia, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace, Tumblr, and a million other social networking sites, will eventually end up on a e-business site. While reviewing the site they are directed to, 3.8% of the visitors will converts to active customers of the product or service offered. Simply put, 3.8% of the population on social networking platforms become customers, just because they saw an image while browsing their social media accounts. What you may not understand is that, these customers are the yields of clipping path services.