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LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PLAN. Leadership Development plan for Micheal Macias Mar/2013. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PLAN.

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leadership development plan


Leadership Development plan for Micheal Macias


leadership development plan1
  • This leadership development plan is designed to better improve the leadership skills of current manager Micheal Macias in order to facilitate growth and advancement in the Spirit AeroSystems Global Quality management chain of command. This plan will cover:
    • organizational structure
    • leadership style
    • performance evaluation and feedback process
    • team/individual performance development
    • internal communication process
    • external communication process
    • conflict resolution process
    • change management process
leadership development plan2

Organization Structure for Spirit AeroSystems Global Quality Organization

  • Senior Vice President – Samantha Marnik
  • Vice President – Doug Reese
  • Director – Jim Mercer
  • PLM – Amie Emerson
  • Manager – Pete Bauer
  • Manager – Micheal Macias
leadership development plan3

Current Leadership Style

  • Straight forward approach
    • If I say I will do something it will get done.
    • I expect the same from the employees that work for me as well.
  • Honesty and Integrity are major influences
    • I do not tolerate being lied to by my employees.
    • I will not lie to my employees, if I am not allowed to divulge information I will tell them I cannot discuss the information.
  • Follow Company and Shop Rules
    • As a manager I understand that employees have needs, but if they conflict with the rules of the shop or the company as a whole the rules will always be followed.
    • As a manager you cannot how favoritism for any employee no matter the circumstance.
  • Do not Show Weakness to Employees
    • If you buckle under pressure the employees that you lead will try and walk all over you, people will try to get away with whatever they can in order to make life easier on themselves.
    • As a manager you have to stand by what you tell your followers because if they can sway you, you will never be able to keep your agenda ever again.
leadership development plan4

Improvements on leadership style

  • Become more approachable
    • If my followers feel that I am too hard core then they will feel they cannot approach me.
    • My followers need to feel that they can come to me with their issues and know that I will do my best to get a resolution that is best for them and the company.
  • Find a Mentor and learn new leadership techniques
    • Finding a mentor at the Director level or above will provide insight from a proven manager who has be successful enough to rise in the company.
    • Mentors will be able to let you know what has worked for them and what could work for you.
    • You must be able to take the constructive criticism in order to grow as a manager.
  • Follow the rules while looking for alternatives to accommodate my followers.
    • Working with the followers and the HR department to find solutions that may fall outside of the rules will show your followers that you care.
    • You can gain credibility with your followers by helping them while not breaking or bending the rules to do so.
leadership development plan5

Performance Evaluation and feedback process

  • Current performance evaluation system is higher level management reviewed
    • Under the current system only your superior management reviews your Performance Evaluation.
    • Under current system you fill out a form and tell the management what you feel you have accomplished and how well you feel you have completed the jobs that you are assigned to do.
  • Performance evaluation can be improved
    • In order to be more accurate the performance evaluation can become peer reviewed as well.
    • To further improve the performance evaluation process the review can be conducted by followers as well, which will tell the manager what the followers feel needs to be improved or changed.
  • Feedback process does not offer anonymity
    • Under the current feedback system followers would feel that they could suffer repercussions due to the lack of secrecy.
    • In order to receive an accurate evaluation you must provide protection for the people that are giving the evaluation.
  • Fixing the feedback process
    • Make the feedback process online in order to get more people to participate.
    • Give the followers proof that by using the online system it will provide the protection of anonymity that they would require to be fully honest.
leadership development plan6

team/individual performance development

  • Management needs to motivate teams/individuals to increase performance in order to grow themselves.
    • When teams/individuals increase their production it will always look good on the manager that promoted the growth of the team/individual.
    • The company will benefit when the manager increases the production of the team/individual as well.
  • Current incentives not enough to motivate most employees
    • The current incentive of choice is two free movie tickets to a non 3-D movie.
    • In rare cases you can put employees in for a award of a jacket or leather notebook, etc… but this is at upper-management discretions.
    • When the team is recognized they will usually get a pizza party at lunch time at work in the shop area.
  • Better ways to motivate teams/individuals to increase performance
    • As manager I will work with the person individually to find out their personal goals. This will allow the manager to know if they have an employee that wants to become management themselves. When you empower a worker they will give you more effort.
    • Most employees have families so two movie tickets are not incentive for anything. If you are going to give movie tickets give the employee enough to take their whole family to any movie that they want.
    • When recognizing teams instead of a pizza party, give them a meal in the executive lunch room made by the executive chefs.
    • Make the recognition count, not just something that really does not matter to anyone.
  • Consider pay incentives
    • Pay incentives would be the ultimate incentive program, but you would have to clear it with upper management and the Union as well.
    • Employees that are worth considering pay increases deserve so sort of compensation, maybe even a one time bonus to prove their worth to the company.
leadership development plan7

Internal Communication Process

  • Management needs to lead internal communication
    • As manager your employees need to know that you want to hear from them in order to work through issues.
    • Without communication you can only guess what the other party is thinking or what they want, this is not accurate at all.
  • Management needs to provide a means of communication that allows all parties involved the freedom of honesty.
    • If you want accurate communication the people need to know that they will not be put down or criticized for the stance that they are taking.
    • Management has a face to face policy in place in order to get to the bottom of issue at the current time.
  • Management need to provide easier ways to communicate with HR /Ethics department.
    • At the current time if you need to talk to HR or ethics about something going on in your work area you have to ask for an ethics form or use the manager’s phone to contact HR.
    • There are online references to these departments however they are very difficult to find.
leadership development plan8

Improved Internal Communication Process

  • Management needs to lead internal communication
    • In order to prove to your followers that you want to hear from them, schedule at least thirty minutes of personal one on one time with every employee in your reporting queue.
    • Make sure you emphasize to your employees that you cannot read their minds and they cannot read yours. The only way to get to the bottom of an issue is to talk about it.
  • Management needs to provide a means of communication that allows all parties involved the freedom of honesty.
    • Start your conversations with your employees with something personal that happened to you in order to gain some trust. Also let them know that they are not required to share if they do not feel comfortable.
    • If employees do not feel comfortable with the face to face meetings, make other avenues available such as online posts, email, or even phone messages.
  • Management need to provide easier ways to communicate with HR /Ethics department.
    • If there is an issue that requires a trip to HR/Ethics make it as easy as possible, if you have nothing to hide you have no reason to hide access.
    • If you can find the HR/ethics contacts online then why not allow the employees access to these department online as well.
    • Never lie or hide things from HR/Ethics if you are doing the right things in the first place you have nothing to worry about.
leadership development plan9

external communication process

  • Current training for external communication is word of mouth
    • When learning how to handle communication with external customers you learn from the person in your department with the most experience. The issue with this is just because this person has the most experience does not mean that they have good experience.
    • Communication with your external customers is very important to develop relationships with the customer so the training should have as much importance attached to it as well.

Improved external communication process

  • Training for external communication by classes/formal training
    • Considering the importance of external communication management needs to implement training classes on how to communicate with external customers. These classes will be extensive and not just an hour or two of skimming the surface of communication, but in depth training in order to be able to handle any type of issue that may arise.
    • Most external customers will prefer you to pick up the phone if you have questions with an issue. Most of the time all that you need to do is talk to the other party in order to get an answer.
    • One major thing to remember when communicating with external customers is to never allow emotion to rule the conversation. Make sure you deal with facts in order to get to the root cause of the issue.
leadership development plan10

Conflict Resolution Process

  • In current conflict resolution process employees go to management and Union in order to get their issues heard
    • Employees are encouraged to seek out the Union in order to provide protection against unfair management practices or other issues that may arise in the workplace.
    • Some issues are physical in nature so managers request security for their protection only escalating the issue further.
  • In order to have better conflict resolution so training could be required
    • College courses are some of the best classes to take for conflict resolution.
    • Company provided conflict resolution classes will be effective as well, but they will usually be specific to the company and their interests.

Improved Conflict Resolution Process

    • Make yourself as the manager open to conflict resolution
      • Do not take conflict resolution personal, most of the time the employees are dealing with an issue that has their emotions heightened so they will lash out at anyone.
      • When dealing with a potential physical confrontation make sure you leave yourself a way to exit easily. There is no shame in exiting a potentially dangerous situation so look for the safe way out.
      • If another party needs to be present try to find a person with good conflict resolution skills and an open mind as well.
    • Find good conflict resolution training
      • Not only the manager but all employees as well should take conflict resolution training. This is a good preventative measure to take. When others can recognize why they feel the way they do or can understand why you are posturing the way you are then confusion of the situation can remain at a minimum.
      • Any time you can deescalate a bad situation will make a good situation come out of it. The company, manager, and employee will all benefit when you know how to handle the conflict in order to keep it low key in the first place.
leadership development plan11

Change Management Process

  • Change management process has been proven to need changed
    • With all of the changes that have been shown that are needed. This many issues that can be improved on may be good enough now, but there is always room for change and growth.
    • In the current system there is a lack of good communication and the trust facture between management and followers is very low.

Improved Change management Process

  • Changes to the Change Management process
    • By implementing the changes that I have put forward, the company, management and employee will see a better work environment.
    • When the employees and management learn to communicate and trust each other the sky is the limit. As the manager it is my responsibility to try and affect the change that is required for this to occur. When the company can trust all of the employees with any situation the work place is much more calm and stress free. In order to achieve this all must be willing to comply.