Proactive vs reactive gas flame detection
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Proactive vs. Reactive Gas & Flame Detection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Proactive vs. Reactive Gas & Flame Detection. Providing Integrated Safety Solutions for our Customers. Proactive vs. Reactive. Proactive Respond to event before becoming a life hazard or fire Gas Detectors are Proactive Reactive Respond to the fire event once it has occurred

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Proactive vs reactive gas flame detection l.jpg

Proactive vs. ReactiveGas & Flame Detection

Providing Integrated Safety Solutions for our Customers

Proactive vs reactive l.jpg
Proactive vs. Reactive

  • Proactive

    • Respond to event before becoming a life hazard or fire

    • Gas Detectors are Proactive

  • Reactive

    • Respond to the fire event once it has occurred

    • Flame Detectors are Reactive

  • Sell Safety to customers

  • Gas and Flame Detectors provide Safety Solutions

Proactive gas detection l.jpg
Proactive Gas Detection

  • Take corrective action before the disaster occurs

    • Discrete sensors provide minimal alarm only data

    • Analog 4-20mA sensors provide only measurement information

    • Digital intelligent sensors provide measurement information and also validates it

    • Integrated digital systems provide safety information, alarm and data management, and interoperability with other automation systems

    • SCADA Satisfies regulatory and insurance requirements

Reactive flame detection l.jpg
Reactive Flame Detection

  • Take corrective action once the event occurs

    • Fires detected by Smoke

    • Fires detected by Heat or Temperature

    • Fires detected by the Eye

    • Fires detected by a Camera

    • Fires detected by Optical Flame Detectors

Electromagnetic spectrum l.jpg
Electromagnetic Spectrum

Detecting spectral energy within specific frequencies

Optical flame detectors l.jpg
Optical Flame Detectors

  • Common Fire Detection Spectrum

    • Infrared (IR)

    • Ultraviolet (UV)

    • Visible Light (Vis)

    • Combination UV/IR

    • Triple IR

    • Combination UV/IR/Vis

  • Cone Angle and Distance

    • 90 & 120o cone of vision

    • 40 to 80’ common

Smc flame detectors l.jpg
SMC Flame Detectors

  • FM Approved Flame detectors used in same applications as combustible gas detectors

  • SMC flame detectors – 120o cone of vision, multiple gas types (hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon based)

    • 3100 – UV/IR/Visible wavelengths, CL1, Div 1, Group BCD

    • 3200 – Semiconductor wet bench applications

    • 3300 – Indoor UV/IR flame detector

Spectrex flame detectors l.jpg
Spectrex Flame Detectors

  • Compliment to SMC flame detectors

  • Lower price – 90o cone of vision

  • Wider range of detector types for wider range of applications

    • UV

    • UV/IR

    • Single IR

    • IR3

    • Fast response

    • Hydrogen

    • CCTV-IR3

Spectrex flame detectors9 l.jpg
Spectrex Flame Detectors

  • Competitive priced with comparative features to most industrial flame detectors

  • Scott and MSA flame detectors are manufactured by Spectrex and similarly priced

  • NRTL, FM, CSA, CENELEC, ATEX Approvals


Spectrex IR3

Scott IR3

Flame and open path l.jpg
Flame and Open Path

  • Spectrex partnership adds wider range of Flame Detection products and Open Path Gas Detection solutions to SMC product line

  • Ideal safety combination for many applications

Selecting a flame detector l.jpg
Selecting a Flame Detector

  • Defining the Application:

    • Fuels present

    • Location of potential fires

    • Minimum fire sizes to detect

    • Maximum detection distance

    • Speed of response needed

    • Sources of nuisance radiation

    • Environmental conditions

    • Use Selecting a Flame Detector Application Guide

Selecting a flame detector12 l.jpg
Selecting a Flame Detector

  • Location of Flame Detector:

    • Optical devices must have clear view of area

    • 3-D cone of vision ranging from 90o to 120o

    • Sensitivity diminishes at edges of cone

    • Sensitivity and range related to type of fire

    • Doubling detector distance results in only ¼ of radiant energy reaching detector

3525 series single ir flame detection l.jpg
3525 Series Single IR Flame Detection

  • Advantages:

    • Low cost

    • Moderate speed

    • Moderate sensitivity

    • Unaffected by solar radiation

  • Applications:

    • Hydrocarbon fires

    • Indoors

3510 series uv flame detection l.jpg
3510 Series UV Flame Detection

  • Advantages:

  • High speed

  • Moderate sensitivity

  • Low cost

  • Unaffected by hot objects or solar radiation

  • Applications:

    • Hydrocarbon fires

    • Hydrogen, Silane and other Hydrogen based fuel types

    • Metal fires

    • Indoors

  • 3500 series uv ir flame detection l.jpg
    3500 Series UV/IR Flame Detection

    • Advantages:

      • Very low false alarm rate

      • Moderate speed

      • Unaffected by solar radiation

      • High immunity to false alarms

    • Applications:

      • Hydrocarbon fires

      • Hydrogen, Silane, Ammonia and other Hydrogen-based fires

      • Metal fires

      • Indoors

    Uv ir flame detection l.jpg
    UV/IR Flame Detection

    Detection of the simultaneous existence of typical infrared and ultraviolet radiation

    3520 series ir 3 flame detection l.jpg
    3520 Series IR3 Flame Detection

    • Advantages:

      • Moderate speed

      • Moderate sensitivity

      • Low false alarm rate

      • Unaffected by solar radiation

    • Applications:

      • Hydrocarbon fires

      • Indoors or outdoors

    Ir 3 flame detection l.jpg
    IR3 Flame Detection

    Detection of the flame’s characteristic CO2 emission line by the use of three wavelength bands

    3100 uv ir vis flame detection l.jpg
    3100 UV/IR/Vis Flame Detection

    • Advantages:

      • Widest cone of vision

      • Low false alarm rate

      • Unaffected by solar radiation

      • Multiple fuel types

      • FM and CSFM approvals

    • Applications:

      • Hydrocarbon fires and Non-Hydrocarbon fires

      • Hydrogen, Silane and other Hydrogen based fuels

      • Indoors or Outdoors

    3200 3300 uv ir flame detection l.jpg
    3200 & 3300 UV/IR Flame Detection

    • Advantages:

      • Enclosure resistant to various semiconductor materials

      • FM and CSFM approvals

    • Applications:

      • Semiconductor wet bench applications

      • IPA and other semiconductor fuels

      • Other OEM and Fire Safety VAR’s

    Other sharpeye flame detector models l.jpg
    Other SharpEyeFlame Detector Models

    Sharpeye fast response versions l.jpg
    SharpEye Fast Response Versions

    • 20/20F high speed UV/IR Optical Flame Detector

      • High speed applications involving explosives and propellant fires, invisible Hydrogen flames and other hydroxy-flames like Silane, Ammonia, etc.

      • Response Time: Max. 5 milliseconds(msec) for 5" gasoline pan fire at 1 ft

    Sharpeye fast response versions23 l.jpg
    SharpEye Fast Response Versions

    • Triple IR (IR3) 20/20FI offers a fast response time of 0.2 at a range of 6.6 ft (2m) and 1 second at a range 33 ft (10m)

    • Designed for applications that require high-speed, reliable flame detection with the highest immunity to false alarms.

    For applications that may involve fast developing fires such as solvents, ethylene, polyethylene, LNG and LPG and other volatile gases.

    Cctv ir 3 flame detector l.jpg
    CCTV / IR3 Flame Detector

    • Live Color Video Image

    • Visual and Spectral Flame Analysis

    • Multiple Sensitivity Selection

    • 3-Year Warranty

    • Identifies 1ft2 (0.1m2) gasoline flame at 100ft (30m), offering a “live video” image of the monitored area.

    Innovation l.jpg

    The Color CCTV Flame Detector enables the user to investigate themonitored area, identify the fire’s source and location and help select the best response, e.g. activation of fire suppression

    Sharpeye accessories l.jpg
    SharpEye Accessories

    Laser Pointer

    • Evaluates detector coverage on-site.

    • Enables designers and installers to optimize detector location and assess the actual coverage of installed detectors.

    • Universal and can be used with all SharpEye Optical Flame Detectors.

    Swivel Mounting Brackets

    All detectors are provided with a stainless steel Mounting/Alignment bracket to allow easy installation and direction of the detector.

    Sharpeye accessories27 l.jpg
    SharpEye Accessories

    High Temperature Duct Mount

    Designed to allow flame detection in ducts where high temperatures exist. Comprises a special duct mount arrangement and heat sink.

    Air Shield

    Air Shield allows connection of compressed air line to prevent particle build-up on window.

    Applications l.jpg

    Aerospace Industry

    Jet Fuel Loading


    Hydrazine fuels

    Aircraft Hangars

    Landing gear pits


    Over-wing protection


    CNG Vehicle Refueling


    Paint spray booths

    Chemical Industry




    Explosives & Munitions

    Handling and storage


    Manufacturing facilities




    Shipping facilities

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Polymers and Glue



    Power Generation Facilities

    Pump areas

    Generator rooms

    Unmanned stations


    Coal-fired reactors

    Printing Industry

    Solvent handling


    Drying processes


    Storage facilities for flammable materials


    Latin american markets l.jpg
    Latin American Markets

    • Mexico

      • Channel Partners

      • Drilling Platforms & Production

      • Refineries & Processing

      • Product Solutions (3100 Series, 3500 Series)

    • Costa Rica

      • Channel Partner

      • Natural Gas Storage

      • Product Solutions (3100 Series)

    • Trinidad

      • Channel Partner

      • Refinery

      • Product Solutions (3100 Series)

    • Pending Projects

    Available resources l.jpg
    Available Resources

    • Sierra Monitor Corporation’s website


    • Spectrex website


    • Your Regional Manager