Calleguas creek watershed metals work plan
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Calleguas Creek Watershed Metals Work Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Calleguas Creek Watershed Metals Work Plan. Ashli Cooper Desai Kristine Corneillie Larry Walker Associates. Background-Why are We Here?. Regulatory Requirements to Address Pollutants Impairing Watershed 303(d) List TMDL Calleguas Watershed Planning Process

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Presentation Transcript
Calleguas creek watershed metals work plan

Calleguas Creek Watershed Metals Work Plan

Ashli Cooper Desai

Kristine Corneillie

Larry Walker Associates

Background why are we here
Background-Why are We Here?

  • Regulatory Requirements to Address Pollutants Impairing Watershed

    • 303(d) List

    • TMDL

  • Calleguas Watershed Planning Process

    • Phase 2-Get rid of the impairments

      • Prepare Work Plans

      • Assign Lead Sub-committees

      • Get technical consultants and advisors

Habitat and recreation sub committee
Habitat and Recreation Sub-Committee

  • Lead Role in Addressing Metals Impairments

    • Identifying, organizing and soliciting input from stakeholders

    • Providing commitment to Regional Board to complete the work

    • Guiding, reviewing, and providing input on the process and technical work

    • Developing solutions to address metals impairments

Technical consultants and advisors
Technical Consultants and Advisors

  • Larry Walker Associates

    • Helped develop work plans with a subset of Calleguas watershed group

    • Provide technical work in support of committee’s activities

  • Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

    • Outside experts

    • Provide technical review and input into work

Tmdl work plan summary
TMDL Work Plan Summary

  • Five Full TMDL Work Plans

    • Salts

    • Historic Pesticides and PCBs

    • Toxicity

    • Metals

    • Bacteria

  • Additional Pollutants and Work Plan Outlines

    • Administrative and Public Process

    • TMDL Tools (GIS, Modeling, etc.)

    • Sediment

    • Trash

Metals impairment
Metals Impairment

  • Why are metals an issue?

    • Impacts aquatic life

    • Can affect wildlife

    • Potentially impact people who fish and eat fish

  • What needs to be done?

    • Figure out exactly what the impairment is

      • Data and regulatory issues

      • Impacts in the watershed

Sources of metals
Sources of Metals

  • Industrial, commercial, and residential activities

    • Cars, automotive service facilities

    • Industrial chemicals

    • Landfills

  • Water supply and pipe corrosion

  • Agricultural chemicals and equipment

Data and regulatory issues
Data and Regulatory Issues

  • Why were the metals listed?

    • Old data vs. new data-what’s going on now?

    • Historic sources-what has changed?

  • Site-specific objectives

    • National criteria

    • Adjust to protect local conditions that are different from national conditions

      • Water Effects Ratio


  • Conduct monitoring to find out what is happening now for nickel, zinc, mercury, and selenium

  • Look at historic data to determine what might be different

  • Develop site-specific objective for copper in lower Calleguas and Mugu Lagoon

  • Remove impairments through delisting if appropriate

  • If not, develop solution to address impairment

    • TMDL could be part of solution

Calleguas creek watershed metals work plan

Where do we need to

conduct sampling?

How many times do we need to collect samples?

What is different now

from 7 years ago?

What other issues need to be considered for delisting if data shows not exceeding objectives?

Site Selection

What other issues need to be considered in study design?

What needs to be done
What Needs to be Done?

  • Identify key stakeholders-By July

    • Develop Metals Working Group

  • Develop MOA or other type of agreement

  • Pick Sites for Monitoring-ASAP

  • Select and Contact TAC-By July

  • Gather Information

    • Source ID- Have any significant sources changed?

    • Where in the watershed do people fish and what types of fish do they catch and eat?

    • What other concerns about metals do stakeholders have?

  • Spread the word

Key stakeholders
Key Stakeholders

  • Navy

  • Environmental Groups

  • Department of Fish and Game/Fish and Wildlife

  • Regional Board

  • Cities/Stormwater Agencies

  • POTWs

Technical advisory committee
Technical Advisory Committee

  • Small group of stakeholders put together preliminary list of options

  • Overall group of TAC Members from which needed expertise can be selected

    • Hasn’t been fully completed, but most of needed areas for Metals have been identified

  • 3 member TAC for WER study recommended

  • Need to chose members from list and contact them about availability to participate in study.

    • Quick review time for WER monitoring plan

Site selection
Site Selection

  • Shallow and deep water

  • Spatial coverage

  • Different hydrodynamic segments

  • Historic exceedances of dissolved copper criteria

  • Varying DOC/TSS salinity levels

  • Accessibility during high/low tides

Sampling events
Sampling Events

  • Fall

    • Dry weather with calm winds

  • Winter

    • Episodic event (rain/storm) with more turbid conditions

  • Spring

    • Agricultural activities, wet weather

  • Summer

    • Wind-driven, turbid, dry weather