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Federal Aviation Administration. Current Events. FAA Met 28 out of 31 FY05 Goals = 90.322…% Ongoing Contract Negotiations NATCA, Air Traffic Controllers PASS, Field Engineers & Technicians

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Current events
Current Events

  • FAA Met 28 out of 31 FY05 Goals = 90.322…%

  • Ongoing Contract Negotiations

    • NATCA, Air Traffic Controllers

    • PASS, Field Engineers & Technicians

  • Significant Controller Recruitment and Training - Post-1981 Controllers becoming Eligible for Retirement

  • Declining Balance of Aviation Trust Fund

  • Technology-Based Operational Improvements

    • Trials of Reduced Separation Minima (30/30) in Southern Pacific Airspace

    • Area Navigation/Required Navigation Performance (RVAV/RNP) Procedures

More current events
More Current Events

  • Centralization & Consolidation

    • 3 National Operational Service Areas Established

    • LMR, IT and Accounting

    • Management of Funds

    • Analysis of # of Air Route Control Centers (21 Current)

    • Organizational Straightlining of some Technical Center Functions to Headquarters

  • Began Analysis of Impacts of the Next Generation AirTransportation System Vision on the National Airspace System

  • New Project Aircraft:

    Bombardier Global 5000

Next generation air transportation system
Next Generation Air Transportation System

  • Congress Tasked Agencies to Form Senior Policy Committee

    • Secretary of Transportation, Chair

    • Secretary of Defense

    • Secretary of Homeland Security

    • Secretary of Commerce

    • Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy

    • Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

    • Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration

  • Established Joint Planning and Development Office (www.jpdo.aero)

    • Small and Focused Office

    • Close Collaboration with Experts in Government and Private Sector

    • Delivered “Next Generation Air Transportation System Integrated Plan” (Meet needs of 2025 and substantial near term benefits.)

Joint program and development office
Joint Program and Development Office

  • Bob Pearce (NASA) Acting Director – Previous Director (also VP for FAA Air Traffic Organization Operations Planning) Joined Private Industry

  • Announced Key NGATS Capabilities

    • Network-enabled information access

    • Performance-based services

    • Assimilation of weather into decision-making (5D data base)

    • Layered, adaptive security

    • Aircraft 4D trajectory-based operations

    • Broad-area precision navigation

    • Equivalent visual operations

    • Super density operations

  • Requested Accelerated Research and Implementation of

    Automated Dependant Surveillance Broadcast

  • Release Draft “Concept of Operations” and “Enterprise Architecture” in Spring for Agencies’ Review

Where does an enterprise architecture fit into the nas




Agency EA


Align With






Where Does an Enterprise Architecture Fit Into the NAS?

The FAA satisfies its Mission through delivery of Services enabled by Infrastructure that together make up the Enterprise Architecture of the National Airspace System.

Public Law – U.S. Code

<Title 31: Money and Finance>

Public Law – U.S. Code

<Title 49: Transportation>



President’s Budget


OMB A-11

FEAReference Models

Regulations – CFR

<Title 14: Aeronauticsand Space>





OMB Exhibit 300

ICAO Convention





Capital Investment


Capital Planning Guidance

National Airspace


“The agency's CPIC process must build from the agency's current EA and its transition to the target architecture.” — OMB A-130

OMB A-130: The EA provides a strategy that will enable the agency to support its current state and also act as the roadmap for transition to its target environment.

Federal aviation administration

Service Performance Improvements


New SI







Service Improvement Initiatives

Infrastructure Performance Improvement


New II

Infrastructure Enhancement

Infrastructure Expansion

Infrastructure Improvement Initiatives

Mission Roadmap

The Mission Roadmap establishes the priorities for execution of Organizational Initiatives in two dimensions

  • Service Roadmap – shows relationship of service improvement initiatives to service delivery and infrastructure evolution for each service delivery organization

Infrastructure Roadmap – shows relationship of infrastructure improvement

initiates to service delivery and infrastructure evolution for each service

delivery organization

Federal aviation administration

Infrastructure Roadmaps

  • Motivation

    • Efficiently accommodate NGATS vision

  • Roadmaps

    • Automation

    • Communications

    • Surveillance

    • Navigation

    • Weather

    • Facilities

    • Mission Support

Federal aviation administration

Roadmap Template

Assumptions, Drivers

System Evolution, Decision Milestones

Cost Forecast, Cost Profile

Iterate to meet Target Cost Profile