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SC Agenda – 29 th Feb 2012

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SC Agenda – 29 th Feb 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Opening & Introductions Minutes of the meeting 16 th February, including action points Developments in last weeks a. Update NDMA b. Update lessons learned 2010 ER shelter c. Updates from the districts d. Update from Balochistan (NRC) 4. Update from organizations

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sc agenda 29 th feb 2012

Opening & Introductions

    • Minutes of the meeting 16th February, including action points
    • Developments in last weeks
      • a. Update NDMA
      • b. Update lessons learned 2010 ER shelter
      • c. Updates from the districts
      • d. Update from Balochistan (NRC)
    • 4. Update from organizations
    • 5. Information Management
    • Emergency
    • 3Ws and emergency distribution updates
    • Recovery
    • Remaining Emergency Needs by UC
    • Updated - UC prioritization map Shelter Cluster 2011 Floods
    • Update of the UC ranking exercise in Sindh.
    • Updated - Overview of current Material prices in the districts
    • TSSU
    • Presentation on the CCCM trainings
  • Technical Update – strategy, training and publicity material
    • Discussion about proposal for outreach campaign ‘self recovery’
  • HERWG updates
    • Updates from HERWG
    • Announcement NDMA – UN HABITAT conference

SC Agenda – 29th Feb 2012

action points
Action Points

1. Shelter / wash drafting a policy paper on coordination / integration of activities. (31-Jan)

UPDATE - Ongoing

2. SC organize TWIG for adaptation of the recovery posters + Organizations share their materials with SC for consideration of dissemination. (UN-Habitat to share a new poster

that they have been developing over the last month) (31-Jan)

UPDATE - Ongoing

3. Technical Shelter Training material should be available latest mid February. (31-Jan)

UPDATE - Ongoing

4. The DRR Key Messages questionnaire will be shared with the Shelter Cluster. (15-Feb)

UPDATE – Initial results will be available this week

5. Try to acquire UC level emergency distribution data from PDMA and NDMA. (15-Feb)

UPDATE - Ongoing

6. Is Money available to support District Focal Points after the current contracts expire? (15-Feb)

UPDATE - Completed

7. Tharparkar and TAY District profiles for the 29th (15-Feb)

UPDATE - Completed

8. Organisations to provide single slide updates for inclusion in the SC PowerPoint (15-Feb)

UPDATE – SC Ready to receive

districts updates
Districts Updates


  • On-going distributions of NFIs:
    • Save the Children - distributed 2000 NFI kits
    • FURD have identified a further 1000 families requiring emergency shelter
  • Early Recovery:
    • CRS IPs - RDFand Goth Singharfoundation are operating;
    • HANDSis asked to share their plans for ER Shelter (number and geographical location)
    • ER Plans Constrained by funding – PVDP and Cesvi;
    • VDO – submitted to Rapid fund for 500 ORS (price of 85,000 PKR) ; They have provided roofing material to affected families, shared that beneficiaries are lacking resources to repair the walls, therefore they are not able to use roofing kits properly
districts updates1
Districts Updates


  • OngoingES/NFIs distributions :
    • Mojasis distributing 4,000 emergency shelters.
    • Solidarityis distributing NFIs in one UC.
  • Early Recovery:
    • 4 UCs where families are in need of assistance ER projects :
    • No agency currently working on early recovery projects – PAF and the district government are planning the construction of houses
district updates
District updates


  • NFI Distributions - NariDevelopment Organization – 1k NFIs kits; 1k more in progress
  • Assessments underway for another tranche of distributions (SURVD – 1000)
  • Information on HANDS pipeline for ER shelters is awaited


  • UN-HABITAT response is underway, totalling 5,600 families with ES or TS;
  • HDFis building 75 ORS;
  • HANDSwill start to build 4,000 shelters starting the 1st of March;Potential overlap with UN-H in one UC; coordination underway
district updates1
District updates


  • Pumping is on-going in UCs were water is still standing; 15 UCs are reported to still have pockets of water;
  • Affected populations started rebuilding by their own means, they are mainly using mud to rebuild their shelters, no DRR.
  • Technical assistance is urgently needed;
  • Emergency distributions:
    • Premiere Urgence/AMI - winterized items and hygiene kits; 
    • Shedo, Save the Children and FURD - NFI kits ;
    • HANDS – plans to assess 1,500 families with shelter kits;
  • Early Recovery Plans:
    • HANDs identifying operational Ucs for 5000 to 8000 ORS
district updates2
District Updates

Tharparkahar :

  • DDAThave distributed 2000 NFIs in UC Khan and is assessing the needs of 3000 more affected families.
  • Rotary Club, Thardeepare planning ER shelter activities;
  • HANDSis planning to build 4,000 ER shelters in the district ;
  • 1000 families – Staying with host communities in Nangparkar. Cannot return to original districts (e.g. TMK and Badin) due to issues with Landlords. Land is available for resettlement locally from both host communities and the government.
district updates3
District Updates


  • Shelter/NFIs distributions are ongoing from ACTED, NEEDS, SPO, IOM; 
  • ER shelter:
    • HANDSwill build 4,000 low cost house in 5 Ucs. Direct duplication of effortwith IOM.
    • HANDswill construct 20 low cost houses in village SoofiZahid of UC Atta Mohammad Palli funded by a Philanthropist – to start on the 1st of March;
    • SAMI Foundation is working on traditional shelter assistance of “Chonwra” type in UC Faqir Abdullah & Kaplore. They provide roofing material to 263 families and construction of walls is carried out by beneficiaries themselves through cash for work.
    • SPO - construction of 25 shelters out of 200 at UC Sher Khan Chandiocompleted, remainder to be completed in March
sc update distributions

SC Update – Distributions

Total distributions (Sindh and Balochistan) so far (figures in brackets are the change so far during this month):


6th assessment round completed; results live today

Return assessment – completed; analysis in process



6th Phase Assessment – 27 Feb 2012

  • Analysis to date:
  • Number of Settlements 95
  • Total Number of Families 2,533 / 13,325 Individuals
  • 90% of TS are spontaneous and 4% are planned tent sites, 1 schools occupied
  • 98% of TS have no official camp management structure
  • 74% of site residents indicated they will need to remain in TS for more than 1 month, andhalf of these families indicated they will need to stay longer than 3 month.
  • Full report and Raw Data Sets available on Shelter Cluster Website:, under TSSU

Trends and Observations:

  • The largest concentration of settlements is in Umerkot 44.
  • Continuing trend towards return where access to places of origin is possible.
  • Landlords are not allowing some site residents to return.
  • Remaining site residents indicate they are still unable to return mainly due to water in their areas of return.
  • Little or no assistance provided recently in settlements.


TSSU Shelter/NFI Analysis:

  • Almost all site residents have indicated their homes have been completely destroyed.
  • 46% of settlements still require blankets
  • 75% require lighting
  • Very few tool kits have been distributed and some site residents have indicated they are willing to go back if ER assistance is provided.
TSSU Upcoming plans:
  • Reports and Maps of all temporary settlements by district.
  • District and Cluster specific analysis reports, highlighting key issues
  • Currently visiting the return areas of site residents to collect information and take photos. Profile of settlements and corresponding return areas where people can not return will be presented to district authorities to make final assessment.
  • End goal is to provide a list of prioritised settlements which will need long term support.
  • Coordinate direct assistance to all other remaining settlements to assist in returns process.
  • Work with clusters to determine action for others without the possibility of return (e.g. landlords not allowing return).
tssu settlement categorisation
TSSU – Settlement Categorisation
  • Designed to support 4 return strategies
next meeting
Next meeting
  • Protection cluster presentation on Land and Property rights