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Queen Boadicea. Kevin Gonzalez Kasee worstell Kyle Dickey Claudia valdivia Per. 3. Who Was Queen Boadicea?. She was born around 25 A.D. to a royal family in Celtic Britain. She was an intelligent and intimitading leader. M arried Prasutagus at an early age and had two daughters.

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Queen boadicea

Queen Boadicea

Kevin Gonzalez


Kyle Dickey

Claudia valdivia

Per. 3

Who was queen boadicea
Who Was Queen Boadicea?

She was born around 25 A.D. to a royal family in Celtic Britain.

She was an intelligent and intimitading leader.

Married Prasutagus at an early age and had two daughters.

Queen Boadicea was the wife of Prasutagus, the ruler of the Iceni tribe and independent from the Roman Empire.

Prasutagus and the roman empire
Prasutagus and the Roman Empire

Prasutagus allied with the Roman Empire in exchange for local autonomy.

He left his kingdom jointly to Rome and his daughters in his will.

After Prasutagus’ death, the Romans ignored his will and annexed the kingdom; Boadicea was beaten and their daughters were raped.

What did queen boadicea do
What Did Queen Boadicea Do?

She was chosen to take control of the Iceni tribe and fight against the Roman Empire in order to avenge her family, her tribe, and her honor.

Boadicea, along with the Iceni, slaughtered the Roman army, torched Londinium ,and had her army kill about 70,000 civilians in Londinium, Veralumium, and Camulodunum.

She instructed her men to cut throats, hang, burn, and crucify.

Queen boadicea s death
Queen Boadicea’s Death

After destroying Londinium, Veralumium, and Camulodunum, her army was ready to face the Roman governor, Paulinius. Even though her men were exhausted.

Her army had lack of movement which put her at a disadvantage against the Romans who were skilled at open combat due to equipment.

This led to Queen Boadicea’s downfall.

Facing imminent capture, Queen Boadicea committed suicide.

Boadicea s legacy
Boadicea’s Legacy

Regarded as a mother, wife, and queen defending her country

Britain lost discouraged more revolts against the Roman Empire

Empowered other female rulers, particularly Queen Elizabeth I which claimed Boadicea as her namesake

Other facts about boadicea
Other Facts About Boadicea

Aka Boudicca, Boudica, Boudicea, Bodica

Boudica means ‘Victoria’

History of events recorded by Tacitus and Cassius Dio

Writings rediscovered during the Renaissance

Works cited page
Works Cited Page