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Hoobabob. Population Center. There approximately 200,000 people in the Hoobabob Civilization. The population is currently rising very slowly if they populate to fast they could starve of lack of food.

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Population center
Population Center

  • There approximately 200,000 people in the Hoobabob Civilization. The population is currently rising very slowly if they populate to fast they could starve of lack of food.

  • This civilization is quite a speared out community and is split up into areas so there is at least one trade and professional for each job to allow the smaller communities to run.

  • The people of Hoobabob live for quite a while almost 150 years this is why there are not many of them.

Architecture and art
Architecture and Art

  • There is currently a 200ft tall monument of the king Hoda Towood. He was a great leader that shows the strength and greatness of the kingdom.

Written language
Written Language

  • This Kingdom Speaks an ancient language which we are having trouble understanding, it is called Coomba. We have learnt that “Goo ba” means hi guys.

Administrating territories
Administrating territories

  • We have found that this kingdom if ruled by the Towood’sblood line.

  • This civilization builds dirt roads that allow them to pull wood carts allow them to carry items and objects. They also have boats for fishing, but have not found any near by islands. The only way to communicate is to send mail.

Division of labour
Division of Labour

  • In this community they have very rich farm land, but have no animals except fish. This is more then enough food for their community.

  • The most important jobs they have in the kingdom is the market. With the market anyone can setup a booth and sell what ever they want. This gives tons of jobs and chances to make money and get what ever you need. Mostly men run the booths, but women still run booths once and a while.

Social classes
Social Classes

There are only four different classes in the kingdom the highest is being royal, second is a high class citizen basically they live on the safer side of town and have butlers and nannies. The third is the middle class citizen, these citizens live with lower class citizen, but that have very nice houses. The poorest are the lower class citizen these citizens are the backbone of the community. These citizens run the market and usually work for the high class citizens and work the farms.


  • This civilization started because a group of people were lost and found a island. The captain of the ship was named Goore Towood. This boat was actually heading towards South America from western Europe.

  • These people were lucky to land on such a lushes island. This island is super flat and easy to navigate.


This kingdom has one flaw, it is on super flat land which means that if there is a tsunami it would destroy the whole kingdom in one wave. Another disaster would be a riot. if there would be a riot the guards would protect the king and the kill anyone who would attack.